Media Appearances

“Visibility: that which makes us the most vulnerable is also the source of our greatest strength”

I have been featured in more than 500 interviews in 10 countries over the past 20 years. As a journalist I also wrote hundreds of newspaper and magazine articles.

Many of these publications were in Dutch or other ‘weird’ languages such as Afrikaans, Portuguese, Spanish or German. You’ll find the publications in English below.

Interview highlights

EJ-kicked out - Media Appearances
EJ-makes things happen - Media Appearances
Media Appearances
Tropical MBA - Media Appearances
EJ-write book - Media Appearances
Jane Beresford Media Appearances

“You are a producer’s dream. Your interview has the richness and complexity
(as well as lots of information) that we aim for in the show.”

Jane Beresford, producer Tropical MBA podcast


  Esther was again included as one of the top 50 experts under the Remote Innovator Category in this year’s #RemoteInfluencerReport 2023, published by @Remote. April 2023.

Podcast where Esther explains the ‘Reverse Writing’ method, write your book in 1 week and how to organize a workshop at Pencils&Lipstick, a writers platform. 11 July 2022.

Esther’s contributed to the article ‘Expert Round-Up: For authors who’ve already been published, what would you do differently next time?‘ for 6 June 2022.

Podcast ‘Positive Problem Solving (even when sick with covid)‘ with Esther Jacobs. 27 May 2022.

Esther is part of the Remote Influencer Report 2022. April 2022.

Esther shares her experiences as a digital nomad; about entrepreneurship, travel, freedom and mindset on Nikki Gagnon’s Virtual Entrepreneur Summit. February 2nd 2022.

Esther is invited as expert on the ‘Be A Bestseller 3.0: Structure Your Story For Success‘ summit, an interview-series that helps you become the writer you want to be. January 2022.

Life of a digital nomad‘ interview with Esther by TheBrandCalledYou (TBCY), a Media Tech global platform. 18 November 2021.

Blog post ‘Tips From Ten Successful Location Independent Business Owners‘  where Esther and 9 other women share their tips. 25 October 2021.

Esther shares her secrets in the  ‘Fabulous after fifty’ podcast at 13 August 2021.

Brazilian Canaltech interviewed Esther about the Digital Nomad movement. 20 July 2021.

 How can Curaçao position itself more attractively for digital nomads? Esther gives a presentation for the Government of the Caribbean island (introduction in Papiamento, Esther’s speech is in English). March 2021.

Podcast ‘How to turn any idea into a business’, Esther talks about how you can develop any idea into a business by knowing your strengths and keeping an eye open for opportunities. StashAway. January 2021.

Interview ‘Short life lesson from Esther’. 15 January 2021.

  ‘Life in Permanent Beta’ An unusual interview on the podcast ‘Self portraits as other people’ by the one and only ‘ungoogleable Michaelangelo’, who also happens to be my brother… 10 December 2020

Esther shares her energy management tips in an interview for e-book Energy, Body and Mind of Future Females. October 2020.

Interview in Podcast ‘Kicked out of her country for being a Digital Nomad with Esther Jacobs‘ and Mitko Karshovski. 8 September 2020.

Interview in Ebook  ‘Remote work – Case studies: How These 14 People Escaped The Office, Earned Income Remotely, And Found Likeminded People All Over The World’. August 2020.

  See and seize opportunities. Esther explains how to find more freedom in your life, no matter the external circumstances. Campus Party NL. 9 July 2020.

Esther shares her ‘speaker secrets’ and more at this podcast. The Location Independent Startup Show. 1 July 2020.

Podcast interview ‘I’m a location independent entrepreneur‘ about unusual adventures. The every year itch’ from Kirsten De Bouter. 20 January 2020.

Interview with Esther Jacobs ‘Explode your expert biz show’ on podcast from Simone Vincenci. Nov 2019.

Interview ‘Find Your Freedom with a ‘No Excuses’ Philosophy‘ on podcast Nov 2019.

  Esther is one of the most inspiring digital nomads according to this blog ‘vrije meid’ (in Dutch). October 29th, 2019.

Interview ‘Write the book you’ve always dreamed of in one week with Esther Jacobs‘ on podcast ‘Misfits & Rejects’. October 2019.

How Esther went from Knight to outcast by friction with the Dutch government is used as an example in the book ‘FRICTION: The Untapped Force That Can Be Your Most Powerful Advantage‘ by Roger Dooley, published by McGraw Hill. May 9th, 2019.

Social Media and Personal Branding with Esther Jacobs‘. Podcast, August 13th, 2018.

Trusting your Intuition for Possibilities in Travel‘., June 1st 2018.

Work Smart, Play Hard – The Digital Nomad Lifestyle. Esther is mentioned as a source of inspiration being the first Dutch Digital Nomad., March 27th 2018.

