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Online business coach

Discover your added value and unlock your potential as an entrepreneur with an expert mentor

Achieve freedom and success with business coaching for online entrepreneurs.

Are you seeking more flexibility, a sustainable income from your passion, or innovative solutions to your business challenges? Look no further!

I offer personalized 1-on-1 online coaching sessions where I dedicate my extensive network, analytical skills, creativity, knowledge, and experience to help you navigate complex ideas and situations, providing tangible results. We’ll work together one-on-one to unlock your business potential. No Excuses!

On this page, you’ll find answers to the following questions:

Workbook - Reverse Writing

“Working with Esther is a delight! I like her support, speed, and out-of-the-box thinking.
I always felt the invitation to color outside the lines, to go one step further, to keep going,
and especially to keep seeing my bigger picture. There lies the magic of Esther for me. And you want that!”

Anne-Lies Smal, color psychologist

Adrian Luna - Write your book

“Meeting Esther was a turning point in my life; there was a clear ‘before’ and ‘after’.
When scientists are faced with new challenges, they sometimes wonder ‘How did nature solve something similar?’
In my case, I think: ‘What would Esther do?’ She gets things done, even with minimal resources.”

Adrian Luna


“I had a great idea. But I was stuck.
To turn it into reality I needed Esther.
Sharp, creative, and practical.”

Anneke Veenendaal

Single coaching session with results

Designed to provide clarity, direction, and creative solutions for any challenge you’re facing

  • 60 – 90 minutes to explore your options and develop actionable steps to be taken
  • guaranteed results
  • € 350,- per RESULTant session

Are you struggling to identify your unique added value and translate it into a viable business concept? Are you looking to enhance your visibility? Perhaps you’ve hit a roadblock or are facing a challenge, so you could benefit from a practical and experienced sparring partner.

I will guide you back into to your own flow with a transformative RESULTant session.

You can expect these results:

  • Clarity: Discover how to leverage your diverse skills and passions without having to choose just one. We just need to find a good name for it.
  • Monetization: Learn how to transform what you love into a sustainable income stream.
  • Energy management: Learn how to sustainably manage your energy, and gain the momentum needed to move forward.
  • Valuable resources: Access a wealth of resources including books, websites, templates, and specific contacts to support your journey.

3 – 6 months coaching program

Are you ready to embark on a coaching trajectory aimed at achieving concrete goals within a specific timeframe?

Together, through personalized 1-on-1 coaching, we’ll work diligently to make your vision a reality.

Imagine uncovering and seize every possibility and opportunity, taking concrete steps toward your desired outcomes and results… What if you could have the ability to prioritize effectively, optimize your resources, and utilize your energy in the most productive way possible?

Let’s join forces and create something truly remarkable.

You can expect these results:

  • Discover your added value: Create a business that allows you to earn income effortlessly from what comes naturally to you.
  • Craft a compelling slogan: Instantly communicate what you do and capture the attention of your target audience.
  • Escape the system: Experience a newfound sense of freedom as you carve your own path to success.
  • Energy management and productivity: Light your fire without the burnout
  • Achieve goals: Whether it’s a business or personal objective, we’ll work together to accomplish your main goals.

“Thank you for being my sparring partner and for your creative brain!“

Eline van den Heuvel

Erik Stout

“Esther knows how to turn obstacles into stepping stones.”

Erik Stout

Jeroen Van Weeghel

“Esther’s guidance has been an invaluable and sustainable source of inspiration and entrepreneurial development for me.”

Jeroen van Weeghel

Cat Colnot - Online programs - www.estherjacobs.info

“Esther knows her stuff and she practices what she preaches.”

Cat Colnot

Is business coaching right for me?

  • You understand what needs to be done but require support, guidance, and a framework to turn your ideas into action.
  • You have a general idea of your goals but seek to define your mission with precision and concentrate your efforts to achieve them.
  • You’ve been feeling stuck. Coaching can help you reignite passion and enthusiasm, empowering you to shape the life of your dreams.
  • You crave more freedom and long for a concrete, well-defined roadmap to reach your desired level of autonomy.
  • You recognize the need to balance your energy so you can take that bold leap forward in your personal and professional life.
  • You have a strong sense that now is the right time to partner with me.
Nancy Fielmich attended workshops

“A completely new world has opened up for me. Life became so much easier.”

