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Find out what makes Esther successful and learn her tips & tricks in the comfort of your own home. Anytime, anywhere.


Learn a new skill and be inspired in a (half) day workshop full of practical tips and interaction.


Travel to Esther’s favorite spots to sample her lifestyle. Feel what it’s like to live your full potential. Meet other inspiring entrepreneurs in exotic locations around the world.

“The rope exercise was hilarious and also gave us a new perspective on our way of working. A great team builder!”

Capgemini Paris

“Just being close to Esther makes you believe in yourself. She shares her knowledge with energy, enthusiasm and humor.”

Barbara Sevenstern
“I have been inspired and infected by Esther’s energy and her confidence.”
Inge Vuijk,

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RESULTant session

A 1 on 1 session with the ‘No Excuses Lady’. No bullsh*t. To the point. Fast results.



Get inspired to turn any challenge into an opportunity… No excuses!

Private workshop ‘Write your book in one week’. Available on request

If the date of the workshop ‘Write your book in 1 week’ is not convenient for you, book a private workshop with Esther any time you like.