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“That what makes us most vulnerable is also the source of our greatest strength”

You can’t share your important message if you are invisible. Personal branding, free publicity, social media; they are not goals in themselves, but a means to get your message out to the world. Do this in a personal, authentic way to build long-term relationships.

The power of social media – Inspiration shot July 2018


The power of social media - Inspiration shot July 2018 Real interaction. Connection. Creativity. Solutions for real problems. Social media is a powerful tool. In this inspiration shot I would like to share the three most unusual ways in which I have personally used the platforms that some call [...]

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Visibility in 2018 – Inspiration Shot December 2017


Visibility in 2018 - Inspiration Shot December 2017 "Practice what you post..." You have probably noticed that I am pretty active and open on social media. It hasn't always been like this. In fact I am a pretty private person. But long before the internet started I learned [...]

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Tips for speakers


Tips for speakers When Facebook showed me the picture below as a memory of 5 years ago, I decided to share some tips and 'do's & don'ts' for aspiring speakers. All of these come from my experience in more than 1000 keynotes and 2 TEDx speeches in the [...]

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Social Media


Social Media I love sharing inspiration and getting inspired via social media. My Klout score of 70-72 puts me in the top 10% of influencers world wide. Many people ask me what channels I use and how. Whether you follow me for inspiration, or to see how I [...]

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The Best Reference


The Best Reference Regardless of whether you’re a speaker, coach, consultant or business person: what works better than explaining on your website just how good you are? Exactly: letting your clients do the talking. But do you recognize the situation in which a hugely enthusiastic client – after [...]

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Instagram for beginners


Instagram for beginners No clue what to do with yet another social media channel? Or you do want to check it out, but have no idea where to start? No time to figure out how the fastest growing photo-network actually works? About a year ago Maureen van Beek showed me in 3 [...]

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Show off!


Show off! It’s as if we Dutch are raised with some sort of false modesty: ‘Act normal, and you’re strange enough…’ Compliment someone on their clothing and you’ll almost always get the answer ‘I bought it on sale’. Ask someone what they’re good at and you’ll get all [...]

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What is real?


What is real? Photoshop. Corruption. Hacked bank sites. Charity scandals. Reality TV. Botox. Do you ever wonder what’s still real? In the States they even use the phrase ‘with real butter flavor’ on packages of fake butter! How long before this plastic fantastic creeps into Dutch lives? My [...]

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Twittering twits?


Twittering twits? When the Dutch Queen made some denigrating comments about the internet and social media in her Christmas speech, it elicited a barrage of protest on the internet. Are the technological developments and social media the cause of individualization as Beatrix stated, or do they generate more [...]

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