Investing in real estate in Europe? In these blogs, I share my experiences and tips. I mainly invest in small, luxury apartments (30m2) in Amsterdam, and in land with a small farm in Mallorca and Puglia, where I have also renovated and rented or sold some apartments in a small village.

Buying a trullo in Puglia?


Thing to watch out for Condition of the trullo: What needs to be restored, and what are the costs? Accessibility: You want a peaceful location, but it should still be accessible by road. Also for construction traffic if necessary. Phone reception: In many rural areas, reception can be poor. It's essential to have good phone reception not only for convenience and safety but also because internet services often rely on GSM signals. Land area and building rights: How much land comes with the trullo and how much can you build? This is crucial and varies by municipality, so hire a local 'geometra' to investigate. A real estate agent can provide an estimate, but make sure to confirm it.

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Real estate – Inspiration Shot June 2023


Years ago I 'accidentally' found myself investing in real estate. When I sold my house in Amstelveen, I was able to invest in a few 30m2 apartments in Amsterdam. I had them specially designed, furnished and started renting the 'tiny houses' out to expats. Just when things seemed to be going well and I had done a very pricey refinancing of my investments, the rental property regulations in the Netherlands changed. Now, I can only charge half the rent I used to, and on top of that, property taxes have increased ten fold! It has become an unsustainable situation. My entire business model is turned upside down, which means I have to sell the apartments again. At the same time, other opportunities present themselves. That is why I like to share my real estate secrets, tips and dilemmas I've encountered, in this newsletter.

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Lessons from construction projects abroad


Lessons from construction projects abroad Real estate investing in Italy and other foreign countries: fun or foolish? Investing in a foreign country: an adventure or a nightmare? It can be both, and even at the same time. I already had some experience with Dutch real estate, but when I [...]

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How it all began


Can you remember the exact moment you fell in love? I do! In this blog, I will share how it all started... On February 16th, 2020, I bought an olive orchard in Puglia, southern Italy, on a whim. The 6,500m2 plot of land has 24 ancient olive trees, as well as several almond, fig, and other fruit trees. There is also a mini-house that is more than 200 years old, a traditional 'Trullo,' a type of dwelling unique to this region. This oasis of peace and nature is a special gift to myself after a long series of disappointments.

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Home – Inspiration shot April 2019


Is 'home' a location or a feeling? Inspiration shot April 2019 Whenever I hear "home is where the heart is", I joke that "home is where the wifi is."  'Home' is more of a feeling than a certain place for me. What does home mean for [...]

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Real Estate secrets


I discovered that real estate investing can be very interesting and accessible, even for location independent people.

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