Workshops, retreats, and online programs

Learn, interact and get inspired



Interact with others in a small group, be inspired, learn a new skill and get a new perspective during these value-packed live online workshops.

Writing together is motivating!

That is why I organize this two hour online session to get into the ‘right focus’ for your writing project. Accountability, writing time, sharing and inspiration.

For now I am only organizing them in Dutch:
February 15th, Online, €17,50 (appr. $20)

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How about writing that book that has been on your mind for so long? Many people toy with the idea of writing a book or are already working on a manuscript. Will you be one of the few who actually write and publishes their book? During this live online workshop, you will get tips, examples, inspiration, answers to all your questions and you will meet like-minded other writers.

For now, the workshops are held in Dutch only.
February 2nd, Online, €47 (appr. $50)

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Explore the location independent lifestyle. This workshop could be the start of your new life.

February 9th, Online, €95 (appr. $115)
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A workshop for anybody who wants to turn their dreams into reality.

February 16th, Online, €47 (appr. $50)
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This workshop will give you practical tips and insights, to avoid mistakes and create a sustainable way to manage your energy to chase after your passion.

January 26th. Online, €47 (appr. $50)
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Visibility, personal branding, and social media for authors, entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers, and digital nomads.

March 16th. Online, €47 (appr. $50)
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Free your time and grow your business with a Virtual Assistant

April 20th. Online, €47 (appr. $50)
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Work with me


Travel to my favorite locations to experience an adventure, work on your book or business. Complete escape, no distractions, pure focus.

A ‘workation’ that is also tax-deductible.

Visit my trullo, discover local restaurants, maybe buy your own olive orchard? And much more!

May 4-9th, 2022

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An online, private retreat to work on your book with Esther.

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March 20-26th 2022, Curaçao, Caribbean
May 24-31st 2022, Mallorca, Spain
Oct 9-16th 2022, the French Alps

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Work with me


Take an online program or eCourse to learn new skills and improve your mindset.
Explore, learn and be inspired from the comfort of your own home, or wherever in the world you choose to be.

Escape the 9-5. Be your own boss. Live anywhere.

This program will guide you to more of what you love.

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From back cover to bestseller in 10 practical steps.

Your story, idea or method deserve to be shared. The good news is that anyone can write a book. It is simpler and less time consuming than you think.
You have the inspiration, the content, and the knowledge; this online program offers you a step by step approach, which has been proven successful.

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7 days to more impact and influence on social media.
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Find your own voice, increase your visibility and share your gifts with the world. Be(come) a true influencer and have more impact.
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“Esther’s energy and her confidence are infectious.
I am inspired.”

Inge Vuijk


“Esther can concretize in one hour where other marketeers get stuck after months of work.

Emile van der Linde, Directeur GOED

Changing lives around the world

Willo, Carole, Bob and a group of Caribbean entrepreneurs share how working with me has impacted them.