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On a whim, I bought a plot of an olive orchard in Puglia, southern Italy, at the start of 2020. The 6,500m2 plot of land has 24 centuries-old olive trees, plus a number of almond, fig, and other fruit trees. There is also a more than 200-year-old mini-house, a perfect example of a traditional ‘Trullo’, which is only found in this region. My Tiny Trullo land is an oasis of peace and nature. I fell in love immediately and embarked on this new adventure.

Would you like to enjoy it with me?

Order a bottle of olive oil

Indulge yourself with a bottle of freshly pressed organic ‘Tiny Trullo’ olive oil.

Last year I witnessed my very first olive harvest, on my own land. What an experience! So now I have some beautiful cans of delicious organic virgin olive oil.

Like most Dutch people I had never tasted real fresh olive oil. From olives that were still hanging on the trees four hours earlier. The color is golden-green, the taste is fresh, grassy, ​​fruity, and creamy at the same time. Puglia is known worldwide for the best olive oil and now that I have tasted the best of the best, I will never want anything else.

It’s not just me being an enthusiast; also objectively this is the purest oil. The PH value of the oil turns out to be only 0.3%! (FYI: for extra virgin oil this value can be between 0.2% and 0.8%, virgin olive oil goes up to 2%, so my oil is almost the lowest possible percentage).

By ordering my oil, you support my trees so they can continue to produce this unique olive oil. Plus you facilitate that this first pressing (normally not available outside of Italy) is also available in the Netherlands, directly from the source.

My trees produce 240 liters max per year. The last harvest sold out pretty quickly. So you can already register for the waitlist for the next harvest in november by ordering below.

The oil comes in a beautiful can of 1 or 3 liters. You can pick them up at my favorite cafe on Haarlemmerplein in Amsterdam: I will offer you a nice cup of coffee when you do, or have it delivered to any address in The Netherlands for only €6,95.

1 liter €25 (pick up in A’dam)
1 liter €25 + 6,95 shipping in nl
3 liter €60 (pick up in a’dam)
3 liter €60 + 6,95 shipping in NL

Adopt an olive tree

Wouldn’t it be special if one of these ancient olive trees was yours?

Adopting and naming an olive tree is also a great gift!

Read moving adoption stories, from corporate sponsorships to memorials for deceased loved ones.

With your support, I can maintain the orchard with respect for the trees, so that they can continue to produce that delicious pure olive oil.

As a thank you, you will receive a 5-liter can of Tiny Trullo Extra Extra Virgin olive oil from ‘your’ tree every year.

Even if the total harvest is disappointing, you are guaranteed to get your oil.

I also make a small ‘artwork’ from local stones with your name (or the name of the person you dedicate the tree to) next to the tree and send you a photo.

The trees are pruned once every three years. I will have a cutting board made from a beautiful branch of your tree, which you will receive at home.

View all olive trees that are still available here and make your choice. Which tree appeals to you?

PS. Adoption is a yearly subscription. You can cancel any time. For continuity, it would be nice if you want to adopt your tree 3 years or longer. 🙏

Adoption: €150 / year

Stay at Tiny Trullo

TinyTrullo will be ready in the summer of 2022. But I am already organizing a trip to ‘my’ Puglian paradise in November 2021. Want to join?

Will you be one of the first to book a week’s holiday in my ‘Tiny Trullo’?

My land is an oasis of peace and nature, only 10-15 minutes from the surrounding three villages (including the famous white village of Ostuni), 20 minutes from the sea, 20 mins from Brindisi airport, and just over an hour from Bari airport.

Puglia is known for its olive oil. It is becoming increasingly popular due to the beautiful landscape, the good weather, the authentic villages, the nice people, and of course the delicious food.

My dream is to create a place where visitors can take a ‘time-out’ from their busy lives. Whether it’s a holiday with the family, a week away with friends, remote work, silent meditation, or a writing week, my ‘Tiny Trullo’ is the place where that is possible.

This winter, the existing Trullo will be renovated so that it becomes a romantic bedroom with a fireplace. The old pizza oven will also be transformed into a beautiful room. In addition, I already have a permit to build a tiny-house, plus an outdoor kitchen and outdoor shower. When finished, there will be three fireplaces, a modern kitchen with a large dining table, a modern bathroom, a yoga/meditation area, an outdoor kitchen, an outdoor shower, and a fire pit to relax. I will be able to host a total of 6 people.

The Puglia region can also use our help. The region is originally very poor and – especially now – times are very difficult. So when you stay here and visit villages, eat out and go on excursions, you support the locals. For this same reason, I only hire locals for construction, maintenance, cleaning, and other projects.

I hope to have everything ready by the summer of 2022. Let me know if you are interested in spending a week here, then I will send you booking info and prices when everything is ready. Prices will probably be €1500/week during school holidays, €1000 per week outside of these high season weeks.


“The oil tastes divine! And the container is so beautiful. Prepared with care, that is very clear.”


Dr. Frodo Gaymans

“Spicy and creamy.  Delicious!”

Dr. Frodo Gaymans

Audrea van Poppelen

“This is pure magic. This is a life elixir, a medicine, wow!”

Audrea van Poppelen

  • La dolce vita in Italy - Inspiration shot November 2020

How it all began

Can you remember the exact moment you fell in love? I do! In this blog, I will share how it all started... On February 16th, 2020, I bought an olive orchard in Puglia, southern Italy, on a whim. The 6,500m2 plot of land has 24 ancient olive trees, as well as several almond, fig, and other fruit trees. There is also a mini-house that is more than 200 years old, a traditional 'Trullo,' a type of dwelling unique to this region. This oasis of peace and nature is a special gift to myself after a long series of disappointments.

  • La dolce vita in Italy - Inspiration shot November 2020

My first olive harvest

When I bought the plot of the olive orchard I was told that the first week of November I would need to harvest my olives. I found out there were two choices: either harvesting by hand, using a kind of ‘shading rakes’ (which would take up to three days), or using the faster option (only three hours): a machine that shakes the trees. I really wanted to respect my centuries-old trees, and shaking did not sound attractive, but I did not have much time. Plus my neighbor, who advises me, recommended using the shaking machine, which he also uses for his own harvest “It won’t damage the trees too much, promised”. Still, with a heavy heart, I came to watch the men work, and the trees shake…

  • La dolce vita in Italy - Inspiration shot November 2020

La dolce vita in Italy – Inspiration shot November 2020

I was in two minds about sharing travel stories during times of Corona, but I have chosen to continue living my life - with the necessary restrictions and precautions, of course - and to look for opportunities, adventures, and experiences. I want to share these with you because it is up to you whether you want to enjoy yourself (from home, while traveling, perhaps even in lockdown or quarantine?) or whether you focus on the limitations, which naturally we all feel.