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Energy management – Inspiration shot July 2022


The past three months have been hectic. I got corona, one of my father's caretakers suddenly left, I had to deal with the end of a complicated years-long relationship, lost my suitcase with ALL my clothes and found out that my olive trees are infected with a deadly disease. In addition, I continued to have problems with people I hired through an agency and had to transfer a number of projects for the fifth time(!). Of course, there were also nice things; I bought another apartment in Italy, am in the early stages of a new relationship, and enjoyed two parties for my birthday. In the meantime, my work as a book-writing coach also continued and I helped four people to finish their books. All this while traveling through 10 countries on 3 continents, organizing 4 retreats, attending 2 conferences and supervising 2 construction projects in Italy. This was quite a lot, even for me in just three months! How do you keep your energy constant while everything changes around you? Some tips in this Inspiration shot.

Energy management – Inspiration shot July 20222022-08-09T10:09:44+02:00

The power of your network – Inspiration shot June 2022


How many people do you know? And how many people know you? What is the ratio between these two numbers? In my case, more people know me than the other way around. This is because for years I have put a lot of time and energy into sharing inspiration and tips in many different ways, and I have been quite visible. Recently I noticed again the power of that network that I have built. On social media, many people still look for a 'quick fix', to sell their book or new online program, for example. But that's not how it works. Just like in offline friendships, in the online world you have to invest long-term, make real contacts, look for win-win-win situations, and above all: be yourself. This inspiration shot shares some unexpected benefits of a large and loyal network.

The power of your network – Inspiration shot June 20222022-08-09T10:28:50+02:00

Follow your heart – Inspiration shot May 2022


After recovering from the post-Covid energy dip (which took longer than I thought), and some other hiccups/dips, I feel like there is a new quality in my life. I have had to slow down quite a lot in the past 2 months or so, which gave me time to practice surrender and being in the moment. I want to be able to listen to my heart even more. The most important thing for me now is to live with my heart open. It has been scary for so long. Scared to be vulnerable, scared to be hurt. Yet pain is part of life. Even with my adventurous life full of great things, I cannot enjoy everything fully with a closed heart. That’s why recently, in my beloved Puglia, Italy, I got a tattoo of a small heart on my heart; to remind myself every day to live with an open heart. In this inspiration shot, I would like to share some things that may help you to follow your heart too.

Follow your heart – Inspiration shot May 20222022-08-09T10:30:25+02:00

What if everything goes wrong? – Inspiration shot April 2022


When I was suddenly struck by Covid halfway through my writing retreat in Curaçao, I realized how vulnerable my retreats are. Fortunately, I had been able to provide a lot of added value the first days and had helped my writers get started, but I felt powerless, lying in bed with a high fever, having to drop everything instantly. A few days later, my father's new caretaker suddenly left Miami due to family circumstances. While my sister and brother took over caring for my dad, from my sickbed, I had to instantly arrange a new caretaker, something that we normally prepare months in advance. On the same day, I received a message from the new tenant of my apartment in Amsterdam saying that there was a mice infestation: I needed to solve this immediately, otherwise, she would leave. Under normal circumstances, it is already difficult to find a reliable handyman in Amsterdam, let alone from the Caribbean. Additionally, the Eastern European developer of my website had also disappeared; he had stopped working without transferring any information and could not be contacted anymore. All this had to be arranged while I was without energy, with brain fog, and without being able to talk, because I had to cough so much. I know that sometimes my life seems like a dream, but sometimes it seems more like a nightmare… So the theme of this month is: What do you do when everything suddenly goes wrong?

What if everything goes wrong? – Inspiration shot April 20222022-06-08T18:04:59+02:00

Emergency – Inspiration Shot March 2022


Throughout Covid, I got more and more questions about my lifestyle from people who also wanted more freedom (fun fact: my Digital Nomads book is more popular than ever!). The war in Ukraine makes everyone realize that you should always have a 'plan B' for unforeseen circumstances. Suppose you had to flee: where would you go? Where are fewer rules? Where do you find like-minded souls? Where is life still meaningful/affordable? What do you bring with you and what do you leave behind? Digital Nomads like me already live very light and flexible. What can we learn from the location-independent lifestyle?

Emergency – Inspiration Shot March 20222022-06-08T18:03:22+02:00

Think global, act local – Inspiration shot February 2022


For years we've practiced 'global thinking': the further away and the larger the scale, the better. Nowadays we tend to focus more on local products, local initiatives, on a smaller scale, which feels more 'real'. What does it really mean to be 'local'? For me it is staying longer in one place and not acting like a tourist, but rather immersing myself in local life. I like to return to the same restaurants and I feel successful when the locals recognize me after a while and remember me the next time I visit. This month I offer some 'food for thought' on this theme.

Think global, act local – Inspiration shot February 20222022-06-08T18:10:56+02:00

You are the captain of your soul – Inspiration shot January 2022


Sometimes things happen that threaten to turn your whole life upside down. At such moments you have the choice: do you let yourself be placed in the victim role or do you take control and make the best of it? Nelson Mandela once said, “You are the captain of your soul”. In this inspiration shot, I’ll share some of the situations that I found myself in and how you can react.

You are the captain of your soul – Inspiration shot January 20222022-06-08T18:09:58+02:00

Fear – Inspiration Shot December 2021


Safe adventure does not exist. There is no reward without risk. Fear is part of our life. Sometimes it has a function (to prevent you from harm), sometimes it holds you back, just because this new experience feels uncomfortable.

Fear – Inspiration Shot December 20212022-06-08T18:02:26+02:00

Uncertainty as a comfort zone – Inspiration shot November 2021


After 30 years of entrepreneurship and more than 15 years of location independent living, you could say that uncertainty has become my comfort zone. For me, this means staying both alert and flexible, resulting in a more interesting life. If you let go of all expectations, there is room to be surprised. Sometimes positively, sometimes… less positive… :) I don't know what's in the air, but last month was full of surprises! Have you experienced that too? I would like to share some of them with you.

Uncertainty as a comfort zone – Inspiration shot November 20212022-06-08T17:59:45+02:00

Enjoy what is… – Inspiration Shot October 2021


More and more friends call me, anxious for some perspective. They feel like they are losing their sense of freedom. Apparently, they assume that I see the world differently and thus can broaden their perspective. Perhaps I do. When you travel as much as I do, you encounter different interpretations of the same facts and circumstances; different measures, solutions, attitudes, and therefore perspectives. I have learned that you can focus on what is not there (anymore), and what you can't or are not allowed to do, but you can also look at what is still there. The trick is to focus on everyday beautiful things. I myself am still surprised by the effect of paying attention to the little things that you might otherwise miss. A sleepy village, a beautiful FaceTime moment with my father, the complex taste of my olive oil, a beautiful nature photo or a new idea, a new opportunity. In this Inspiration Shot, I will share a few of those with you.

Enjoy what is… – Inspiration Shot October 20212022-06-11T12:03:58+02:00
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