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Personal writing coach

Expert guidance for every stage of your book

Are you looking for someone to guide you through the challenges of writing a book? Just getting started or feeling stuck? As an experienced author with 30 published books, I understand your situation and can support you to take the next steps.

With my personalized writing coaching, I can help you bring your idea to life, connect with your target audience, and find a publisher. I offer honest feedback on your manuscript, guide you through difficult moments, and answer all your questions, helping you refine your writing to become even better.

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“Writing a book can be an enjoyable and inspiring process, but it can also feel lonely and challenging at times. If you’re looking to make progress while adding structure and flow to your story, I highly recommend Esther. Her guidance has been invaluable in helping me optimize my writing process and make the most of my days with kind yet well-aimed motivation.”

Danae Bodewes, auteur van ’Schaamteloos nieuwsgierig’

Workbook - Reverse Writing

“Working with Esther is an absolute delight! I enjoy her unwavering support, speed, and out-of-the-box thinking.
While I was working on my book, Esther constantly encouraged me to color outside the lines, to take that extra step,
and to keep pushing through challenges while keeping my bigger picture in mind.”

Anne-Lies Smal, author of ‘Kleuren van Geluk(t)’

Writing coaching session

Perfect for those who want to make significant progress quickly

  • your back cover, structure, and book strategy in 90 minutes!
  • publication/book marketing advice
  • € 350,- per session
  • a manuscript review plus feedback & 45 min session is €499

With the book strategy session, you can quickly determine the feasibility of your book idea. I will help you create a concrete plan that will bring your book to life, even allowing you to start preselling it.

Another option is a manuscript review, to receive strategic feedback on what you have already written.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • A concrete plan for your book, from an idea to a finished product
  • A structured back cover ready for promotional materials
  • Assistance with publishing your book
  • A comprehensive review, feedback, and best practices for your manuscript

Writing coaching package deal

Guidance from the beginning to the end of your writing project

  • 3 or 6-month trajectory
  • includes twelve 1-on-1 sessions
  • WhatsApp support, book, workbook & video library with all the necessary information about the process
  • Normally € 7.495,- now € 4.495,- for 3 months or € 5.495 for 6 months

If you’re facing a deadline or need the motivation to complete your book, my private writing coaching program is the perfect solution. With this unique opportunity, you’ll receive personal guidance and support for three to six months, ensuring your book is ready for publication.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • A well-structured book that allows you to follow your creative energy
  • A back cover that you can use to promote and presell your book
  • A book proposal that can be used to approach a publisher
  • Honest feedback on your manuscript
  • Assistance with book promotion and social media support
  • A book that is ready for publication or almost ready to go
Nienke Bloem

“Enthusiastic, professional, and above all always with the practical Esther Twist.
Because she knows how to write a book and publish it successfully.
I now have two books to my name and that started with Esther!”

Nienke Bloem, author of ‘The CX travel guide’

Marcia ter Laak - van Marion

“Esther helped me shape my very personal book idea.
Suddenly there was a back and a front cover!
That helped me find a publisher and now my book is here. So proud!”

Marcia van Marion, author of ‘De draad weer oppakken’

Writing coaching / book strategy session

Strategize your book

Your first book?

Do you have a vague book idea or are you already working on your first book? A coaching session is perfect for getting started, overcoming or preventing writer’s block. I can help you create a concrete plan for your book, properly structure your outline, and write your back cover.

During the session, we can brainstorm, I can offer feedback on a part of your book, or even (re)write your back cover for you.

Already have a book?

Even for experienced or published authors a single writing coaching session can help you take the next step. I can provide strategic feedback on your manuscript (does it meet the promise you make to the reader?), give tips to improve it, plus a 45-minute call to answer all your questions and create a plan for your next step. I can also help you create a book proposal, and even develop a promotion plan for your book.

Manuscript review

Get strategic feedback on your manuscript, website, or newsletter (does it meet the promise you make to the reader?), tips to improve it, plus a 45-minute call to answer all your questions and create a plan for your next step.


“I came here with a great idea. I was stuck.
To really turn it into reality I needed Esther.
Sharp, creative, and practical.”

Anneke Veenendaal

“I was enchanted by Esther’s passion for writing and the way she talks about it. She also comes up with good ideas and tips for the structure and plan of your book. From an idea, it suddenly became very concrete. I’m now so far that I will have something on paper at the end of this week. I’m looking forward to writing my book further! I’m a super grateful and happy writer!”

Ton van der Plaats

Ingeborg B

“During our 1-on-1 coaching session, Esther perfected my back cover text.
The cover is also her idea.
She is really very creative, involved, and has plenty of ideas.”

Ingeborg Boswinkel, author of ‘Lessen van mijn vrouwenhart’

RESULTant session

“I wanted to write an inspiring book about following your passion. But how do I write a book? How do I get started? I had zero experience. I found Esther pretty quickly. I read her book “Reverse Writing” and started applying her tips. To make sure I was on the right track, we did a few live calls via Zoom. Each session was a real added value. Esther helped me create a story and not just some text.”

Thierry Desmet, author of ‘(W)ondernemerschap’

Ready to publish your book?

Writing coaching program (3-6 months)

With 12 private sessions, you’ll receive personal support and individual feedback to help you stay motivated and on track. We’ll have a Zoom session every week or two weeks to address any challenges you may be facing or to answer any questions you may have.

“For the duration of the 3-6 month program, I will be your personal writing coach.”

You can also email me samples of your writing for feedback. If you need support or feedback, you can always reach out to me via Whatsapp or email.

