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“The book that will most change your life is the one you write…”

Have you ever considered writing your book? Writing a book helps to share your message and it positions you as an expert. As the (co)author of more than 25 books I have identified the best system to write a good book, fast. The secret is to start with the back cover: this is your marketing material and promise to your readers, plus it gives you the structure for your writing process. I have helped over 400 entrepreneurs write and publish their book, using this system. You’ll find my tips for writing, promotion and publishing in these blogs.

Inspired by…


Inspired by... I made a list of authors who influence and inspire me in my writing. An interesting exercise, because it made me realize what kind of person/writer I want to be. Who inspires you? These are my 'heroes':  Neil Strauss (The Game, Emergency, The Truth): Surprises every [...]

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Storytelling – inspiration shot Sept 2018


Imagine the mayor of the city you are visiting for a conference, welcoming you with a keynote presentation and a song... Or meeting a friendly, modest man by the campfire, who turns out to be the singer-songwriter on stage the next day, sharing how events in his personal [...]

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Book inspiration – inspiration shot Feb 2018


I'll never forget... ...the day I held the first print of my first book in my hand. I felt proud of the achievement, excitement that others would soon have access to my story, and the satisfaction of a huge project completed. Can you imagine holding a book that you have [...]

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10 ideas for a successful non-fiction book


10 ideas for a successful non-fiction book Some of the best book ideas are very simple. Starting with a proven format will make the writing process much less overwhelming. Let's dive into the 10 most successful non-fiction book models to get you inspired. 1. The Memoir or Biography Most [...]

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The back cover of your book


The back cover of your book With a well-written one-pager, you can start to promote your book, approach a publisher, sponsors and potential buyers, ask for feedback from future readers, and start the pre-sale… Moreover, your back cover gives you the structure that leads you as you write [...]

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