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Digital Nomad Coaching

A personalized plan to gain clarity on registration, living outside of the system, taxes and international company formation.

Are you seeking the freedom to work from anywhere in the world? Worried about navigating the complexities of personal registration, setting up your business and avoiding legal issues in your home country?

As a renowned digital nomad with extensive experience in supporting individuals and advising governments, I can guide you on how to live, work, and play around the world.

What you’ll find on this page:

Chantal Groot Kormelink

“I have been inspired and infected by
Esther’s energy and her confidence.”

Chantal Groot Kormelink

Coen de Jong

“The adventure is at my feet.
I have taken unpaid leave and in a few weeks I will be traveling the world for 4 months!”

Coen de Jong

Nancy Fielmich attended workshops

“A completely new world has opened up for me.
Life becomes so much easier  the ‘Esther way’”

Nancy Fielmich

Single Digital Nomad coaching session

I call it a RESULTant session because you get immediate results.

Ideal for making quick decisions and finding creative solutions, specific to your situation.

  • Designed to provide you with clear options and actionable steps in just 90 minutes
  • € 350,- per session

You’ll gain invaluable insights to help you navigate complex decisions such as whether to remain registered in your home country and avoid issues with tax authorities, school attendance officers, and other authorities.

In a single RESULTant session, I can help you gain insight into uncertainties and support you to take your next step.

You can expect these results:

  • Clear answers on whether to stay registered in your home country, elsewhere, or leave the system entirely
  • Comprehensive assessment of the pros and cons of each decision
  • Insights on managing travel with school-age children
  • Guidance on tax payment and income generation while on the go
  • Strategies for finding customers and registering your company
  • Expert advice on health insurance options and requirements
Eugene Rhuggenaath

“I admire Esther for how she spots opportunities everywhere ​and is even able to convert threats into opportunities.”

Eugene Rhuggenaath
Prime Minister of Curaçao

Cindy van Dorst

“Success is often found in win-win-win situations.
Esther shows how you can create them.”

Cindy van Dorst

Ronald Oenema

“A meeting with a tax advisor is way more expensive
and would provide way fewer results.”


How can I help you as a digital nomad coach?

Work independently from any location and live outside the traditional system while managing your business & finances effectively

With over 15 years of experience living as a digital nomad, I have learned to navigate the challenges that may arise when living ‘outside of the system’. I share my knowledge and experience through live online workshops, retreats & workations, and my books, including Digital Nomads, Digital Delegation and the Dutch Handboek voor Wereldburgers.

If you have specific questions or need personalized guidance, you can hire me as a ‘RESULTant’ for a one-on-one Digital Nomad coaching session. During this session, I can provide insights, help you make decisions, offer creative solutions to the challenges you face, and answer any questions you may have. If necessary, I can also refer you to additional resources or experts.

“Gradually, the lifestyle I dreamed of
felt less impossible than it first seemed.”

André Gussekloo

One year to freedom

“Although I have been living remotely for three years now, this workshop gave me
a better understanding of the tax system and setting up an international company.”

Dirkjan Thijs

Joyce Bruijn

“Although my intention was not to really live permanently as a digital nomad, all the great stories and plans made me very happy!
That dormant feeling to drastically change course was rekindled.”

Joyce Bruijn

Erik Stout

“Esther knows how to turn
obstacles into stepping stones.”

Erik Stout

What does a 1-on-1 Digital Nomad coaching session cost?

The price of a 1-on-1 Digital Nomad coaching session with me is a fixed amount of €350, regardless of the topic or duration of the session. With my extensive experience of over 15 years as an advisor to both digital nomads and governments, I have gained knowledge that goes beyond what most tax specialists and advisors offer, as they often focus only on one country.

Consider the value of your freedom and the ability to move forward with your plans, without waiting indefinitely for answers from official sources that may never come. With just one RESULTant session, you can gain answers to all your questions and continue with your digital nomad journey confidently.

They preceded you

Bob, Wendy, and Maritza share the freedom that working with me brought them. In the video of One Year To Freedom, you can hear concrete results from the participants.

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