Best health insurance for digital nomads 2023: Your ultimate guide


Health insurance is an essential consideration, especially for digital nomads, expats and frequent travellers. When you deregister from your home country, you often lose access to national health insurance benefits. Below is an overview of various health insurance options suitable for digital nomads and travellers. It includes well-known ones, some specific ones for Dutch citizens and also some unusual solutions that I have found and used. Keep in mind that no single plan will meet everyone’s needs. It’s crucial to review the coverage, terms and conditions, and pricing to find the best fit for your lifestyle.

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How are the trees doing?


Let me start with this most frequently asked question. I wish I had different news, but the trees are having a hard time. Not only because of the extremely high temperatures and the drought but mainly because the deadly Xylella bacteria is spreading like wildfire. Xylella thrives in the heat, while the resistance of the trees actually deteriorates. In this blog, you can read how they are doing, and how the advice of the 'tree doctor' I found may save them.

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Digital Nomad – Inspiration Shot September 2023


You can take a Digital Nomad off the plane but you can't take the travel out of a Digital Nomad… I was planning to be in The Netherlands for the whole month of August, but… I wanted to go see my dad in Miami, and also to Puglia for a few days, to arrange everything there for the 3 Airbnbs. From September I will be 'on the road' all winter anyway, so this seemed like a perfect time for another Inspiration Shot with tips about location-independence and entrepreneurship.

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Live and work as a digital nomad in Thailand and Bali


In today's modern world, with unprecedented technological possibilities, the freedom to work from any location is a luxury that more and more people are affording themselves. Digital nomads and location independent entrepreneurs, today's modern adventurers, are embracing this lifestyle. Two enchanting destinations are high on their list: Thailand and Bali.

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Work-life balance – Inspiration Shot August 2023


"Busy"; it seems to have become our new natural state of being. Doing less is difficult, especially if you approach it like another task on your full to-do list. But what if you turn it around? What if you could design your schedule, to-do list and priorities all over again, from scratch? Almost ten years ago it happened to me out of necessity, when a car accident and whiplash forced me to slow down; this time was voluntary and less invasive, but just as effective: an MDMA retreat under the guidance of a psychologist. The preparation, the psychedelic journey, the aftermath and the 'digital detox' were a natural moment for a complete reset. I got off social media for a while, now leave my phone on 'do not disturb' at all time. More 'being' instead of 'doing'. In short: a better work-life balance. In this inspiration shot you can read about the 'trip', the experience of a 'fresh start', productivity tips from the DC entrepreneurs conference in London that tie in nicely with that, praise to Amsterdam and the importance of dancing.

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Life lessons from a witch – an MDMA experience


During my writing retreat in Mallorca, I supported a psychologist writing a book about psychedelic-assisted therapy. The down-to-earth way she approached it, immediately caught my attention. I had never been interested in using psychedelics - I am too sensitive to even drink coffee, plus years ago, I had a magical connection with the Peyote cactus without ever ingesting it, so why would I? - but this time I felt a big YES.

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Fathers – Inspiration Shot July 2023


This month, two special people who were father figures to me passed away within a week. I was able to say goodbye to one of them by sneaking into the hospital outside visiting hours. For the other, I cancelled a trip with 40 girlfriends to Valencia to speak at his funeral. Fortunately, my father is still 'here', but - due to his Alzheimer's - not the way he used to be. Father's Day, therefore, became an emotional day with a lot of reflection this year. This inspiration shot pays homage to all fathers, father figures, and other loved ones and gives some great tips on how to capture your time together while they're still here. I hope that the stories and suggestions in this inspiration shot will touch and inspire you, whether you are a father, want(ed) to be, still have your father or have to miss it.

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Real estate – Inspiration Shot June 2023


Years ago I 'accidentally' found myself investing in real estate. When I sold my house in Amstelveen, I was able to invest in a few 30m2 apartments in Amsterdam. I had them specially designed, furnished and started renting the 'tiny houses' out to expats. Just when things seemed to be going well and I had done a very pricey refinancing of my investments, the rental property regulations in the Netherlands changed. Now, I can only charge half the rent I used to, and on top of that, property taxes have increased ten fold! It has become an unsustainable situation. My entire business model is turned upside down, which means I have to sell the apartments again. At the same time, other opportunities present themselves. That is why I like to share my real estate secrets, tips and dilemmas I've encountered, in this newsletter.

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