  ‘Feminine powers’, ‘GirlSkill’ podcast, December 14th, 2017.

  ‘The Risks And Rewards Of Ignoring Your Intuition’, Intuitive Leadership Mastery podcast. September 6th, 2017.

Real estate in Amsterdam Esther shares her experiences and tips in the 80/20 Investing show by David Schneider (author of the bestselling book The 80/20 Investor ) and Angela Matthews (founder and marketing director of the Happy Investor Method). April 14th, 2017.

How I got fired from my country for traveling too much” featured in TMBA’s year review. Dec 2016

 Book recommendation of the Digital Nomad book in Das Produktkulturmagazin, Ausgabe Q3 2016 / The Produktkulturmagazin, issue Q3 2016.

  Losing your passport, losing your residency. Podcast on Augustus 9th, 2016.

  Even the bravest needs courage, Podcast, August 2016.

  Could You Become a Digital Nomad? BRAINFLUENCE Podcast on August 4th, 2016.

  Why is a Dutch knight an advisor at The Entrepreneur House? July 2016.

  ‘You’re a resident of where?’ for ‘Tropical MBA podcast’. July 2016.

  ‘Digital nomad lifestyle and presentation in Florianopolis‘ in the Brazilian newspaper Dário Catarinense (in Portuguese), July 8th 2016.

Launch of Digital Nomads; a guide to live, work and play around the world, February 2016.


Exxon Mobil’s EMRA’ A hosts inspiring workshop. Qatar Tribune. May 11th 2015.

Excuses lady urges women to stay focussed. Qatar Tribune. May 8th 2015.

‘No excuses lady’ to mentor women at EO event. Article about Esther as mentor at EO event in Qatar. Tribune News Network, Doha, Qatar. May 5th, 2015.


No excuses, lady! Review about my book ‘What is your excuse?’ in blog January 5th, 2014.


Virtual Assistants available wordwide 24/7. Esther Jacobs tips on working withVirtual Assistants. Secretary Plus Magazine. June 2013


 Giving is the new having Column in VCV Magazine. December 2012

 Show off! Column in VCV Magazine. July 2012

 Make your weakness your greatest strength Column in VCV Magazine. February 2012

 Entrepeneurs to watch out for in Amsterdam, Netherlands Blog at about Esther Jacobs. February 2012

 33 entrepreneurs who make this world a better place by IDEAMENSCH. I am honored to be in this list! January 11th 2012


 No Excuses! speech at TEDxCuracao December 3rd 2011

 Column ‘What is real?’ in VCV Magazine. November 2011

 Nothing’s Impossible-Inspiring Stories that Prove It My motivational story has been published in this American book. August 2011

 About Esther Jacobs and her books on, issue no. 8, June 2011

 Interview How to live the life of your dreams, April 12th 2011

 Letting go… VCV magazine, March 2011


 Radio interview on “The Way of the Toddler” show about my no excuses mentality, Toginet Radio, November 9th 2010

 Coins for Care, or how I raised $25 million for charity Published as a chapter of the Power of Philanthropy book, November 2010

  ‘Six secrets for living your dream life’ Published as a chapter of The Speaker Anthology Book, October 2010

 What is your dream? VCV magazine, November 2010

 Presentation of Casual Friday (English radio show for Amsterdam’s ex-pat community) on Amsterdam FM, October 29th and December 3rd 2010

 Guest on the Casual Friday (English radio show for Amsterdam’s ex-pat community) on Amsterdam FM, September 24th 2010

 365 holidays a year! Column for VCV magazine, July 2010

 Interview about ‘Survivor’ and ‘no excuses mentality’ on ‘Read my lips with Bonnie D. Graham aka RadioRed on BlogTalkRadio, July 19th 2010

 Interview about the 5 weirdest travel destinations on, July 19th 2010

  Budget Travel Tips from the NO EXCUSES lady from the Netherlands on Positively Parenting site. July 2010

 Interview on Lisa Wexler Radio Show (US) about weird travel destinations, June 4th 2010

 Interview on Body ‘N Wellness show (CKFM Alberta Radio Canada) about ‘NO EXCUSES!’ mentality. May 20th 2010

 Interview on The Bob Cudmore Radio Show, New York, about ‘NO EXCUSES!’ mentality. May 19th 2010

 Twittering Twits? Column for VCV magazine, January 2010


 Everything is possible if you really want it. Antwerp Gazette, Belgium, December 1st 2009

 If you really want something, there’s no excuse Sante Magazine, November 2009

 This is the end of my quest Het Parool, November 30 2009


  Backpacking 101: tips for independent, fun, safe travel 2007


 Dreaming of a better world on Esther’s charity work. Nyenrode Now! Winter 2006