Take control of your life and business

Let’s just do it. No Excuses!

Write your book, turn your passion into a business, experience more freedom, or even become location-independent.

My workshops, retreats, and online programs give you the inspiration and practical knowledge to achieve your goals.

We all need some help sometimes

You need a sparring partner. Someone who understands where you are because they have been there before, and have turned obstacles into opportunities. Someone who focuses on possibilities and offers practical solutions. Someone who assures you that your dream CAN become a reality. The No Excuses Lady!

An outsider can offer a different perspective on your life and business. Accountability is an incentive to really take action. I can offer you both the perspective and accountability. I’ll help you see the big picture, the ‘helicopter view’, as well as guide you to discover and express your added value.

If you get stuck, I’ll get you back on track. I will show you that your big plan or next step IS feasible – and how. I can be a sounding board, a sparring partner and if necessary, I will ‘kick your butt’. I listen and actively participate to help you structure your thoughts or put your idea into words. I offer solutions, connect you with people, and make sure that you take active steps to achieve your goals.

1 on 1: are you ready?

I only work with an extremely limited number of people 1 on 1. It is intensive and it only makes sense if you are really motivated. In a one-off RESULTant session, we aim for quick breakthroughs and results. During my 3 months 1 on 1 coaching process, we develop a plan and then implement it with a weekly call and accountability to get you to that goal.

How can I help you move forward?

RESULTant session
3 month coaching

“Just being close to Esther makes you believe in yourself.
She shares her knowledge with energy, enthusiasm, and humor.”

Barbara Sevenstern

“Esther’s no-nonsense advice and free publicity tips have enabled me to flourish as a speaker and in my business.
She shows how you can be successful AND remain authentic, exactly like she is herself.”

Michèle Sparreboom

“Esther’s energy and her confidence are infectious.
I am inspired.”

Inge Vuijk

“Esther can concretize in one hour where other marketeers get stuck after months of work.

Emile van der Linde, Directeur GOED

Changing lives around the world

Willo, Carole, Bob and a group of Caribbean entrepreneurs share how working with me has impacted them.