Inner peace – Inspiration shot February 2024


For a few months now I have felt a deep inner peace. I am at peace and relaxed. Something that I had been actively looking for for years just suddenly appeared. And it seems like it's not going away. I am no longer in 'survival mode'. I am much more in the moment and can enjoy it more. It feels great. In this inspiration shot I will share what I did to achieve this; hopefully it will also bring you one step closer to your inner peace; and give you hope that it is really possible, even if - like me - you have to come a long way...

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Inner peace


For a few months now I have had the feeling of enormous peace within me. I almost can not believe it. The unrest that has always been there is gone. I was always in 'survival mode', always alert, busy, and productive. Now it feels more like just BEING and enjoying.

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From dreaming to doing, from doing to dreaming – Inspiration Shot January 2024


Many people make a 'to do list' of their new year resolutions. However, just like this 'alternative Christmas to do list', we can also make a 'not-to-do list' for 2024. Or a list of things that make you happy; that you don't have to do, but with which you can just be. The preparations for my theater show are an example of this; it gives me so much energy! While I will continue to offer my workshops, writing retreats and coaching this year, it feels like I have already started just being and doing fun creative things, without planning. What does your (not) to do list for 2024 look like?

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ChatGPT for writers and entrepreneurs


As a writer or entrepreneur, your time is precious, and efficiency is key. ChatGPT can be your secret weapon for streamlining your writing process, from book drafts to business documents. Here’s how to make the most out of this revolutionary tool.

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I’m retiring… – Inspiration Shot December 2023


For years the greatest desire that appeared in my meditations was to feel more 'space'. After more than 50 years of extreme productivity and 'no excuses', I long for space to be. No more to-do lists, appointments, or obligations. More room for spontaneous adventure and creativity. On my 55th birthday, on June 28th, 2025, I will say goodbye to this productive phase of life with a one-off 'No excuses!' Theater show in Amsterdam. From then on I have decided to turn everything around. Instead of trying to work less and create islands of being in a life of doing, I want to switch to being with at most a few small islands of doing on it. The most precious moments in my life happened spontaneously when I had nothing planned. I want more of that! So I'm not going to plan anything after my 'retirement'. I don't want to fill the space that is created, although there are hundreds of courses and trips I could plan. That would be continuing in the same way, only with different 'do' things. Strangely enough, that empty agenda after my 55th birthday does not feel 'empty', it is not a 'lack of actions'. It feels actually full; full of possibilities! In this inspiration shot I will take you through my plans (plus how you can still work with me on your dream over the next 1.5 years). I'll also show how you can find your balance between 'doing' and 'being'. Because the magic is hidden in the latter…

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Yes, the pictures show the ideal image, of how most people know Thailand: The country is easy to travel to, it is super safe, and the logistics are seamless. Everybody is super friendly and smiling, and Thai people are very service-oriented and hospitable. The food is incredible. Both traditional Thai food and their version of Western vegan food in the trendy coffee shops and restaurants that are popping up everywhere, especially on Koh Phangan. It is super affordable. You don’t cook, you don’t clean, you don’t do your laundry. There is always a friendly local offering to do all of that for you, with a smile, at a very affordable price. Many of my friends do their health checkups and dental visits in Bangkok, at a fraction of the price it would cost them in their home country. And without waitlists, with superb service, with a smile… But there are also downsides.


Keep reinventing yourself – Inspiration Shot November 2023


People often ask me: how do you do it? How do you turn seemingly irrelevant experiences such as raising money for charities, a relationship with a playboy, being fired from the Netherlands, dancing tango or picking olives into a successful workshop, book or retreat? The secret is: use what presents itself. Don't resist new developments, but be curious, try to find 'the present in the shit'. Some people have been following me for 15-20 years. They say they get inspired because I keep reinventing myself. Nice to hear, of course, but for me it is just different aspects of myself that suddenly become visible in a certain context. In this inspiration shot I'll give you some great examples and tips on how you too can continue to reinvent yourself.

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I had been suffering from drooping eyelids for years. It even got so bad that my eyelashes were pressed down. Yet I had never thought about an eyelift, even though many friends (and friends) told me that they had done so and that it was a 'piece of cake'. However, when I lost a bit of vision in one eye a year ago due to a split retina, I became extra aware of the overhanging eyelids. Maybe an eye lift would give me some vision back? It was worth trying. But I thought it was super scary. Cutting a healthy body is not 'my thing'. Once again friends assured me that it wasn't that big of a deal.


Artificial Intelligence – Inspiration Shot October 2023


I cannot express how excited I am about ChatGPT and all the developments related to AI. I'm definitely not a 'techie', but since a friend explained to me how it works in 5 minutes a few months ago, every day has been a journey of discovery. I pass on some of that knowledge to everyone I coach or meet and I myself learn from other entrepreneurs. In this inspiration shot I share some of my most important eye openers. Hopefully you will also be (even more!) inspired.

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Best health insurance for digital nomads 2023: Your ultimate guide


Health insurance is an essential consideration, especially for digital nomads, expats and frequent travellers. When you deregister from your home country, you often lose access to national health insurance benefits. Below is an overview of various health insurance options suitable for digital nomads and travellers. It includes well-known ones, some specific ones for Dutch citizens and also some unusual solutions that I have found and used. Keep in mind that no single plan will meet everyone’s needs. It’s crucial to review the coverage, terms and conditions, and pricing to find the best fit for your lifestyle.

Best health insurance for digital nomads 2023: Your ultimate guide2024-01-17T19:56:21+01:00
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