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(Re)connecting to emotions – scary or adventurous?


(Re)connecting to emotions - scary or adventurous? I used to think that emotions were annoying, useless and non-productive. I was so focused on achieving results, that I became a master in ignoring and repressing my disappointments, hurts, sadness and other negative experiences. However, repressing emotions not only [...]

(Re)connecting to emotions – scary or adventurous?2019-05-30T18:34:15+02:00

Transitions – Inspiration Shot May 2019


Transitions - Inspiration Shot May 2019 Sometimes everything suddenly changes. The transition from one state of being to another rarely seems to be gradual. I don't know why the transition to something new is usually a shock. When, during a vacation in Jordan, my relationship [...]

Transitions – Inspiration Shot May 20192019-05-16T08:35:35+02:00

Heartbreak in Jordan (2019)


Heartbreak in Jordan (2019) My trip to Jordan turned out completely different than planned when my relationship unexpectedly disintegrated on the first day. I combine this very personal story and life lessons with Jordan travel tips in this blog. Yes, I know it’s very unusual, but the [...]

Heartbreak in Jordan (2019)2019-05-16T07:54:01+02:00

Home – Inspiration shot April 2019


Is 'home' a location or a feeling? Inspiration shot April 2019 Whenever I hear "home is where the heart is", I joke that "home is where the wifi is."  'Home' is more of a feeling than a certain place for me. What does home mean for [...]

Home – Inspiration shot April 20192019-05-13T05:20:51+02:00

2019 Curaçao tips


Curaçao 2019 Since 1994, the Dutch Caribbean island of Curacao has had a special place in my heart. Every now and then I organize workshops or retreats on the island. After my recent writing retreat in March 2019, I discovered many new places, which I will share in this [...]

2019 Curaçao tips2019-05-13T04:31:08+02:00

Real Estate secrets


Real Estate secrets By coincidence, I discovered that real estate investing can be very interesting and accessible, even for location independent people. If you have a starting capital (or means to get a mortgage for your first apartment) it is a great way to create a passive [...]

Real Estate secrets2019-06-07T09:48:30+02:00

Look at the world through somebody else’s filter – Inspiration Shot March 2019


Look at the world through somebody else's filter Inspiration Shot March 2019 If you and I walk down the same street, we will see different things. There are lots of details and we make different analyses and come to our own conclusions. That's why I like [...]

Look at the world through somebody else’s filter – Inspiration Shot March 20192019-05-13T06:06:48+02:00

Financial freedom – Inspiration Shot February 2019


Financial freedom - Inspiration Shot February 2019 Do you need to make money before you can be free and follow your passion? Or is it better to actually turn what you are passionate about into something profitable to achieve that freedom? It's a chicken and egg dilemma. I [...]

Financial freedom – Inspiration Shot February 20192019-05-13T05:09:25+02:00

Why Curaçao?


Why Curaçao? Every time my plane is about to land on this island in the Dutch Caribbean, my heart makes a little jump. For more than 2 decades I’ve had a love-hate relationship with this special island, but in the end the love always seems to win. No [...]

Why Curaçao?2019-05-14T04:08:42+02:00