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Friction – Inspiration Shot January 2020


While I was roaming the French Alps last week, I was able to control my speed by controlling the amount of friction between my skis and the snow. I realized that slowing down by creating friction in this way is actually wasted energy. Tesla has a better solution: when you brake in their electric car, the friction that is created is captured and used to charge the battery...

Friction – Inspiration Shot January 20202020-01-14T07:52:14+01:00

Write your book in reverse


Write your book in reverse Do not make the no. 1 mistake while writing your book. I've seen it too many times: inexperienced writers start off typing away enthusiastically... Until they get stuck. Going back and re-writing is not appealing. This is where most book projects disappear into [...]

Write your book in reverse2020-01-06T06:14:00+01:00

One month on Curaçao


I will be spending the entire month of March on my beloved 'dushi korsou'. I am planning a writing retreat and some workshops.

One month on Curaçao2020-01-14T10:04:54+01:00

From hero to outcast


From hero to outcast My story (being Knighted for collecting €16 million for charity and being ‘fired’ from that same country a few years later for traveling too much) is featured in the book Friction. [...]

From hero to outcast2020-01-10T13:39:54+01:00

Feeling Alive – Inspiration Shot December 2019


“Turn it around, get it done, feel alive!” Many of my previous inspiration shots were about changing perspective and about productivity. This time I’d like to dive into ‘feeling alive’. You know, those moments when you feel 200% alive, when you are really present, when all your senses seem to explode.

Feeling Alive – Inspiration Shot December 20192019-12-12T06:48:48+01:00

Life lessons from surfing


Whenever I learn something new, I cannot help but notice the metaphor it provides for business and for life in general. I already wrote about life lessons from tango, watercolor painting, meditation and tantra. This time, I’d like to share my insights from a golf surfing retreat.

Life lessons from surfing2019-12-12T03:53:51+01:00

Publishing your book


Working with a publisher Don't send your completed book to a publisher. It is better approach a publisher in an earlier stage. Just send them your book idea, (working) title, back cover, table of contents / structure and maybe an introduction or first chapter. The publisher will also [...]

Publishing your book2019-12-11T09:57:01+01:00

Friendship – Inspiration Shot October 2019


Some say that friendship is like a train journey: people get on, people get off. A few stay until the end. This month there were a few events enabling me to catch up with people I have known for 30 years.

Friendship – Inspiration Shot October 20192019-10-15T06:00:18+02:00