Shadow work – Inspiration shot July 2024


Perhaps you are looking for shade under the sun during your vacation, perhaps you are confronted with your own dark sides now that the summer does not seem to be taking off in many places. Nowadays I actively seek out my own dark sides, during tantra retreats. And I do not avoid them in 'normal life' either. Shadow work is a type of self-development in which we focus on our dark sides: characteristics or parts of ourselves that we normally prefer not to face or share with others. Things that irritate you in others, your so-called 'triggers' are often indications of where your own 'shadow' is. Actively seeking out your shadow, exposing it and integrating it, is called shadow work. It is not therapy. So it is not a 'problem' that needs to be solved, it is discovering a part of you where some more development can be achieved. You get to know yourself even better by looking at your contradictions. In this inspiration shot I will go into this a little deeper. Dive into the dark with me, if you dare?

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Visibility – Inspiration shot June 2024


During the recent Workation in Italy it became painfully clear again: many entrepreneurs do not dare to step into the spotlight; whether they have 50 years of experience, have written a book, hold impressive titles and positions, or have an important message to help others… ‘Who am I?’, ‘What will others think?’ and ‘actually what I do is very normal’ are common phrases. Some overthink it or make it too big, while the magic is actually in the little things. I have been sharing everything I experience for almost 25 years, and I still continue to learn. In this Inspiration Shot I'll share some ideas and tips about visibility.

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My 13 most memorable speaking gigs


I have been a motivational speaker for more than 25 years. Each of the 1000 keynotes and 2 TEDx speeches was special. Either because of the location (Qatar, South Africa, Lithuania, New York, in a zoo, in the money museum during my collection of €16 of foreign coins for charity) or because of the special connection I had with the audience (entrepreneurs, travellers, professional women, veiled or not). I treasure the messages people sent me afterwards; how my story changed their lives and motivated them to quit their jobs, become entrepreneurs or make another important life decision after hearing my talk. Some events stood out. In this blog, I share some of my most memorable events, bloopers, and some tips for speakers at the end.

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I ❤️ Puglia – Inspiration shot May 2024


Here in the Italian countryside in my @tinytrullo, I am slowly coming back to myself. There is no better place than nature to recover from the dengue that I contracted in Curaçao in March (and the associated brain fog). It's so beautiful here in the spring! There are flowers everywhere, I pick wild green asparagus on my land, everything is beautifully green, nature is slowly coming back to life. Just like me... This month I also host 12 people for the 'Workation'; working and living for a month in my village Ceglie Messapica. Whether you have a thing for Puglia or not, have already been here or still want to visit, I hereby share my Google Maps with my favourite restaurants, cafes, beaches and other non-touristy places. In this Inspiration Shot you will also find a TinyTrullo update and other insights, inspired by Puglia.

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Buying a trullo in Puglia?


Thing to watch out for Condition of the trullo: What needs to be restored, and what are the costs? Accessibility: You want a peaceful location, but it should still be accessible by road. Also for construction traffic if necessary. Phone reception: In many rural areas, reception can be poor. It's essential to have good phone reception not only for convenience and safety but also because internet services often rely on GSM signals. Land area and building rights: How much land comes with the trullo and how much can you build? This is crucial and varies by municipality, so hire a local 'geometra' to investigate. A real estate agent can provide an estimate, but make sure to confirm it.

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Health – Inspiration shot April 2024


I had already written an inspiration shot about health (“What is health anyway? Traditionally, health is often seen as the absence of disease, but is that all?”) when I got dengue fever, high fever and excruciating pain in all my bones and joints, during my writing retreat in Curaçao. That brought me face to face with how even those little things that we normally take for granted are not so common at all. Things that normally don't cost you energy, such as talking or eating, or being awake or lifting your head... In this inspiration shot we look at health.

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Write your book with AI – the ultimate guide


I get many questions from writers about how they can use AI, specifically ChatGPT, to make writing their book easier, faster and more fun. I have shared some of my tips in this blog ‘ChatGPT for writers and entrepreneurs’ and a Dutch article for ‘Schrijven Magazine’. Now the famous InfoStack platform is inviting the best writers in the world to share their tips on AI and guess what: I am in one of their panels!

Write your book with AI – the ultimate guide2024-03-20T17:13:06+01:00

Tango & Tantra in Buenos Aires – Inspiration shot March 2024


My month in Argentina was not just about dancing tango in Buenos Aires... I also did a tantra retreat. Many people think that tantra is only about s*x, but I learn essential life lessons every time; more about that later. The result: I feel more 'alive' than ever. I am more in my feminine energy, I look better, I experience more connection with others, my business is booming and I have more fun in life! In this Inspiration shot I would like to share my insights, so that you too can live life more lightly.

Tango & Tantra in Buenos Aires – Inspiration shot March 20242024-03-05T10:00:34+01:00

Life lessons from a Tantra experience


Most people think tantra is about sex, but it is a total re-eduction about life. How to get rid of limiting beliefs & old patterns that don’t serve you anymore, how to balance your masculine and feminine energy, how to deal with & process emotions and also, but not primarily, how to heal or revitalize your healthy sexuality.

Life lessons from a Tantra experience2024-03-15T22:26:19+01:00

Inner peace – Inspiration shot February 2024


For a few months now I have felt a deep inner peace. I am at peace and relaxed. Something that I had been actively looking for for years just suddenly appeared. And it seems like it's not going away. I am no longer in 'survival mode'. I am much more in the moment and can enjoy it more. It feels great. In this inspiration shot I will share what I did to achieve this; hopefully it will also bring you one step closer to your inner peace; and give you hope that it is really possible, even if - like me - you have to come a long way...

Inner peace – Inspiration shot February 20242024-02-07T15:11:16+01:00
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