Are you using your ‘shop window’ the right way?

Good news for multipotentialites: you don’t have to choose!

Like many other creatives, I did and still do a lot of different things. I like it, I’m good at it and I help others with this diverse palette of skills. But more and more often people asked me: “What is it that you actually DO?” There was so much information on my website that visitors could no longer see the wood for the trees.

It is often said that you have to make a choice and focus on only one thing. I don’t agree that you should DO only one thing, but I do see the benefit of more focus in COMMUNICATION.

Are you using your 'shop window' the right way?

That’s why I decided about a year ago to choose only two topics that I wanted to put in my ‘shop window’. Topics that I prominently mention on my website and that I mainly communicate about: the digital nomad lifestyle and book writing.

I have been recommending this ‘shop window idea’ to my coaching clients for years: put in your shop window what you’d like to do, not what you have done in the past. And it turns out that this works for me too!

Now that there is a lot of book stuff, writing tips etc. in my ‘shop window’, all kinds of exciting book-related assignments and customers are coming in. I have been asked to review manuscripts at a prominent Dutch writing magazine and a self-publisher, I have a column with tips on the largest writing online platform and the new private writing retreat@home and the Dutch Writers Mastermind are a success.

Of course, I still communicate about my lifestyle, my Tiny Trullo project in Italy, and other things I do, and I also give other workshops, not just about book writing. Still it feels wonderful to have this focus, which allows me to help people better.

What’s in your shop window? Is that clear to visitors? What kind of customers are attracted to it? Are these the customers you want?

Are there things in your business that you can showcase (even better)?


This TEDx talk provides more insight into what it’s like to be a ‘multipotentialite’: