Energy management

“If you listen to your body when it whispers, you won’t have to hear it scream…”

After a car accident, whiplash and burnout, I had to learn how to manage my energy in a different way. My trusty ‘turbo button’ was broken. I had to learn to listen to my body. Healthy eating, yoga, meditation, healthy exercise, taking it easy, letting go, and listening. An adventurous journey, not always easy, that is still ongoing.

Inner peace


For a few months now I have had the feeling of enormous peace within me. I almost can not believe it. The unrest that has always been there is gone. I was always in 'survival mode', always alert, busy, and productive. Now it feels more like just BEING and enjoying.

Inner peace2024-02-07T10:38:26+01:00

Life lessons from a witch – an MDMA experience


During my writing retreat in Mallorca, I supported a psychologist writing a book about psychedelic-assisted therapy. The down-to-earth way she approached it, immediately caught my attention. I had never been interested in using psychedelics - I am too sensitive to even drink coffee, plus years ago, I had a magical connection with the Peyote cactus without ever ingesting it, so why would I? - but this time I felt a big YES.

Life lessons from a witch – an MDMA experience2024-03-04T16:10:23+01:00

Life lessons from eye problems


Sunday afternoon, out of the blue, I started seeing ‘light flashes’ in my right eye. Every time I moved my eye or head I saw this ‘lightning’; always in the same place, in the periphery of my sight. Instinctively I felt this was not OK. I messaged my doctor friends in Holland and they told me I should go to an eye doctor first thing in the morning. I went to bed at 6PM, trying not to move, not to put any pressure on my head. I was very worried, because even in the dark I saw light flashes.

Life lessons from eye problems2023-05-15T15:05:35+02:00

Conscious Uncoupling


Conscious uncoupling is a new, more conscious way to end your relationship. You go from the ‘story’ level to the helicopter view. For example, not only the reason why the relationship ended but also the beautiful memories and experiences are looked at. The relationship is honored by trying to turn resentment into wisdom and lessons learned. It’s about how to heal, reflect and move on in the kindest and most productive way possible. You can do this with your ex, but if he doesn’t want to cooperate, you can also do it alone.

Conscious Uncoupling2022-09-05T12:52:42+02:00

Are you using your ‘shop window’ the right way?


Net als veel andere creatievelingen deed en doe ik heel veel verschillende dingen. Ik vind dat leuk, ik ben er goed in en ik help er anderen mee. Maar steeds vaker kreeg ik de vraag: “Wat DOE je nu eigenlijk?” Er stond zoveel op mijn website, dat bezoekers door de bomen het bos niet meer zagen.

Are you using your ‘shop window’ the right way?2022-08-18T18:10:24+02:00

Energy management- inspiration shot Oct 2018


Energy management- inspiration shot Oct 2018 Last week I woke up with a weird feeling in my body. I recognized the feeling vaguely, from the distant past, but I couldn’t pinpoint what it was. I tried to analyze: I felt relaxed, lazy even, satisfied? It was like [...]

Energy management- inspiration shot Oct 20182022-08-27T15:40:09+02:00

Prescan: useful or just a medical adventure?


Prescan: useful or just a medical adventure? When a friend asked if I wanted to join him for a two day medical ‘prescan’ trip to Germany, my first reaction was ‘no way!’ Why would I put my healthy body through all kinds of medical procedures? But then I [...]

Prescan: useful or just a medical adventure?2022-08-29T12:12:09+02:00

How to light your fire without a burnout… Energy management for people with a passion


How can you follow your dreams without ending up in a nightmare? How can let your passion guide you, without the risk of being paralyzed by disappointment? How can you achieve huge results without depleting your reserves? This book is for strong, passionate, driven people, who want to find sustainable ways to keep focusing on their goals without ending in collapse. It is a personal account with sound advice on how to balance your feminine and masculine side. To let go when you need to, yet to persevere when you have to; and to know the difference.

How to light your fire without a burnout… Energy management for people with a passion2022-08-27T15:57:53+02:00
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