NO EXCUSES mindset

“If you really want something, you will find a solution. Otherwise you will find an excuse …”

See possibilities where others see problems. Turn challenges into opportunities. Turn it around. These blogs will show you that your mindset can take you further than you ever dreamed possible.

Organizing a workshop or retreat


Organizing and workshop or retreat is a great way to share your knowledge and experience. Think about something that you are good at, something that you get a lot of questions about from others. Then organize a workshop – preferably in an inspiring place. It is easier than you think. [...]

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Get shit done!


On a cruise for location independent entrepreneurs I met Dan and Bjorn. Like me, they both travel several months a year while running their businesses. Together we figured out what makes us productive in challenging circumstances. And how we balance work and fun for optimal happiness. Do you know what makes [...]

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The Best Reference


Regardless of whether you’re a speaker, coach, consultant or business person: what works better than explaining on your website just how good you are? Exactly: letting your clients do the talking. But do you recognize the situation in which a hugely enthusiastic client – after your presentation, consultation or other [...]

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Bucket list


I already knew the kick you get by 'checking' something off your bucket list. Then why had it been so long since I last did it? Join me on a small adventure and (re)discover the joys of taking action and the marvels of letting go and 'going with the flow'... Last week I [...]

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Which glasses are you wearing?


Which glasses are you wearing? If there is one thing I learned during my anthropology studies, it is that you ALWAYS look through some form of ‘glasses’ that are the result of exposure to your culture, upbringing, position, experience, personality, expectations, etc. However much you try, you can never remove [...]

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