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Visibility – Inspiration shot June 2024


During the recent Workation in Italy it became painfully clear again: many entrepreneurs do not dare to step into the spotlight; whether they have 50 years of experience, have written a book, hold impressive titles and positions, or have an important message to help others… ‘Who am I?’, ‘What will others think?’ and ‘actually what I do is very normal’ are common phrases. Some overthink it or make it too big, while the magic is actually in the little things. I have been sharing everything I experience for almost 25 years, and I still continue to learn. In this Inspiration Shot I'll share some ideas and tips about visibility.

Visibility – Inspiration shot June 20242024-06-17T09:04:49+02:00

I ❤️ Puglia – Inspiration shot May 2024


Here in the Italian countryside in my @tinytrullo, I am slowly coming back to myself. There is no better place than nature to recover from the dengue that I contracted in Curaçao in March (and the associated brain fog). It's so beautiful here in the spring! There are flowers everywhere, I pick wild green asparagus on my land, everything is beautifully green, nature is slowly coming back to life. Just like me... This month I also host 12 people for the 'Workation'; working and living for a month in my village Ceglie Messapica. Whether you have a thing for Puglia or not, have already been here or still want to visit, I hereby share my Google Maps with my favourite restaurants, cafes, beaches and other non-touristy places. In this Inspiration Shot you will also find a TinyTrullo update and other insights, inspired by Puglia.

I ❤️ Puglia – Inspiration shot May 20242024-05-13T11:14:58+02:00

Health – Inspiration shot April 2024


I had already written an inspiration shot about health (“What is health anyway? Traditionally, health is often seen as the absence of disease, but is that all?”) when I got dengue fever, high fever and excruciating pain in all my bones and joints, during my writing retreat in Curaçao. That brought me face to face with how even those little things that we normally take for granted are not so common at all. Things that normally don't cost you energy, such as talking or eating, or being awake or lifting your head... In this inspiration shot we look at health.

Health – Inspiration shot April 20242024-04-08T11:04:00+02:00

Tango & Tantra in Buenos Aires – Inspiration shot March 2024


My month in Argentina was not just about dancing tango in Buenos Aires... I also did a tantra retreat. Many people think that tantra is only about s*x, but I learn essential life lessons every time; more about that later. The result: I feel more 'alive' than ever. I am more in my feminine energy, I look better, I experience more connection with others, my business is booming and I have more fun in life! In this Inspiration shot I would like to share my insights, so that you too can live life more lightly.

Tango & Tantra in Buenos Aires – Inspiration shot March 20242024-03-05T10:00:34+01:00

Inner peace – Inspiration shot February 2024


For a few months now I have felt a deep inner peace. I am at peace and relaxed. Something that I had been actively looking for for years just suddenly appeared. And it seems like it's not going away. I am no longer in 'survival mode'. I am much more in the moment and can enjoy it more. It feels great. In this inspiration shot I will share what I did to achieve this; hopefully it will also bring you one step closer to your inner peace; and give you hope that it is really possible, even if - like me - you have to come a long way...

Inner peace – Inspiration shot February 20242024-02-07T15:11:16+01:00

From dreaming to doing, from doing to dreaming – Inspiration Shot January 2024


Many people make a 'to do list' of their new year resolutions. However, just like this 'alternative Christmas to do list', we can also make a 'not-to-do list' for 2024. Or a list of things that make you happy; that you don't have to do, but with which you can just be. The preparations for my theater show are an example of this; it gives me so much energy! While I will continue to offer my workshops, writing retreats and coaching this year, it feels like I have already started just being and doing fun creative things, without planning. What does your (not) to do list for 2024 look like?

From dreaming to doing, from doing to dreaming – Inspiration Shot January 20242024-01-02T16:56:06+01:00

I’m retiring… – Inspiration Shot December 2023


For years the greatest desire that appeared in my meditations was to feel more 'space'. After more than 50 years of extreme productivity and 'no excuses', I long for space to be. No more to-do lists, appointments, or obligations. More room for spontaneous adventure and creativity. On my 55th birthday, on June 28th, 2025, I will say goodbye to this productive phase of life with a one-off 'No excuses!' Theater show in Amsterdam. From then on I have decided to turn everything around. Instead of trying to work less and create islands of being in a life of doing, I want to switch to being with at most a few small islands of doing on it. The most precious moments in my life happened spontaneously when I had nothing planned. I want more of that! So I'm not going to plan anything after my 'retirement'. I don't want to fill the space that is created, although there are hundreds of courses and trips I could plan. That would be continuing in the same way, only with different 'do' things. Strangely enough, that empty agenda after my 55th birthday does not feel 'empty', it is not a 'lack of actions'. It feels actually full; full of possibilities! In this inspiration shot I will take you through my plans (plus how you can still work with me on your dream over the next 1.5 years). I'll also show how you can find your balance between 'doing' and 'being'. Because the magic is hidden in the latter…

I’m retiring… – Inspiration Shot December 20232023-12-29T13:42:47+01:00

Keep reinventing yourself – Inspiration Shot November 2023


People often ask me: how do you do it? How do you turn seemingly irrelevant experiences such as raising money for charities, a relationship with a playboy, being fired from the Netherlands, dancing tango or picking olives into a successful workshop, book or retreat? The secret is: use what presents itself. Don't resist new developments, but be curious, try to find 'the present in the shit'. Some people have been following me for 15-20 years. They say they get inspired because I keep reinventing myself. Nice to hear, of course, but for me it is just different aspects of myself that suddenly become visible in a certain context. In this inspiration shot I'll give you some great examples and tips on how you too can continue to reinvent yourself.

Keep reinventing yourself – Inspiration Shot November 20232023-10-31T13:13:30+01:00

Artificial Intelligence – Inspiration Shot October 2023


I cannot express how excited I am about ChatGPT and all the developments related to AI. I'm definitely not a 'techie', but since a friend explained to me how it works in 5 minutes a few months ago, every day has been a journey of discovery. I pass on some of that knowledge to everyone I coach or meet and I myself learn from other entrepreneurs. In this inspiration shot I share some of my most important eye openers. Hopefully you will also be (even more!) inspired.

Artificial Intelligence – Inspiration Shot October 20232024-03-15T14:51:17+01:00

Digital Nomad – Inspiration Shot September 2023


You can take a Digital Nomad off the plane but you can't take the travel out of a Digital Nomad… I was planning to be in The Netherlands for the whole month of August, but… I wanted to go see my dad in Miami, and also to Puglia for a few days, to arrange everything there for the 3 Airbnbs. From September I will be 'on the road' all winter anyway, so this seemed like a perfect time for another Inspiration Shot with tips about location-independence and entrepreneurship.

Digital Nomad – Inspiration Shot September 20232023-08-30T20:10:25+02:00
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