Travel light – packing advice

“How can you travel with only one small carry-on bag?” Many people (especially women) think that you can never bring everything you need. As an example, I will show you exactly what I bring and how I pack. This is what [...]

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Turn it around

Many 'difficult' challenges can be resolved by looking at them differently. Writing a book? Start with the back cover! Giving a presentation? Writing your website or newsletter? Thinking of social media posts? Don't think like a marketer (I want to sell something), but like a publisher (What problems [...]

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Book inspiration Feb 2018

I'll never forget... ...the day I held the first print of my first book in my hand. I felt proud of the achievement, excitement that others would soon have access to my story, and the satisfaction of a huge project completed. Can you imagine holding a book that you have [...]

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How to light your fire without a burnout… Energy management for people with a passion

How can you follow your dreams without ending up in a nightmare? How can let your passion guide you, without the risk of being paralyzed by disappointment? How can you achieve huge results without depleting your reserves? This book is for strong, passionate, driven people, who want to find sustainable ways to keep focusing on their goals without ending in collapse. It is a personal account with sound advice on how to balance your feminine and masculine side. To let go when you need to, yet to persevere when you have to; and to know the difference.

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10 ideas for a successful non-fiction book

Some of the best book ideas are very simple. Starting with a proven format will make the writing process much less overwhelming. Let's dive into the 10 most successful non-fiction book models to get you inspired. 1. The Memoir or Biography Most of us love hearing other people's stories, [...]

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How pizza brings people together

“Why does a woman like you have dinner by herself on Valentines Day?”asked a waiter at the famous pizzeria. When I replied that I like traveling by myself, he made me share a table in the crowded place with another solo traveler from Argentina. As we were happily connecting and [...]

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Live. Create. Tell the story. Repeat.

You have a gift. No matter who you are or where you are from, each of us has a story to share. Things that may seem insignificant to us might contain an important message for others.  Last night I watched the movie 'Human', which left me moved and humbled. [...]

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Silent storm

This is going to be a strange contribution to this yearly tradition*. You see – I can’t and really am not allowed to write about the thing that is occupying me most at the moment. My father – whom I am caring for this winter in Miami – is increasingly [...]

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Visibility in 2018

"Practice what you post..." You have probably noticed that I am pretty active and open on social media. It hasn't always been like this. In fact I am a pretty private person. But long before the internet started I learned the three secrets of (offline) success: Authenticity It's not [...]

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Peyote Whisperer?

When I told my friend Randall Rodrigues about my weird connection with a group of Peyote cacti in Amsterdam, he said: “So you are like a Peyote whisperer?” I laughed it off, but in the days following his remark I explored this strange connection and concluded that – as weird [...]

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