“If you listen to your body when it whispers, you won’t have to hear it scream…”

After a car accident, whiplash and burnout, I had to learn how to manage my energy in a different way. My trusty ‘turbo button’ was broken. I had to learn to listen to my body. Healthy eating, yoga, meditation, healthy exercise, taking it easy, letting go, listening. An adventurous journey, not always easy, that is still ongoing.

And then there was silence…


And then there was silence… Five days of no talking, reading, writing, or making phone calls. No internet, social media, music, TV, computers or any other form of distraction. I have just been on one of these silence retreats. To my surprise so many asked about my experiences [...]

And then there was silence…2020-04-05T13:31:05+02:00

Hooray! My turbo button is broken!


Hooray! My turbo button is broken! It’s exactly a year ago today that I got whiplash from a car accident on Curaçao. At first, I thought I had needed to learn a wise lesson (‘slow down!’) and that a few months later my life would be back to [...]

Hooray! My turbo button is broken!2020-04-05T13:32:22+02:00



Pioneer "Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail" ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson Heading in your own direction. Away from the beaten track. Discovering new opportunities. Always questioning: could things be different? Better? Do you often work [...]


Strive, struggle & shine


Strive, struggle & shine Ever wondered why realizing your dream or achieving a goal you really care about is so hard? I studied the cycles I went through and identified the following steps: strive, struggle & shine. Strive is when you really, really want something. For yourself maybe, [...]

Strive, struggle & shine2019-05-19T07:14:04+02:00

Make your weakness your greatest strength


Make your weakness your greatest strength After Steve Jobs died, I, like half of the rest of the world, devoured his book. It was fascinating to read how such a jerk of a guy could come up with such brilliant ideas! It was even more interesting to [...]

Make your weakness your greatest strength2020-12-29T16:53:40+01:00

Perseverance – TEDxCuracao


Perseverance – TEDxCuracao I was pretty excited about my TEDx presentation on in Curaçao. Even as a seasoned speaker, it is always an honor to be considered for an event like this. Another perk was that I had been trying for years to get an English demo video, [...]

Perseverance – TEDxCuracao2020-04-05T13:35:00+02:00

Letting go


Letting go As a manager, home maker, or independent entrepreneur, you’re constantly keeping various balls in the air. Like a professional juggler, you focus to make sure you don’t miss any of the balls. It’s therefore interesting that, at a juggling workshop, the first thing you learn is to [...]

Letting go2020-04-05T13:37:05+02:00
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