Coaching with the ‘No Excuses Lady’

Personal guidance for writers, digital nomads, and entrepreneurs

You’re seeking more freedom, whether it’s to write your book, become a (location-independent) entrepreneur, or find a creative solution for a challenge. You need someone who can quickly distill the essence of complex ideas or situations and genuinely help you move forward to achieve tangible results: a RESULTant!

In my 1-on-1 RESULTant sessions, you’ll have my undivided attention, along with access to my network, creativity, knowledge, and experience. I’ll think and write alongside you, with the goal of achieving concrete outcomes. No excuses!

Here’s how I can assist you:

Writing coaching

Bring your book idea to life, from writing to publishing

  • Individual sessions available from € 350,-
  • 3-6 month accountability program with support between sessions

A book strategy session, manuscript review or accountability program to help you turn your book idea into reality.

Get immediate feedback on feasibility, book planning, and promotion

Expect these results:

  • The transition from idea to concrete book plan
  • Ready-to-use back cover and book structure for promotions
  • Feedback on your writing
  • Manuscript review
  • Assistance with the book publishing process

Digital Nomad coaching

Thrive in remote work while traveling abroad

  • Individual sessions or a 1 year program
  • Available from € 350,-
  • Receive expert advice and insider tips

Unlock your freedom as a Digital Nomad and navigate rules and systems with ease.

Leverage 15 years of expertise, tips & tricks from my experience

Expect these results:

  • Guidance on (de)registration
  • Advice on setting up your international business
  • Insights on taxes, insurance, and more
  • Strategies for finding customers and clients
  • Support in taking your next step

Business coaching

Unleash your strengths and thrive in work and life

  • For CEO’s & entrepreneurs
  • Individual sessions or customized trajectories
  • Starting from € 350,-
  • All-inclusive support to succeed

Turn your passion into a business. Transition into entrepreneurship and find customers. Find your added value and convert it into an income. Learn how to turn a challenge into an opportunity and make optimal use of all online options.

Expect these results:

  • Connect the dots of your past experiences for future success
  • Pursue a business that brings you joy and makes a positive impact
  • Enhance your visibility to customers in an authentic manner.
  • Discover ways to work with more ease and freedom

“I am extremely satisfied with Esther’s visionary perspective on my complex technical plans.
Her unique insight and understanding have brought me immense relief!”

T. Van A.

RESULTant session

After our session, I rediscovered my enthusiasm and I immediately started taking steps.

Thierry Desmet, CEO Valor Services Group
Author (W)ondernemerschap

Pieternel van Amelsvoort

“I am utterly astonished by what she was able
to uncover and bring to the surface in just half a day.”

Pieternel van Amelsvoort

Dymph Vroegh

“Esther ensured that my dream of
writing a book became a reality. ”

Dymph Vroegh


What outcomes can you expect after a session?

You come to me with a question, and I provide clear and practical solutions. You want to achieve something, and I help you make it happen. No Excuses!

Here are three examples of what we can achieve in 1 RESULTant session:

  1. A professionally crafted back cover and structured plan for your book
  2. A personalized plan for your international lifestyle
  3. Your unique service or business, ready to share with the world.

“Thank you for our great session. It helped me simplify my approach.
I had a grand plan in my head, but now I realize I need to start with smaller steps and take more practical actions.
Most importantly, I need to work with what’s already available and focus on the low-hanging fruit.”

Hanke de Kock

Lucas Schroder

“Esther’s enthusiasm, energy, and ‘can-do’ mentality are contagious.
In a number of conversations, Esther has given me practical tools
to navigate entrepreneurship and take deliberate steps back when needed.”

Lucas Schroder

“It’s truly refreshing to witness how Esther effortlessly offers a fresh perspective
to anyone who encounters challenges. Her ability to simplify complex issues
and approach them with a sense of flow is truly remarkable.”

T. Van A.

Michael - Schrijf je boek

“Esther helped me recognize that my pitfall of perfectionism and the belief that I need to be an expert
or complete a master’s training before sharing knowledge or putting a price on it was holding me back.
After our conversation, I had a breakthrough realization that I already possess valuable knowledge and expertise.”


Adrian Luna - Write your book

“When scientists are facing new challenges, sometimes they wonder: How has nature solved something similar?
In my case, I would ask: How would Esther solve something similar?
It’s because I know she is the kind of person that makes things happen even with minimal resources.”

Adrian Luna


How can I assist you as a coach?

As a RESULTant, I focus on helping you achieve your desired outcomes. This may involve doing it for you, doing it together, or teaching you the necessary skills.

  1. Our process always begins with your unique situation
  2. We identify solutions that align with the market
  3. Effective communication and visibility are key elements in our approach.
Janneke De Geus

“It was great to have Esther as a sparring partner for the back cover of my book.
Her playful yet powerful energy is in the title and cover text now, and everybody will feel that.”

Janneke de Geus

Adrian Luna - Write your book

“Meeting Esther is a milestone in my storyline, there is a before and after. I consider her an unlimited source of inspiration,
she helped me shape many different ideas, meet new people, and travel, among many other things.“

Adrian Luna

Chantal Heutink

“The conversation with Esther was the catalyst that provided me with the final push I needed and a clear sense of focus.
I immediately got to work.”

Chantal Heutink

Mirande Voskuylen

“Esther’s sharp mind allows her to effortlessly identify blind spots and provide new insights that are truly invaluable.
This is where her strength lies.”

Mirande Voskuylen


“Esther can concretize in one hour where other marketers get stuck after months of work.

Emile van der Linde, Directeur GOED

Support and extras

Completed your coaching session? What’s next?

Rest assured, you will get everything you need to continue your progress:

  1. We may discuss potential pitfalls and strategies to overcome them
  2. You will receive my e-books or videos that provide further guidance on your specific topic
  3. I will connect you with relevant contacts who can offer additional assistance.

They preceded you

Patty, Annaliza, Carole, and Bob share what working with me has brought them.