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7 ideas for a book trailer video


Did you know that you should actually start your book promotion while you are still writing? To many writers, that sounds vague and scary. One of the options you have to promote your book is a book trailer video. Very specific and fun to think about. Here are 6 possible formats for your book trailer video, a number of examples, and a tip where you can have such a video made for a reasonable price.

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You can’t stop the waves… – Inspiration shot August 2021


... but you can learn to surf! I notice that things that are happening in the world right now make many people feel unsettled. Some don't agree with measures that are in place, others feel uncomfortable in their current situation, and some even feel that their freedom is being threatened. I have learned that you cannot change external circumstances. If you try to resist something that you have no control over, you will just end up frustrated. I always try to focus on things that I can influence. Focusing on the things that you can change doesn't mean that you agree with everything that is happening, but means that you find your own way. In this Inspiration Shot, I will share some practical examples of how you can focus on things that you can change and have control of.

You can’t stop the waves… – Inspiration shot August 20212021-09-20T10:10:43+02:00

Do you have an elevator pitch for your book?


Nowadays we have an 'executive summary' for every project: a short summary that tells an interested party what it is about within a minute - and if possible even persuades them to participate or sponsor the project. For our book, we often don't think about that, or only much too late. This article explains why an 'elevator pitch' for your book is extra important, and how to make it…

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Life lessons from my cats


More than 20 years ago, my friend Kristel's cat got kittens. We lived in Curaçao, but I would go back to the Netherlands to take care of my 12 years younger brother Michael R. Jacobs. I had no experience as a 'mother' but wanted to give him (and maybe myself) the most homely experience possible, after all the divorce we'd been through. That's how I got the idea to take the two kittens with me as a surprise.

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To self-publish or work with a publisher?


Publishing a book has long ceased to be the exclusive right of traditional publishers. As an author, you have more choices and that's a good thing. But how do you decide whether to approach a publisher or work with one of the many self-publishing platforms? With this handy choice matrix, you can make an informed decision.

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The naked truth – Inspiration shot August 2021


I took this photo in Shoreditch, London last week. Graffiti and the artists that create it represent part of the feeling and culture of many cities around the world. However, this tunnel made me feel that the layers of paint also obscure what is beneath. They obscure the original essence of the place. We always have a choice to look at the surface or try to see things as they are, rather than dressing them up, covering them up, or exaggerating things. Let's be curious and explore what's underneath. And look at it objectively.

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This is what writers can learn from storytelling


Storytelling, examples and personal stories help to involve your reader in your reasoning or story. Storytelling is not just for fiction books like thrillers or novels. It also makes non-fiction books such as business books and (auto)biographies much better. Anyone can explain a certain lesson or theory. What makes your book so special is YOUR take on it, YOUR experiences, personal stories and examples. So storytelling. But how? Here are five practical tips for better storytelling in your book.

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Are you as impatient as I am? – Inspiration shot July 2021


Our patience has recently been tested in various ways, and extensively. One says that these can be instructive moments. I don't know about you, but I'm a rather impatient type and waiting is not my 'thing'. Yet I have experienced time and again that waiting can also lead to beautiful things. And that you can always hang in there just a little bit longer than you thought. Sounds familiar? I've been in Miami for the past month, with my father, where the phenomenon of 'time' takes on an entirely different dimension because of his Alzheimer's. That is why we'll take a look at various ways to deal with 'patience' in this Inspiration Shot

Are you as impatient as I am? – Inspiration shot July 20212021-07-26T11:32:45+02:00

When is your book finished?


After working on your book for so long, it is sometimes difficult to complete the process. When is your book finished? And how do you deal with the feeling that you have so much more to say? That it can be even better? Many authors feel a kind of resistance to publishing their work. How can you overcome that? In this blog, you will find a number of things worth knowing and tips.

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Are you using your ‘shop window’ the right way?


Net als veel andere creatievelingen deed en doe ik heel veel verschillende dingen. Ik vind dat leuk, ik ben er goed in en ik help er anderen mee. Maar steeds vaker kreeg ik de vraag: “Wat DOE je nu eigenlijk?” Er stond zoveel op mijn website, dat bezoekers door de bomen het bos niet meer zagen.

Are you using your ‘shop window’ the right way?2021-07-01T15:53:38+02:00
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