By the end of your coaching trajectory, you’ll be well on your way to completing your book, and you may even be ready to publish it. Don’t wait any longer to make your writing dreams a reality. No excuses!

This is what you get:

  • Personal book strategy session

  • 12 one-on-one calls

  • Extensive support via Whatsapp and email between our calls.

  • Access to my exclusive video library with 50 video lessons covering every step of the process, inspiration, examples, and tips.

  • You receive the paper book: Reverse Writing

  • In the paper workbook, you can take notes and do the exercises that make your book even better.

Private writing coaching trajectory includes…

Personal book strategy session

This is the first session in the coaching trajectory where you discuss your book idea, existing material, and what you want to achieve with your book. We will create a book plan and determine how to flesh out your idea over the next few months. This session typically lasts an hour and a half and is a time when you get access to all of my knowledge and experience.

12 Coaching sessions and support

These sessions are spread out over the next three to six months and provide you with personalized support. During these sessions, I will give you individual feedback and help keep you motivated and on track. You can also email me pieces of your writing, and I will provide feedback on it during your sessions. Additionally, you have the option to ask for support or feedback through WhatsApp or email in between calls.

Video library

The video library consists of pre-recorded videos that guide you step-by-step through the writing and publishing of your book. The videos provide theory, tips, and examples that you can apply to your own writing. You can watch these videos at your own pace, and I will answer any questions you have and provide feedback on your work during your coaching sessions. Additionally, the video library serves as a handy archive for you to refer back to for inspiration or to learn new skills during the promotion of your book or writing your next book.

Work with me

Reverse Writing book + workbook

This book and the workbook are essential resources for anyone looking to share their story or method through writing. The book provides all the necessary information you need to write your book, while the workbook is designed to help you put your thoughts and research onto paper in a structured way.

With the step-by-step guidance provided in the book, you can focus on the content of your book without getting overwhelmed by the writing process. The workbook is a valuable tool that complements the book and the online program, offering you space for notes and exercises to help you develop your writing skills and stay organized throughout the writing process.

Willemijn Welten - From Idea to Book

“The method and the weekly calls gave me structure and made my book writing manageable.
The conversations with Esther always brought me back to the essence.
She helped me realize that the process of writing provides insights that also belong in my book.”

Willemijn Welten

Ingeborg B

“Highly recommended if you have a book in mind,
but don’t know where to start
or what is involved in writing and publishing your own book.”

Ingeborg Boswinkel, author of ‘Lessen van mijn vrouwenhart’

RESULTant session

“After my book was finished Esther took the time to read it and then we fine-tuned it to make it even better.
I am very proud that thanks to Esther’s help and by following tips and structure from her book
I finished my book within 8 months.”

Thierry Desmet, auteur van ‘(W)ondernemerschap’

“Esther’s ability to read and analyze so quickly provides you with on-point advice in no time. As a result,
I experienced a steep learning curve myself, gained more confidence as a writer and my book became a lot more accessible to the reader.
If you also want to be challenged and Want to have (even) more fun writing your own book, then contact Esther!”

Danae Bodewes, author of ’Schaamteloos nieuwsgierig’

Marcia ter Laak - van Marion

“Esther guided me through the writing process and the psychological process that goes with it.
One of the biggest eye-openers was following my energy.
That helped me write without pressure.”

Marcia van Marion, author of ‘De draad weer oppakken’

The benefits of a personal writing coach

What does a writing coach do?

A writing coach is a professional who provides guidance, support, and feedback to writers of all levels, from beginners to seasoned professionals. The benefits of working with a writing coach are numerous, including:

  1. The outsider perspective: a third person can help you navigate between the ‘helicopter view’ and details of your book, making sure the bigger picture always matches
  2. Improved writing skills: A writing coach can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses as a writer and provide targeted feedback and guidance to help you improve your craft.
  3. Increased productivity: With a writing coach, you can set achievable goals and receive support and accountability to help you stay on track and make progress towards your writing goals.
  4. Customized support: A writing coach can provide tailored support to meet your specific needs and goals as a writer, whether you are working on a novel, a memoir, a screenplay, or any other type of writing project.
  5. Overcoming writer’s block: Writer’s block can be a frustrating and debilitating experience for many writers. A writing coach can help you overcome writer’s block by providing strategies and tools to help you get unstuck and keep writing.
  6. Publishing support: A writing coach can provide guidance and support for navigating the publishing industry, from finding a literary agent to self-publishing your work.

In summary, a writing coach can be an invaluable resource for writers who want to improve their craft, increase their productivity, and achieve their writing goals.

Dymph Vroegh

“Esther ensured that my dream of writing a book
became a reality.”

Dymph Vroegh

Janneke De Geus

“It was great to have Esther as a sparring partner for the back cover of my book.
Her playful yet powerful energy is in the title and cover text now, and everybody will feel that.”

Janneke de Geus

From Idea to Book

How much does working with a writing coach cost?

The cost of writing coaching is a significant investment in yourself and your book, you’ll receive dedicated support and guidance to elevate your writing to the next level. Instead of asking for the price, consider the value that personalized coaching can bring to help you achieve your goal of publishing a successful book.

Personal writing guidance with real results!

With the special deal of €7,749 for €4,495, I am your personal writing coach for 3 to 6 months. This investment includes ongoing support, regular feedback, and a personalized plan to help you bring your book to life. Don’t let this opportunity slip away!

They preceded you

Joyce, Sabrina, Lydia, and Monica briefly explain what the private writing coaching brought them.

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