Nancy Fielmich

Nienke Bloem

“Enthusiastic, professional, and above all always with the practical ‘Esther Twist.’”

Nienke Bloem, Customer Experience professional, speaker, and author

Marcia ter Laak - van Marion

“One of the biggest eye-openers was following my energy.”

Marcia van Marion, author of ‘De draad weer oppakken’

What is possible with business coaching?

Possibilities are limitless! Together, we’ll unlock your potential, shape your goals, and strategize to make them a reality. Here are some examples of what can be achieved:

‘Connecting the dots’

Discover the valuable experiences and skills you’ve acquired throughout your life. We’ll piece them together like a puzzle, gaining a clear understanding of your path and determining your next steps toward success.


Craft a compelling narrative that showcases your unique story. We’ll work together to structure it effectively and choose the best medium, whether it’s a book, speech, blog, video, or website, to engage your audience and convey your message.

Visibility, personal branding & social media

Enhance your online presence and personal brand. Drawing from my experience as a top 10% social media influencer worldwide, I’ll guide you on showcasing your value on your website, in newsletters, and across social media platforms in a way that aligns with your authentic self.

PR & communication

Learn how to effectively communicate your achievements and maintain a strong presence in the public eye. I’ll share lessons learned from navigating challenging situations in the charity world and media, helping you turn challenges into opportunities.

Harness the power of VA’s and ChatGPT

Learn how to integrate Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Assistants into your workflow for more efficiency, creativity and freedom.


Benefit from having a trusted sparring partner, devil’s advocate, or idea generator for strategy sessions or roundtable discussions. Additionally, I can provide valuable insights and test the feasibility of your ideas in a dynamic setting, similar to a ‘dragon’s den’ scenario.

Willemijn Welten - From Idea to Book

“The method and the weekly calls gave me structure and made my project manageable.
The conversations with Esther always brought me back to the essence.”

Willemijn Welten

“Esther helped me recognize that my perfectionism, and the belief that I need to complete a master’s training before sharing knowledge or putting a price on it, was holding me back. After our conversation, I had a breakthrough realization that I already possess valuable knowledge and expertise.”


“Esther’s ability to read and analyze so quickly provides you with targeted advice in no time.
As a result, I experienced a steep learning curve, gained more confidence, and my book became a lot more accessible to the reader.
If you love being challenged and if you want to have (even) more fun writing your own book or other project, then contact Esther!”

Danae Bodewes, author of ’Schaamteloos nieuwsgierig’

3-6 month coaching program

What to expect?

During our 3-6 months coaching trajectory, we dive deep into your goals, conducting a thorough analysis and creating a concrete plan to work towards them, step by step.

What can you expect when we collaborate for 3 – 6 months?

  • Strategy Session: We identify and clarify your goals. If you’re unsure about your exact objectives, I’ll assist you in discovering and defining them clearly.

  • Action Plan: Based on your goals, we develop a detailed plan of action. This plan will serve as a roadmap to guide you throughout our coaching trajectory.

  • Weekly Calls: We schedule 60 minute calls on a weekly or monthly basis, tailored to your needs. During these 12 sessions, we evaluate your progress, discuss the next steps, and I provide guidance to ensure your success. I’ll equip you with all the necessary resources and support to help you reach your goals. If needed, I can even assist with reading or writing, such as optimizing your website content.

  • WhatsApp Support: Have a quick question or need support in between our scheduled sessions? You can reach me via WhatsApp. I’m here to provide guidance and address any queries that arise along the way.

  • A personal assistant! – My virtual assistant will be available to you for 10 hours. She can execute a project for you, set up a new system, teach you and/or your assistant something new, or help you find your own personal assistant!

How much does this business coaching cost?

12 sessions of comprehensive coaching experience aimed at achieving a concrete goal, whether in a three-month ‘sprint’ or up to a maximum of a half year.

This investment covers the entirety of our coaching journey together, where I will be by your side, supporting you in your life, business, or project. Just imagine the incredible results we can accomplish together.

This program normally costs €7495, now a temporary offer is €4495 for 3 months and €5495 for 6 months.


If you’re attracted to this offer but want to make sure we’re a good fit, feel free to get in touch.

“Right from the beginning, Esther steered me onto a different path than the one I was initially on,
which might feel a bit confusing but that shift in perspective is what I was looking for. This helps me a lot.”

