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Live Free: Become A Digital Nomad

Are you considering a location independent life, a life of more freedom outside of the system, with your finances in order? I will show you how to find more freedom!

I have been living as a digital nomad -or location independent entrepreneur- for more than 15 years. I choose where I want to live, where and when I want to travel and work. For me, this freedom of choice is what ‘live free’ means. With just my carry-on luggage and laptop I travel around the world, giving online workshops and organizing all-inclusive retreats at different exotic locations.

Unfortunately, it is not always easy to be a (location independent) entrepreneur and live outside the system. However, over the years I found a solution for every challenge. I would like to share my knowledge and experience with you. In my books, online workshops, my ‘One Year To Freedom’ mastermind program, my retreats and 1-on-1 coaching I will guide you step by step towards your ideal life, and answer all your questions.

How do you become a digital nomad?

Are you considering a location independent life and/or business? Or are you already on the road and are you ready to step out of the system?
I can help you find out what you want and take steps towards your ideal life.

Whether you want to become a digital nomad, or just want to experience the feeling of more freedom without making any rigorous changes – you will see that it can be more fun, and easier than you think.

Select your path to freedom:

  • Live online workshops and Q&A sessions (for example ‘How to turn anything into a business’)

  • ‘One Year To Freedom’ Mastermind

  • Workation Village Italy

  • 1-on-1 RESULTant sessions

Esther Jacobs the first Dutch digital nomad living free

Books about Digital Nomad and freedom

My books Digital Nomads; how to live, work & play around the world, Digital Delegation; free your time and grow your business with a Virtual Assistant, and Live Your Dream will help to set up your new life and business as a (location independent) entrepreneur.

Discover more books
Joyce Bruijn

“I was delighted with all the beautiful stories and strategies!
My dormant desire to drastically change course was awakened again.”

Joyce Bruijn

Eugene Rhuggenaath

“I admire Esther for how she spots opportunities everywhere ​and is even able to convert threats into opportunities.”

Eugene Rhuggenaath
Minister President van Curaçao

Chantal Groot Kormelink

“I am inspired not to try and reinvent the wheel,
but to use what I already have.”

Chantal Groot Kormelink

workshops en retreats met Esther Jacobs

Workshop, mastermind, retreat, or coaching?

Are you ready for the next stage of your life? Do you want to be able to live, work & play anywhere in the world, and enjoy your freedom to the fullest?

Whether you want to become a digital nomad, be an entrepreneur (location independent or with a fixed base), or just want to experience the feeling of more freedom in your headspace. I can help you find out what you want and take steps towards a free(er) life.

Join one of my online workshops, the ‘One Year To Freedom’ mastermind program or opt for 1-on-1 coaching or join me for the full month of April on a workation in Italy.


How do you become a Digital Nomad?

Live online sessions
Duration: 1,5 hours
Price: € 47 – € 95

‘Digital Nomad’: rules & regulations

‘How to turn anything into a business’

‘Digital delegation’, outsourcing tasks to a VA

Each workshop deals with a theme about how to organize your life as a digital nomad and how you can experience more freedom as an entrepreneur.



One Year To Freedom

Live online sessions
Incl. live online workshops, Q&A sessions, accountability calls, books, and access to the video library
Duration: 12 months
Price: € 997,-

With the OYTF program, you receive a year of personal guidance to help you on your way to your dream life.

Join a small group of like-minded people, and get access to ALL my workshops, books, and online programs.

Count me in!


Workation Village Italy

On location (Italy)
Duration: April 1-30th
Price: €2.750

A month-long coworking retreat in a small village in Italy

Live like a local in your own house and join other entrepreneurs for masterminds, inspiration sessions, excursions, coffee, and meals.

Count me in!


1-on-1 RESULTant sessions for fast results

From once-off to 3 – 12 months
Price: from € 350,-

You want more freedom, turn your passion into your business, write a book or find a creative solution for your challenge.

You are looking for someone who can quickly identify the essence of complex ideas or situations and who really helps you further: a RESULTant!

book a session
Alex Jongeneelen

“All inspiration, motivation and activation.”

Alex Jongeneelen

Nancy Fielmich attended workshops

“A world has opened up for me. Life has becomes so much easier now”

Nancy Fielmich


“Thank you for your view on my far too technical plans. I feel so relieved…”


Bert Smelik

“Guess what…. I quit that “dream job”! I am going to start my own company …”

Bert Smelik

What does freedom mean to you?

