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An all-inclusive week to focus on your book, offered at several different locations around the world

Writing retreats

You are invited to join me at one of my favorite places in the world, to lay the foundation for your book. My writing retreat destinations in Europe (Majorca, The French Alps), Curaçao (Dutch Caribbean), or Koh Phangan (Thailand) are the ideal locations to give your book the priority and attention it deserves, for a whole week. A getaway without distractions, an opportunity and time for pure focus, a ‘workation’ that is also tax-deductible. The program comprises:

  • 1 week with daily writing workshops in a relaxed setting
  • personal writing guidance
  • learn how to write a book and finish your book
  • luxury accommodation at a farmhouse, cottage, lodge, hotel or b&b
  • all inclusive (excluding flights)
  • plenty of time to write and unwind
  • meeting other writers (and new friends)

Writing Retreat Destinations


Write your book in Mallorca at one of the writing retreats

June 4 – 11th


Mastermind: from idea to book in 6 months

November 11 – 18th

writing retreat

Man at one of Esther's writing retreats in the Alps

Anytime you want

Writing retreat @home

Writing retreat from home with Esther Jacobs

Anytime you want

Writer’s retreat program

The perfect combination of writing workshops and time for yourself.

The writing retreat is structured so that each day has a theme; you will gain valuable information that you can apply right away.

We start each day with a workshop, of about an hour, that will give you writing tips, promotion, and publishing advice. For the rest of the day, everyone works individually on their writing project, interspersed with a refreshing dip in the pool/sea, or the solitude to be alone.

You will get 1-on-1 writing coaching from Esther whenever you need it.

At the end of each day, we will take an excursion and have dinner at a local restaurant, in order to experience the area.

Writing workshops and themes

Day 1 – Welcome dinner at which all writers introduce themselves and share their book ideas. Explanation of the week and the program and selection of the excursions.

Day 2 – Write your back cover. Why is this page so important, and how do you compose it?

Day 3 – Structure, outlining, and the writing process. Bonus: tips for useful writing software.

Day 4 – ‘Everything you have always wanted to know about (self) publishing’, investment, prices, royalties, etc. What does a publisher pay attention to? Print or digital? My publisher and ‘publishing guru’ is available for Q&A.

Day 5 – How to promote your book. Advice on how to do this in your own way, without being too ‘pushy’. Many practical examples of social media promotion.

Day 6 – Q&A session for all remaining questions.

Day 7 – On the last evening, there is an official closing with a celebration dinner, at which everyone reads a few pages from their book.

Day 8 – Some retreats have an extra day, with a theme chosen by the group. On the last day, you are welcome to continue writing; however, there is no workshop or guidance.

All inclusive – Fully catered writing holiday

My writer’s retreats are super complete, so you don’t have to worry about anything. You don’t have to organize or manage any of the details once you arrive − you can fully focus on writing your book. Everything is included − beautiful rooms, delicious meals, daily workshops, personal writing mentoring, and even excursions. After more than 20 successful writing retreats, I know exactly what you need and I always over-deliver!

1-on-1 writing mentoring

After the morning writing workshop, there is time to write your book, and you can request personal writing mentoring with me. If you are stuck for a moment or need feedback on your written work, I am always available to read and brainstorm with you during this trip.

Writing retreat with a holiday feeling

You can choose where you want to write your book, in your private room, under the fruit trees (Majorca) or palm trees (Curacao and Thailand), by the pool (Curacao) or by the sea (Thailand and Curaçao), on a terrace in the village (Majorca), in the lovely garden (French Alps), or in one of the cozy corners of the beautiful house.

Private room

Participants all have their own rooms, so you can withdraw if you have writing inspiration, or if the common areas are too ‘inspirational’.

Participate in unique excursions

At the end of each day, we take a mini-excursion that coincides with a meal at a local restaurant. This way we do not lose valuable (writing) time, while still exploring the essence of the island or the mountains.

Write-your-book-in-one-week with a group of amazing people at one of the writing retreats

Food and drinks are included

Breakfast (homemade) and lunch (catered) are provided in the house so that you can continue working on your book without distractions. Dinner is integrated as much as possible with activities, such as a walk or excursion (different per location − more info on the individual destination pages). This combination gives you much more writing time, while also giving you a feel for the location. It will not just be the best writing retreat but a perfect ‘working holiday’.

