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“The best of…” – Inspiration shot April 2021


Vaak zien we op tegen het schrijven van updates, social media posts, nieuwsbrieven of blogs, omdat we denken dat we altijd iets nieuws moeten verzinnen. Zonde, want de meesten van ons hebben al zoveel goed materiaal! Maar hoe weet je wat ‘goed’ is? Dat is dan weer het handige van social media: je ontvangt directe feedback, in de vorm van likes, views, comments en shares. Ter inspiratie hierbij een compilatie van mijn meest gelezen en gedeelde posts in de afgelopen maand.

“The best of…” – Inspiration shot April 20212021-04-12T17:52:12+02:00

When is a book a success?


Do you have any idea how many books have to be sold in the Netherlands to get bestseller status? By the way, is your book only a success if it is a bestseller? That depends entirely on your expectations and goals. A number of considerations and tips to make your book a success.

When is a book a success?2021-04-08T14:25:57+02:00

Economize, penny-wise – Inspiration shot March 2021


We all want so much, but we are still only allowed to do so little at the moment, so we look for new ways of living and working. How does that effect you as a person and your business? In this inspiration shot I will share a secret, a triumph, a new business model and more tips and inspiration to get through these 'tough times'.

Economize, penny-wise – Inspiration shot March 20212021-03-18T10:44:52+01:00

Why you should start promoting your book while you’re writing it


Typically, writers don't start thinking about marketing until their book is ready. Then it is actually already too late. You only have one moment at the launch of your book, while more promotional moments can be created in the preliminary phase. So the good news is that you can do a lot now, especially during the writing process. In this article you will find ideas and tips.

Why you should start promoting your book while you’re writing it2021-03-07T21:27:19+01:00

Do you personalize the standard parts of your book?


Voor mij was het een echte eyeopener dat je zelfs de meest standaardonderdelen van een boek persoonlijk kunt maken. Je kunt werkelijk ieder deel specifiek voor jouw boek aanpassen door je eigen tone of voice mee te geven: de disclaimer, het colofon, zelfs de copyright pagina!

Do you personalize the standard parts of your book?2021-02-27T15:28:28+01:00

Where there’s a will, there is a way – Inspiration shot February 2021


If you really want something, you can usually find a way to make it happen. But what if conditions are constantly changing like they are now during the corona pandemic? Then you have to think even more creatively, try even harder, and sometimes be a bit stubborn... In this inspiration shot, I will tell you about my 'impossible' trip from South Africa to Miami to be with my father, along with plenty more inspiration: 'if you can dream it, you can do it!'

Where there’s a will, there is a way – Inspiration shot February 20212021-02-16T11:20:23+01:00

Five things you didn’t know about your back cover


Many authors only write the back cover text when their book is finished. This is a missed opportunity! The 5 facts below will change how you look at back covers forever. 1. The back cover is the most important page of your book What do you do when you browse through a bookstore? You select books with interesting titles and covers and then read the back covers, correct?

Five things you didn’t know about your back cover2021-02-05T12:36:16+01:00

Do you reflect on the lessons from your relationships? – Inspiration shot January 2021


“Every lesson that hasn’t been learned will be repeated”. Relationships are our greatest mirrors. We are presented with the same situations again and again, in different contexts, until we learn our lessons. They are not always easy. How do we make constant learning and growth attractive and perhaps even enjoyable? In recent years I have had quite a bit to 'chew on' and gained many new insights. This inspiration shot includes a number of recommendations to listen to, read, and action.

Do you reflect on the lessons from your relationships? – Inspiration shot January 20212021-01-13T16:11:50+01:00

How it all began


Can you remember the exact moment you fell in love? I do! In this blog, I will share how it all started... On February 16th, 2020, I bought an olive orchard in Puglia, southern Italy, on a whim. The 6,500m2 plot of land has 24 ancient olive trees, as well as several almond, fig, and other fruit trees. There is also a mini-house that is more than 200 years old, a traditional 'Trullo,' a type of dwelling unique to this region. This oasis of peace and nature is a special gift to myself after a long series of disappointments.

How it all began2021-02-04T12:31:42+01:00

Learn with me?


This summer – during a heatwave (!) – I recorded my Dutch online program ‘Zo schrijf je een boek!’. Around 60 videos with all my tips and examples of how to write, promote, and publish your book. I really enjoyed creating this e-course (except for the heatwave…) and I am happy and proud that it helps so many writers with their books. Would you like to learn with me?

Learn with me?2021-02-22T16:58:57+01:00
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