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Friendship – Inspiration Shot October 2019


Some say that friendship is like a train journey: people get on, people get off. A few stay until the end. This month there were a few events enabling me to catch up with people I have known for 30 years.

Friendship – Inspiration Shot October 20192019-10-15T06:00:18+01:00

Living tantra, living love – Inspiration Shot September 2019


Let me tell you a 'secret'... I went on a tantra retreat ... Whilst Tantra is often associated with sex, this was more of a 'tantra for life' retreat. The tantric philosophy of balance, openness and connection that is often applied to sexuality is actually intended as a philosophy of life.

Living tantra, living love – Inspiration Shot September 20192019-09-17T10:27:09+01:00

Cheap car rental


As a location independent entrepreneur, I often rent cars as I travel the world. Over the years I have developed a system to always find the best deals for the most affordable cars and to NOT get ripped off by the car rental insurance.

Cheap car rental2019-09-17T10:28:43+01:00

The price of freedom


Travel, adventure, flexibility, no constraints, no responsibilities or commitments, meeting interesting people in exciting places; many people see only this superficial exterior of the wonderful free life I lead. But my life is not that one dimensional.

The price of freedom2019-09-17T10:33:39+01:00

Get out of your monkey mind – Inspiration Shot August 2019


Do you recognize this feeling of being unsettled, restless, or confused? This voice in your head that won’t quit? Some suggest that the monkey mind is the inner critic. That voice is your ego, your rationality, your devil’s advocate. If you allow yourself to be guided by your head, your creativity will be stifled and you will not dare to let go. Sound familiar?

Get out of your monkey mind – Inspiration Shot August 20192019-09-12T20:58:42+01:00

30 day vegan challenge


When I was younger, I used to be a vegetarian. I did not like the idea that animals were killed for my food. As I got older and especially as I was traveling more, sometimes it was easier to have a more flexible diet, so I became a ‘flexitarian’. This requires a certain numbing of the mind; to dissociate eating meat with thinking of where that meat came from.

30 day vegan challenge2019-09-18T10:54:28+01:00

Expanding horizons – Inspiration Shot July 2019


Do you go to conferences to get inspiration? Or is your “inspiration button” always activated? Do you get more energy from the speakers at conferences, or from the casual conversations that you have during coffee breaks?

Expanding horizons – Inspiration Shot July 20192019-07-21T04:17:13+01:00