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Digital nomad – Influencer – Storyteller – Knight – Survivor – Author

Esther Jacobs (1970) is known as the ‘No Excuses Lady’. She is an international speaker and author who stands for results; whatever the circumstances.

Esther has distilled these and other experiences into more than 1000 keynote presentations, two TEDx talks and 22 books. Her personality, insights and anecdotes inspire entrepreneurs and decision makers worldwide to transform their challenges into opportunities. Esther is in the top 10% of social media influencers worldwide and has been featured in the international media over 500 times.

“Esther is not afraid to move mountains. And she does move them; bare handed, if necessary.”

Kluun (writer)
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Writer & Storyteller

(Co)author of 22 books, contributor to The Economist and other international media. Helped over 400 entrepreneurs write and publish their book.


Chari guru

Raised $25 million for charities by collecting the leftover foreign currencies during the Euro-introduction. Did this without a budget, network or experience.


Modern anthropologist

Seeks to stimulate ‘the human side’ in organisations and the commercial aspect in cultural initiatives. On the intersection between business & anthropology.


Media exposure

20 years, 10 countries, 500+ interviews

Social reach

Klout score: 60-72  Email: 10K list   Youtube: 185K views   Facebook: 7K followers  Twitter: 6.8K followers   Instagram: 2.3K followers