Lydia van Oudenaren

tom kent

“I was focused on perfection rather than getting it DONE. Esther helped me move past that.
She even helped me hire and onboard my first full-time Virtual Assistant.”

Tom Kent


“I am extremely satisfied with Esther’s visionary perspective on my much too complex technical plans.
Her unique insight and understanding have brought me immense relief!”


Eugene Rhuggenaath

“I admire Esther for how she spots opportunities everywhere ​and is even able to convert threats into opportunities.”

Eugene Rhuggenaath,
Prime Minister of Curaçao

“The conversation with Esther allowed me to embrace simplicity, start with smaller steps, feet on the ground.
And especially focusing on what is already there; low-hanging fruit.”

Hanke de Kock

Why the ‘No Excuses lady’?

  • In my 30+ years of entrepreneurial experience, I have faced and overcome numerous challenges. I bring this wealth of knowledge and expertise to guide you in realizing your plans.
  • 30 books published: I have extensive experience in identifying and crafting compelling stories – that will help you share your unique narrative.
  • More than 1000 keynotes and 500 interviews in the international media: I understand how you get your story in the spotlight.
  • How do you achieve big results with minimal resources? I raised €16 million for charities without a significant budget. I have the ability to work smarter and maximize results with limited resources. I’ll help you focus on priorities and leverage your time, energy, and resources effectively.
  • Having personally dealt with car accidents, whiplashes, and burnouts, I’ve learned valuable lessons in managing energy and maintaining productivity. I’m eager to share these insights to help you avoid crossing your limits while remaining productive.
  • I think along with you, put my experience, knowledge, creativity, resources, and even my enormous network at your disposal. Feel free to pick my brain.
  • I bring a healthy dose of ‘no excuses’ energy to motivate and empower you, and kick your ass if necessary.. 🙂

Please note: due to the intensive nature of this collaboration, I only work one-on-one with a limited number of individuals. It’s crucial that you are genuinely motivated to make the most of this transformative experience.

RESULTant session

“After our session, I rediscovered my enthusiasm and I immediately started taking steps.”

Thierry Desmet, CEO Valor Services Group
Author of (W)ondernemerschap www.wondernemerschap.be

Mirande Voskuylen

“With her sharp mind, Esther effortlessly sees your blind spots and brings you new insights.
That is where her strength truly shines.”

Mirande Voskuylen

Pieternel van Amelsvoort

“I am utterly astonished by what she was able to uncover
and bring to the surface in just one session.”

Pieternel van Amelsvoort

Chantal Heutink

“The conversation with Esther was the catalyst that provided me with the final push I needed and a clear sense of focus.
I immediately got to work.

Chantal Heutink


“Esther can concretize in one hour where other marketers get stuck after months of work.

Emile van der Linde, Director of GOED

Lucas Schroder

“Esther’s enthusiasm, energy, and ‘can-do’ mentality are contagious. In a few sessions
Esther has given me practical tools to navigate entrepreneurship and take deliberate steps back when needed.”

Lucas Schroder

5 Things work with me

Happy entrepreneurs

Meet Afke and Tom, two happy entrepreneurs who achieved their desired results through entrepreneurial coaching:

Afke, a multi-talent, felt pressured by others to choose just one focus area. However, she knew that wasn’t the right path for her. With my guidance, Afke discovered the common thread in everything she does, allowing her to continue pursuing her various passions. I encouraged her to step out of her comfort zone and try new things, enabling her to combine her talents into a unique strength. To boost her visibility, I connected her with potential customers, giving her the opportunity to demonstrate her added value.

Tom, the CEO, and founder of a coaching company with over 200 clients was overwhelmed with handling everything himself. Together, we identified the areas where he needed support and devised a plan to outsource tasks, providing him with peace of mind. I assisted him in hiring his first full-time Virtual Assistant based in Eastern Europe, relieving some of his workloads. Additionally, we explored opportunities to bring on other coaches to further fuel the growth of his company.

Both Afke and Tom experienced tangible results and achieved their goals through the guidance and support of entrepreneurial coaching. Their success stories highlight the transformative impact coaching can have in streamlining business operations, leveraging strengths, and fostering growth.

They preceded you

Afke learned that as a multi-talent you don’t have to choose, Tom took his business to a higher level. Patty and Lydia tell us briefly what working with me brought them.

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