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0 excuses!

Real change starts now. Work with what you have. Your attitude determines the results.

No more excuses! Thousands of entrepreneurs and decision makers have followed my footsteps, have taken control and transformed their challenges into opportunities. Which choice will you make?  Invite me to speak at your event.

“It’s not about the book, it’s about the writing. Closing the past and clearing your mind.
I have found my voice.”

Selma van der Heiden

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Remote Presentations

How about giving a presentation on ‘remote work’ from a location outside your event? It really drives down the message that any job can be done remotely. Remote presentations can be done on any topic, are just as effective and can have an even greater impact then a ‘regular’ presentation. All we need is a screen, projector and audio and a good internet connection. Ask me about the options.

“Esther’s energy and impact are just as tangible on screen as in person.”
Rian Verkooijen, Reiswerk.nl

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