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Storytelling – inspiration shot Sept 2018

Imagine the mayor of the city you are visiting for a conference, welcoming you with a keynote presentation and a song... Or meeting a friendly, modest man by the campfire, who turns out to be the singer-songwriter on stage the next day, sharing how events in his personal [...]

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How the book ‘Caribbean’ changed my life

Some books are special. Not only because they are good reads, but because you read them at a special time in your life, or in a special place, or both. Some books really make or mark a change in your life. For me, ‘Caribbean’ is such book. [...]

How the book ‘Caribbean’ changed my life2018-09-11T13:39:11+00:00

Freedom – Inspiration shot August 2018

Freedom During the summer/holidays most people feel more relaxed and free than at other times. What causes this difference? What does freedom mean to you? And how do you get more of it? Freedom now seems to become our most important ‘status symbol’, valued even more than money. For me [...]

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The power of social media – Inspiration shot July 2018

Real interaction. Connection. Creativity. Solutions for real problems. Social media is a powerful tool. In this inspiration shot I would like to share the three most unusual ways in which I have personally used the platforms that some call ‘useless and impersonal’. Share my pleasant surprise? Will you [...]

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Prescan: useful or just a medical adventure?

When a friend asked if I wanted to join him for a two day medical ‘prescan’ trip to Germany, my first reaction was ‘no way!’ Why would I put my healthy body through all kinds of medical procedures? But then I realized that my mom just had breast cancer [...]

Prescan: useful or just a medical adventure?2018-07-12T11:08:48+00:00


How to replace a lost drivers license when you are not registered? For the first time in 5 years of living without registration, 'the system' now really has me checkmate; I cannot replace my lost drivers license. After losing my handbag and wallet, I managed to renew my bank [...]


Do you really need a fixed place to live? Inspiration shot June 2018

Do you really need a fixed place to live? We are lucky to live in an age where planes and communication technology make the world smaller than ever. Why live in an expensive city, when you can reside on a tropical island? Why have the fixed [...]

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Turn anything in to a business – Inspiration shot May 2018

Turn anything into a business - inspiration shot May "How do you manage to turn anything that happens to you into a business or fun project?” Entrepreneurship doesn’t have to be a struggle. However, opportunities are not always obvious. Many people wonder how I can turn a transatlantic [...]

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Travel light – packing advice

“How can you travel with only one small carry-on bag?” Many people (especially women) think that you can never bring everything you need. As an example, I will show you exactly what I bring and how I pack. This is what [...]

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Turn it around – Inspiration shot April 2018

Many 'difficult' challenges can be resolved by looking at them differently. Writing a book? Start with the back cover! Giving a presentation? Writing your website or newsletter? Thinking of social media posts? Don't think like a marketer (I want to sell something), but like a publisher (What problems [...]

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