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Modern promotion and ‘free publicity’ workshop

Visibility, personal branding, and social media for authors, entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers, and digital nomads

You have an important message to share, but you don’t like to put yourself in the spotlight. You think promotion and sales are not for you.

This live online workshop will give you proven tactics for getting the most from your online presence, in a personal and natural way.

When? Wednesday, August 21st, 8 – 9.30 PM (CET/Amsterdam time), via Zoom. (Upon registration you will immediately receive the recording of the previous workshop, so you can get started right away!)

“This workshop provided just the push I needed. I dove right in and took action.
Also, I am both astonished and thrilled with ChatGPT.”

Elfin Moningka

“Esther really has me thinking about how self-centered we are in our posting.
I am changing my point of view so I can post better and more exciting content.”


Judith - Online programs - www.estherjacobs.info

“Valuable insights, practical tips, interesting examples;
I am ready for action!”


Audrea van Poppelen

“Thanks to Esther I have found my own voice and authentic style on social media.
It feels completely natural.”

Audrea van Poppelen

You DON’T want to 😱

  • Be one of those people to post annoying content on social media
  • Have extra work on your to-do list
  • Be in the spotlights or talk too much about yourself
  • Spend money on expensive agencies or ads that don’t work
  • Follow some ‘guru-recipe’. You’d rather stay authentic

But you DO want to 😃

  • Help others, share your important message
  • Share your book, ecourse or training without that ‘sales’ feeling
  • Make your expertise and business more visible to increase sales and engagement
  • Be visible to your readers or clients even when you are not physically present
  • Be considered a thought leader or expert
  • Add value and increase engagements online
  • Leave the same impression online as the impact you make on people in ‘real life’

Being yourself on social media and adding value to your audience: it is possible!

In this workshop we’ll work hands-on

  • Determining your unique added value
  • Understanding your followers and how social media can connect you with them
  • Increasing the added value of your posts, so that people actually like them
  • Your first impression: your bio and timeline
  • Make sure your ‘core values’, your personal voice, and energy permeate everything you do
Cat Colnot - Online programs - www.estherjacobs.info

“Esther knows her stuff and she practices what she preaches.”

Cat (freelancer)

Paulien Franken - Online programs - www.estherjacobs.info

“Clear valuable examples”

Paulien (entrepreneur)

Social media can be easy and fun!

Esther belongs to the top 10% of social media influencers worldwide. Many of Esther’s fans have been following her for 10-15 years.

She learned the skill of free publicity (always provide added value!) in an offline world during her Coins for Care campaign, during which she collected 16 million euro for charities. Online she applies the same principles, which distinguishes her from the many ‘social media gurus and templates that feel less authentic.

You don’t need paid ads or an expensive agency. There is a lot of free publicity you can do yourself, easily, for organic reach and a authentic connection with your followers.

“I’ve got professional experience with social media but struggled with coming up with content for my posts.
With Esther’s tips, in less than two weeks I increased my reach.”


Join the workshop

Join other writers, speakers, and entrepreneurs in this hands-on workshop about maximizing your presence online with a minimum of effort.

In just 1,5 hours you will learn how to be authentic, not talk too much about yourself, and offer real added value to your audience.

You’ll receive the recording of the previous workshop, some exclusive videos and an assignment upon registration, so you can start immediately. During the live online workshop, all your questions will be answered and you’ll receive personal guidance and feedback.

Nienke Bloem

“I finally found a way to promote my business that feels good. Not by saying “buy my stuff”,
but by providing value first and then linking to a course I am offering. A real eye-opener!”

Nienke (entrepreneur)

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