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“You can find inspiration in everything. If you can’t, then you are not looking properly.”

A collection of useful, funny, amazing but above all inspiring tips, videos, photos, quotes, people, stories and jokes.

Partnerships – Inspiration shot October 2020


You maybe know me to be a loner, so this topic may surprise you. Collaborations and partnerships - if chosen properly - can offer enormous added value. Preferably to ALL parties involved. The best partnerships are win-win-win situations. How do you recognize such opportunities and how do you create such a collaboration?

Partnerships – Inspiration shot October 20202020-10-12T20:32:19+02:00

Clear your mind… – Inspiration shot September 2020


In recent weeks I was on the road without a laptop for the first time in perhaps ten years. Kind of like a vacation, although I don't actually do that. The idea was to recharge in nature, the implementation was ultimately quite hard hiking in the French Alps :) And how good it did me to be busy with my body instead of my head! It did take me a lot of effort to let go, to switch. Do you recognize that? Because it actually didn't work out well at all; I am in the busiest time ever, with all new plans and projects. Below some inspiration, ideas, and tips.

Clear your mind… – Inspiration shot September 20202020-09-04T10:57:01+02:00

Happy birthday to me… – Inspiration shot July 2020


There we are. I've been 50 for a few days now. It's official. It's a bit weird because I still feel like I am 35. I put on some 'serious' clothes this morning for my Zoom calls. Let's see if it makes a difference? In this 'inspiration shot', I offer you some insights from 'the fifties' and an update about the birthday gift I gave myself: an olive grove in Puglia...

Happy birthday to me… – Inspiration shot July 20202020-07-06T12:09:09+02:00

Thinking differently/ Paradigm Shifts – Inspiration shot May 2020


At the end of February I left the Netherlands for a few weeks to run a writing retreat and some workshops in Curaçao. I traveled with just my small carry-on luggage. Who would have thought that I would only be able to return to the Netherlands three months later, after spending almost two months in Miami? Traveling in this time and age is an adventure.

Thinking differently/ Paradigm Shifts – Inspiration shot May 20202020-05-19T08:01:00+02:00

Life in captivity – Inspiration shot April 2020


Who do you think are best equipped to handle the current lockdown and quarantine; people who are used to 'captivity', such as the elderly, refugees and people formerly in hiding, or people who are used to a lot of freedom, such as digital nomads? Strangely enough, it turns out that the latter group (which I consider myself belonging to) deals better with the current situation than some other population groups.

Life in captivity – Inspiration shot April 20202020-05-27T10:08:04+02:00

A different perspective on freedom – Inspiration Shot April 2020


Worldwide quarantine offers us the opportunity to take a new look at things that we normally take for granted. I have written about freedom many times, and it is usually along the lines of “Enjoy the world while traveling, making your own choices, etc.” Today, more than ever, it turns out that real freedom is in your head and not so much in your circumstances.

A different perspective on freedom – Inspiration Shot April 20202020-05-27T10:08:10+02:00

First aid in times of Corona


Are you finding it difficult to make it through these strange times? We all face challenges, but there are also plenty of opportunities. This is a short 'newsflash' with inspiration, humor and examples of some unconventional ideas

First aid in times of Corona2020-05-27T10:09:02+02:00

New Adventures – Inspiration Shot February 2020


Do you know that feeling? That you are on the cusp of something new, something exciting, something that makes your heart beat faster? That special energy that makes you completely radiant when you talk about it? So excited that others are ignited by your enthusiasm? I have that feeling now!

New Adventures – Inspiration Shot February 20202020-05-27T10:09:35+02:00

Friction – Inspiration Shot January 2020


While I was roaming the French Alps last week, I was able to control my speed by controlling the amount of friction between my skis and the snow. I realized that slowing down by creating friction in this way is actually wasted energy. Tesla has a better solution: when you brake in their electric car, the friction that is created is captured and used to charge the battery...

Friction – Inspiration Shot January 20202020-05-27T10:09:55+02:00
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