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Workshops Book Writing

From idea to manuscript to publishing…

Do you have an idea you want to turn into a book, but don’t know where to start? Or are you already writing a book and feeling stuck?

With my live online Book Writing workshops, you will receive support on your way to finish & publish your book:

  • ‘From idea to book’ workshop – for anyone who has questions about writing a book, publishing, and promoting a book, and for those that want to avoid the mistakes most writers make.
  • Writing retreats – Take big steps in writing your book during one of my all-inclusive retreats. Gain valuable information that you can apply right away in daily workshops, get personal guidance and experience the special locations abroad, or join my retreat@home.
Auteur Esther Jacobs - workshops en retreats
Virginia Jobse

“I’ve finally managed to write down my story!
Esther’s inspirational guidance during her workshop proved to be the final push I needed.”

Virginia Jobse,  author of ‘Apply for a job using your heart’


“It’s great to see how Esther instantly offers everyone a different perspective on issues they encounter.
That makes for a much simpler approach. Who doesn’t want simplicity and flow?”


From idea to book workshop

“This is about working smarter, not harder.
I feel empowered by Esther’s strategies and will now publish my own book.”

Jan Roos

Which workshop is the best for you?

Live online sessions
Participate once or more often
Date: Nov 6th (last workshop, ever!)
Duration: 1.5 hours
Price: € 59

I share the secrets, experiences, and practical tips from authoring 30 books; and I will help you on your way with your book. From how to start writing a book, steps to writing a book, to finishing your book.

All questions are welcome. It is also nice to hear feedback and experiences from other writers.

Each workshop deals with different themes, covering the book writing process, promotion, and publication.


All-inclusive writing holidays

At a special location or at home
Duration: 1 week
Price: €2,250 – €4,995

Do you want to make big steps with your book in just a short time? During my writing retreats, you will be 100% focused on writing your book and you will achieve the result you have in mind.

Join me in one of my favorite locations in Europe or the Caribbean. You can also attend the writing retreat@home (online) or book a private retreat.


“I find it exhilarating to do this;
it gives me a boost of energy!”


Wendy van der Grinten

“I finally got around
to creating that back cover!”


Nina-Beem -From Idea to Book

“Esther’s tips are gold! Practical and applicable.
A clear and complete message.”

Nina Beem

From idea to book workshop

“I’ve written and published my collection of poems within 3 months! It was a long-cherished dream.
Through Esther’s workshop, I discovered how easy writing a book actually is. Very motivating & highly recommended!”

Lucinda van de Ven

Ingeborg B

“I learned a lot during the workshop, and I was particularly
inspired by Esther’s energy and the confidence she exudes.”

Inge Vuijk, auteur van ‘Revalideren is leren’

Anke Hans

“The workshop is very empowering;
it IS possible!”

Anke Hans

Live online workshops

‘From idea to book’

Millions of people are playing with the idea of writing a book, or are already working on a manuscript. Are you one of the few who will actually finish and publish their book?

During this live online workshop, I will share the secrets, experiences, and practical tips on writing a book, from my own experience of publishing 30 books. I will also answer any questions you have relating to your book.

Wednesday, Nov 6th, 12 – 1.30 PM (CET/Amsterdam time)
*Last workshop, ever!

€59- p.p. This includes the PDFs of my book ‘Reverse Writing’ and the workbook with a value of €24.95!

What will we do?

During the ‘From idea to book’ workshop you will get tools to start, improve and finish your book. We do this using my ‘Reverse Writing’ method, which revolutionizes the process of writing a book by turning it around and starting at the end.

Avoid the mistakes most writers make! With this book writing program you start with the back cover of your book, which includes a good synopsis, and only then start writing a book outline. This prevents you from getting stuck or having to go back to restructure or rewrite entire chapters.

The bonus? You can start promoting your book before you even finish writing!

This book writing workshop also covers:

  • How do you go from idea to implementation?
  • How do you ensure that your book gets attention?

Free book and workbook!

When you participate in this Book Writing workshop, you will receive all the book writing tools you need, which include the ‘Reverse Writing’ book and a workbook with practical exercises.

During the 1.5 hours, as your book-writing helper, I will explain everything, answer your questions and help you on your way. The workshop is a live, online workshop and Q&A session.

Want to follow more workshops?

Remain ahead of the game. Each monthly ‘from idea to book’ workshop deals with a different theme, so that you always learn something new and remain inspired. There are also other workshops on (book) promotion, hiring assistants, boosting your business through a book, and much more. See all Online business workshops.

Greta van Buuren - Writers Mastermind

“Having a scheduled appointment with others is really helpful for me…”



“I thoroughly enjoyed editing 11 pages, and being able to ask questions made it even better!”


Your 10 book ideas are on their way to your mailbox!

“I tend to procrastinate, but once I start writing, I get into the flow and it feels amazing.”


Janna Koopman - Writers Mastermind

“It was great to connect with other writers and share experiences.”


One year to freedom

“Without this accountability session, I wouldn’t have made any progress tonight. It was a fun and valuable experience with like-minded people ;)”


Your 10 book ideas are on their way to your mailbox!

“Having someone to keep me on track was a game changer. I learned a lot from the group discussions and tips.”


Your 10 book ideas are on their way to your mailbox!

“This is a fantastic initiative!”


Want to write your book during an all-inclusive writing retreat?

You can! Each year I organize several different writing retreats at unique locations. Work on your book for a week in Mallorca, Koh Phangan (Thailand), Curaçao (Dutch Caribbean), or in the French Alps. Everything is included from luxury accommodation to personal writing coaching. It is an all-inclusive, fully-catered writing holiday, with personal guidance and feedback. You can also do the writingreatreat@home, in an online version.

Writing Retreats

About my live, online workshops & retreats

  • Small groups (5-10 people) with personal guidance.
  • Upon registration, you will receive videos with key information on each topic.
  • During the workshop, all your remaining questions will be answered, and you will receive personal feedback.
  • After the workshop you will receive the recording, allowing you to watch the replay at your own pace.
  • My retreats are all-inclusive in inspiring locations, and can also be done online at home.
  • Get inspired; meet like-minded people, and take action!

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