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No excuses, no limits, no ‘boxes’; just energy, creativity and solutions

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“The rope exercise was hilarious and also gave us a new perspective on our way of working. A great team builder!”

Capgemini Paris

“Esther’s passionate and enlightening story on starting with nothing except a good idea was a powerful message. Our managers can use this to guide their teams en route to customer excellence and profitability.”

KLM (South Africa)

“Esther’s unusual story of success inspired our public sector leaders to think out-of-the-box and find creative solutions for challenges in their own organization and those of their clients.”

Capgemini Paris

“The students were hanging on to her every word. Esther is a ‘social entrepreneur’ pur sang! With her practical ideas, her own example and her life philosophy she has planted a seed of independent thinking in our students, for which we are forever grateful.”

Nyenrode Business University

“Esther has a great sense of group dynamics. She always inspires our teams with her innovative ideas, drive and energy.”

Capgemini Europe

No more excuses! Thousands of entrepreneurs and decision makers have followed Esther’s footsteps, have taken control and transformed their challenges into opportunities. What choice do you make?

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Speaking topics


  • Entrepreneurial mindset. Work with what you have

  • Energy and inspiration to apply these principles and practices immediately (not next week).

  • ‘NO EXCUSES!’-mentality

(TEDx) speeches

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Download Esthers ‘one sheet’ with all info
Invite Esther to speak at your event