How to write your book

“The book that will most change your life is the one you write…”

Have you ever considered writing your book? Writing a book helps you share your message and become an authority in your area of expertise.

I’ve authored and co-authored over 30 books, been a writing coach for over 400 people and organized 20 writing retreats. I’ve discovered the best system to write a great book within 1 week to 6 months: Reverse Writing.

My secret? Start with the back cover. This is your marketing material and promise to your readers. Plus it gives you the structure for your writing process.

In these blogs you’ll find free tips about writing, promoting and publishing your book. On www.estherjacobs.info/writeyourbook you’ll find more information and how I can support you in bringing your book to life.

Write your book with AI – the ultimate guide


I get many questions from writers about how they can use AI, specifically ChatGPT, to make writing their book easier, faster and more fun. I have shared some of my tips in this blog ‘ChatGPT for writers and entrepreneurs’ and a Dutch article for ‘Schrijven Magazine’. Now the famous InfoStack platform is inviting the best writers in the world to share their tips on AI and guess what: I am in one of their panels!

Write your book with AI – the ultimate guide2024-03-20T17:13:06+01:00

ChatGPT for writers and entrepreneurs


As a writer or entrepreneur, your time is precious, and efficiency is key. ChatGPT can be your secret weapon for streamlining your writing process, from book drafts to business documents. Here’s how to make the most out of this revolutionary tool.

ChatGPT for writers and entrepreneurs2023-12-27T14:43:36+01:00

The best writing software


In the early days, books were written on a typewriter or even by hand. Can you imagine how complicated that was: you had to think of your entire book before you started writing, you could only work from front to back, making corrections was tricky and sloppy, plus you can't change the order. Fortunately, computers and word processors make it a lot easier these days. They also have super useful functions such as the spell check and 'search and replace'. And there are all kinds of great software and apps that can help make your book even better and facilitate writing. Only: you should of course not spend all your time to find the right tools, then there will be no time left for your book. Therefore, here's an overview.

The best writing software2023-05-09T14:36:08+02:00

How a book can boost your business


Are you an entrepreneur, consultant, coach, speaker, healer, or professional? Did you know that publishing your book can have a positive effect on your business? It can boost your expert status by establishing yourself as a thought leader, it's the best egg business card you can imagine, it's a respectable achievement, plus you leave a legacy.

How a book can boost your business2022-08-17T20:30:44+02:00

How to write a great blurb for your book


What do you do when you look around a bookstore? You select books with interesting titles and covers and then read the text on the back, right? When selling online on websites such as Bol.com or Amazon.com, you will also be the first to see the blurb or back cover text. And what do you send as an 'executive summary' of your book to a publisher to see if he is interested? Indeed; that same text, your elevator pitch. The back cover is the most important page of your book. But how do you build it up? Below you will find the 6 important parts and a number of important tips for a good back cover.

How to write a great blurb for your book2022-08-17T21:13:33+02:00

How to structure your book chapters


It is nice for both a reader and for you as a writer if there is some kind of rhythm in a book. If the structure of your book and chapters has something recognizable, then the reader does not have to search for it again and again with each chapter and can focus completely on the content. Such a structure also immediately gives you a handy 'coat rack' when writing your book. In this blog, I will show you how to bring an appropriate rhythm to your chapters as a conductor.

How to structure your book chapters2022-12-30T10:17:33+01:00

Yann’s success story


I never thought I could write a book. I did realize that I have a lot of knowledge and experience about a specific niche: subscription models for product-based businesses. And that companies really need that right now. But I had no idea how to write a book, where to start, and most importantly, how to find the time. Esther triggered me with her ‘Reverse Writing’ method.

Yann’s success story2022-08-17T21:15:33+02:00

How to turn your book into an online program or eCourse


If you have written a book, you have already done a lot of preparatory work that you can also use for other things, such as a podcast, blog series, presentation, training, or eCourse. That can be a great source of income, a way to introduce more people to you and your method, and/or to reach and help even more people. How do you turn your book into an online program or eCourse? Here are some pointers and tips.

How to turn your book into an online program or eCourse2022-08-17T21:17:39+02:00

7 ideas for a book trailer video


Did you know that you should actually start your book promotion while you are still writing? To many writers, that sounds vague and scary. One of the options you have to promote your book is a book trailer video. Very specific and fun to think about. Here are 6 possible formats for your book trailer video, a number of examples, and a tip where you can have such a video made for a reasonable price.

7 ideas for a book trailer video2022-08-17T21:21:01+02:00
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