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Is digital nomad life for you?


Is digital nomad life for you? 4 important considerations. I have been traveling for the past 30 years, even before it was popular and digital… First as a backpacker and later as a speaker and writer I have visited more than 100 countries. I help other entrepreneurs adapt to [...]

Is digital nomad life for you?2020-05-27T11:15:50+02:00

CONFESSION: I am not a digital nomad, I am a LIE!


CONFESSION: I am not a digital nomad, I am a LIE! Not everybody will like what I have to say in this blog. I am going to be very honest. Magazines call me the first and/or most famous ‘digital nomad’ of The Netherlands. But I have doubts about [...]

CONFESSION: I am not a digital nomad, I am a LIE!2020-04-05T13:42:43+02:00

Organizing a workshop or retreat


Organizing a workshop or retreat Organizing and workshop or retreat is a great way to share your knowledge and experience. Think about something that you are good at, something that you get a lot of questions about from others. Then organize a workshop – preferably in an inspiring place. [...]

Organizing a workshop or retreat2020-08-07T08:16:41+02:00

Travel light – packing advice


Travel light - packing advice “How can you travel with only one small carry-on bag?” Many people (especially women) think that you can never bring everything you need. As an example, I will show you exactly what I bring and how I pack. [...]

Travel light – packing advice2020-05-28T10:07:59+02:00

How I stole food during the Survivor TV show


How I stole food during the Survivor TV show And why you should steal, too. Rules are good. They keep our society organized and decent. But sometimes you have to bend, or even break, the rules. When you are really hungry, for example; but that is not what [...]

How I stole food during the Survivor TV show2020-04-05T14:36:26+02:00

‘Museum Piece’


"Museum Piece" Late 2015 I was honoured with my own exhibition in museum Flehite in Amersfoort, The Netherlands. The temporary exhibition was about various forms of emigration. The fact that I am considered The Netherlands ‘first digital nomad’ apparently made me ‘museum-worthy’… It felt so [...]

‘Museum Piece’2019-05-13T04:10:17+02:00

Four and a half months of travel: the facts


Four and a half months of travel: the facts From Nov 2015 till April 2016 I cruised from Spain to Brazil, traveled in South and North America and finally took a luxury cruise back to Europe. Do you have to be rich to live like this? No. Do you [...]

Four and a half months of travel: the facts2020-04-05T13:53:14+02:00

Get shit done!


Get shit done! On a cruise for location independent entrepreneurs I met Dan and Bjorn. Like me, they both travel several months a year while running their businesses. Together we figured out what makes us productive in challenging circumstances. And how we balance work and fun for optimal [...]

Get shit done!2020-04-05T13:29:15+02:00

I’d lost my mojo


I’d lost my mojo I’d lost my mojo – my spark. And I hadn’t even realised. Until I came across it again in Brazil, after a cruise with 150 digital nomads. I had been struggling with my health for over ten months. Apparently I had asked more of myself [...]

I’d lost my mojo2020-04-05T13:30:27+02:00

The Best Reference


The Best Reference Regardless of whether you’re a speaker, coach, consultant or business person: what works better than explaining on your website just how good you are? Exactly: letting your clients do the talking. But do you recognize the situation in which a hugely enthusiastic client – after [...]

The Best Reference2020-04-17T13:52:45+02:00
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