  • being able to work anywhere in the world as a digital nomad?
  • achieving financial freedom?
  • not having to be accountable?
  • feeling more headspace?

Can you describe your ideal life?

One thing is certain: if you don’t know where you want to go, you’ll just be moving away from what you don’t want, without a specific goal in mind.

I can help you find out what you want and take steps towards a free(er) life, whether you want to become a digital nomad, be an entrepreneur (location independent or with a fixed base), or just want to experience the feeling of more freedom. 

First Dutch Digital Nomad

I was ‘fired’ from my home country the Netherlands because according to the law I ‘travel too much’. My case was discussed by the Dutch Government and I was deregistered from my own house. Officially I don’t ‘exist’ anymore. But that same government then hired me to find a solution for the ‘digital nomad problem’ ☺ 

As a non-registered digital nomad, I lost all my rights and had to find a solution to replace all the things I lost when I lost my registration (my pension, voting rights, company, tax, insurance, passport, bank account, etc.). Curious how I did that? This is my story.

Feeling inspired? 

Will my story become your story too? And do you want to know how to organize your life as a digital nomad? Then join my next ‘Digital Nomad’ workshop.

digital nomad workshop

Watch my presentation at the TEDx event at Nyenrode University. I explain how current disruptive and exponential changes cause a lot of insecurity but are not likely to go away. Instead of waiting for the dust to settle (which is never going to happen), feeling victimized, defensive or powerless, there is a way to stay in control.


“Esther’s story is both bizarre and inspiring. Bizarre because she is ‘punished’ by an anonymous system while doing nothing wrong.
Inspiring because she takes control of her own fate and turns the disadvantage into an advantage.”

Arre Zuurmond, Ombudsman van Amsterdam

jan berend brink

“I was inspired when I heard Esther’s story on the radio. Her book helped me find out what I really wanted.
Living on my boat, so that I can drastically reduce my expenses and get by working less! I made a plan and put my house up for sale.”

Jan-Berend Brink

Dirkjan Tijs

“I’ve already been remote for 3 years.
OYTF gave me a better understanding of ways to deal with Dutch taxes and setting up a company abroad.”

Dirkjan Tijs

Work location independently. Where do you begin?

Working online from abroad seems like an unachievable dream for many. Yet that ‘big’ step is less big if you know where to start and how to do it. 

Before you can map out the roadmap to freedom, you will first have to set goals for yourself. For example, what income do you need, what will your new living and working environment be, etc.

With real life inspiration from myself and others and you will gain this knowledge faster and more accurately.

That’s why I invite you to come with me to Puglia, Italy. A month-long workation where like-minded people with the same goal can come together to help each other to realize their dreams.

Workation Village Italy

One Year To Freedom

Living and working in freedom is a step that you don’t take overnight. From a ‘9-5 grind’ to a life full of surprises and new challenges needs some time and adaptation. During a 12-month period, I will guide you to this new chapter in your life so that you can enjoy your (new) work and life.  

Would you like to embark on this new route with confidence? In my OYTF Mastermind you can participate in ALL my live online workshops and Q&A sessions, you get accountability calls and buddies, plus you get access to ALL my books and an exclusive video library. Sign up now for 12 months of personal guidance to create your dream life.

One Year To Freedom

More freedom in your head- “if you can’t stop the waves, you can learn to surf”

There are situations you can’t control, where you can’t influence external circumstances. How can you feel empowered instead of trapped? After all, even if you can’t stop the waves, you can learn to surf.

This is the mindset I would like to share. Don’t see the unexpected waves as an obstacle or threat. Learn to use the force of the water to move in any direction you want. For example, how to deal with frustrating contacts with the government or ‘the system’.

You can create more freedom in your life today. A simple example is by minimizing. Reducing your possessions, expenses and the amount of work make life lighter and easier. Even if you don’t plan on traveling the world, creating physical space and reducing expenses creates more headspace.

Wondering how you can find more freedom and keep it, regardless of the situation? During a 1-on-1 RESULTant session, we will work together on your Freedom Plan.

Coaching | RESULTant session
Cindy van Dorst

“Success is often found in win-win-win situations. Esther shows how you can create them.”

Cindy van Dorst

Coen de Jong

“Now I have taken unpaid leave and in a few weeks, I will be traveling the world for 4 months!!! The adventure is at my feet.”

Coen de Jong

They found more freedom

Wendy, Maritza, Bob and Carole share how I helped them find more freedom.

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