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Online Entrepreneurship

Your business, your passion, your freedom

Embarking on the journey of entrepreneurship offers incredible freedom and the opportunity to work with your strengths and passions. However, it also comes with challenges and uncertainties. If you’re starting or upscaling your own business, you might have questions like:

  • How do I become an entrepreneur?
  • How can I transform my passion into a viable business?
  • What is my added value?
  • How can I increase my visibility and attract customers?
  • How do I effectively utilize the new digital technologies?
  • Where can I find affordable assistants to lighten my workload?
  • How do I manage my energy to avoid burnout?

Having been an entrepreneur for over 30 years without ever working for a boss, I have gained extensive experience. I’ve ventured into various offline and online endeavours, made mistakes, failed, had several successes, and ultimately discovered what works and what doesn’t work for me. Now, I’m here to guide and support you in uncovering your strengths, establishing your online business, and living your dream life.

‘Esther’s creativity is so powerful – Love the way she inspires!’

Matthias Schmitt

“Esther helped me simplify; I had a grand plan in my head, and I need to start with smaller steps.
And above all, work with what I already have; pick the low-hanging fruit.”

Hanke de Kock

“I applied what I learned during the workshop yesterday, and it yielded immediate results. And you know what?
It felt incredibly satisfying! Despite my minor resistance… and it’s truly motivating.”

Elke Frommhagen

“It’s amazing how Esther manages to convey inspiration even through digital means.
Truly remarkable!”

Janine Meins

“Right from the start, Esther has steered me onto a different path than the one I was on. It’s a bit confusing,
but that’s okay because that’s exactly what I was looking for. This is immensely helpful to me.”

Lydia van Oudenaren

Workbook - Reverse Writing

“Working with Esther is a party! I love her support, speed and out of the box thinking. I always feel the invitation to colour outside the lines, to go one step further, and, above all, to keep seeing my bigger picture. That is where the magic lies for me.”

Anne-Lies Smal

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