Including (own) transport during your stay

In Curaçao and Majorca, we have cars for transportation. In Thailand, a scooter is included in your package. In the French Alps, we pick you up from the station and take care of all transport in the mountains.

Your only additional expenses are your travel to the island/Alps and any extras such as souvenirs or drinks that are not on the program.

The price of a writing retreat varies from € 1,250 to € 4,500. View the writing retreat locations of your choice for specific information, dates, prices, and the availability of the special early bird offers.

Esther Reinders

“The most difficult things, those I had to really think about, I did during the writing week. The rest I can easily do at home.”

Esther Reinders

Geert Kamps

“At home, I would have quit. Here I worked through all those difficult moments.”

Geert Kamps

Who is this for?

The retreat always draws a mix of interesting people. The youngest participant ever was just 15 and the oldest was 86. Managers, CEOs, digital nomads, entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, stay-at-home moms, students, and retirees; everyone has a special story that they would like to share. Together we create a special environment of focused energy.

One thing we have in common is that we all want to focus on our book (or another big writing project) for a week.

It could be your first book or your next book…

People taking part in one of many writing retreats with Esther Jacobs

To ensure personal attention for everyone, we keep the group size small (maximum 5 people), just like during the previous successful writing weeks in Curaçao, Austria, Greece, Thailand, and Majorca.

Suitable at any stage of your book-writing process:

  • If you are just starting your book and want to finetune your idea
  • If you are mid-way through your book project and want to make significant progress
  • You are almost finished and want to work on your publishing, launch, and promotion

Fiction and non-fiction

Whether you want to write a novel, a management book, or an autobiography.

You can come by yourself, with a friend or with your partner. How about sharing the retreat with your writing buddy, VA, or illustrator?

Some writers join to get the guidance, others for a week of focus and rest to work on their project.

During previous writing retreats, some participants chose to work on their website, an e-course, screenplay, software package, or other large (writing) project.


The writing workshops will be in English. You can write in the language that feels most natural to you. Individual writing mentorship is in the language of your choice. Besides Dutch and English, I have a good enough understanding to help you in German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Afrikaans, and Papiamentu.

In trusted hands

After writing more than 30 books, coaching hundreds of writers, and organizing more than 20 writing retreats, I know exactly what you need to ‘birth’ your book. My superpower is that I can get to the essence very quickly. I have been an entrepreneur for almost 30 years and have given more than 1000 keynote speeches, which means that I can help you with your content on a wide range of topics.


“I came here with a great idea. I was stuck. To really turn it into reality I needed Esther. Sharp, creative, and practical.”

Anneke Veenendaal

Writing holiday with real results

Allow yourself to bring that long-cherished dream to life, in 7 days. Enjoy the sun, feel pampered with good food, and be surrounded by interesting people. You will also learn how to write a book in 7 days with practical tips in the daily writers’ workshops, personal feedback, and mentoring. Working with like-minded fellow writers generates energy and provides inspiration. At our writing getaways, you will experience a relaxed life in a magical, special location, in the best place for a writers’ retreat, from sunny islands to the French Alps.

Write-your-book-in-one-week with Esther Jacobs' writing retreats

Inspiration and examples

A few ideas on what you can achieve during such a writing retreat:

Do you already have content, such as a collection of short stories or blogs? You could easily turn these into a book.

Do you have structure and content, such as a presentation, training, or e-course? You can create a give-away or e-book in just one week and possibly initiate a more comprehensive book.

Are you already working on a document? Then this week will provide you with focus time to make good progress. Of course, you’ll also gain feedback and inspiration, answers to your questions, plus information about publishing and promotion.

Many writers choose to make all the decisions and to achieve all the difficult parts of the process during the retreat. Thereafter there are no more surprises, and the groundwork is laid for a smooth and enjoyable writing process back home.

If you don’t have any material yet, if your idea is a bit vague, if your subject is more complicated, more extensive, or more emotional, you will need more time. In this case, we will work mainly on your back cover and the structure of your book.

The time you spend preparing will pay off as you complete the writing and publishing process. Even if that’s all you do during your writing week, it’s still worth it. It will make the creative process, the actual writing, much easier to combine with your daily life back home.

They wrote their book on a writing retreat

Tom, Minke, Bob, and Yann share how they experienced the retreat and the personal guidance they received.

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