Life lessons

“Life can only be understood backwards but it must be lived forwards”

We’ve heard all the quote ‘when one door closes, another one opens’. There are many things that we know rationally, but only by experiencing them, the lessons really stick. If we don’t learn something the first time, life will give us the same lesson over and over again until we understand it. I believe that the secret of life is to recognize and learn the lessons as quickly as possible. Life is a game. Always find the silver lining of the cloud. Even seemingly unrelated things can contain powerful life lessons. I have collected some special examples for you.

(Re)connecting to emotions – scary or adventurous?


(Re)connecting to emotions - scary or adventurous? I used to think that emotions were annoying, useless and non-productive. I was so focused on achieving results, that I became a master in ignoring and repressing my disappointments, hurts, sadness and other negative experiences. However, repressing emotions not only [...]

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Heartbreak in Jordan (2019)


Heartbreak in Jordan (2019) My trip to Jordan turned out completely different than planned when my relationship unexpectedly disintegrated on the first day. I combine this very personal story and life lessons with Jordan travel tips in this blog. Yes, I know it’s very unusual, but the [...]

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While I was having dinner with my friend Tal Gur during a busy conference in Bangkok, a new word popped up in my mind, just like that. We were discussing how creating more space (in your agenda, your mind and the physical world around you) and being more aware, allows [...]


How the book ‘Caribbean’ changed my life


Some books are special. Not only because they are good reads, but because you read them at a special time in your life, or in a special place, or both. Some books really make or mark a change in your life. For me, ‘Caribbean’ is such book. [...]

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Prescan: useful or just a medical adventure?


When a friend asked if I wanted to join him for a two day medical ‘prescan’ trip to Germany, my first reaction was ‘no way!’ Why would I put my healthy body through all kinds of medical procedures? But then I realized that my mom just had breast cancer [...]

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How to light your fire without a burnout… Energy management for people with a passion


How can you follow your dreams without ending up in a nightmare? How can let your passion guide you, without the risk of being paralyzed by disappointment? How can you achieve huge results without depleting your reserves? This book is for strong, passionate, driven people, who want to find sustainable ways to keep focusing on their goals without ending in collapse. It is a personal account with sound advice on how to balance your feminine and masculine side. To let go when you need to, yet to persevere when you have to; and to know the difference.

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How pizza brings people together


How pizza brings people together Food adventures in Naples, Italy “Why is a woman like you having dinner by herself on Valentines Day?” asked a waiter at the famous pizzeria. When I replied that I like traveling by myself, he made me share a table in the crowded place [...]

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Silent storm


Silent Storm This is going to be a strange contribution to this yearly tradition*. You see – I can’t and really am not allowed to write about the thing that is occupying me most at the moment. My father – whom I am caring for this winter in [...]

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Peyote Whisperer?


When I told my friend Randall Rodrigues about my weird connection with a group of Peyote cacti in Amsterdam, he said: “So you are like a Peyote whisperer?” I laughed it off, but in the days following his remark I explored this strange connection and concluded that – as weird [...]

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Connecting the dots tattoo


I never thought I would get a tattoo. And still I do have one now. Got it in Japan, of all places. No regrets! Better even; my tattoo is my daily reminder of a very important decision I made. The idea was born after a Tantra workshop in Thailand. On the last [...]

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