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One month on Curaçao


I will be spending the entire month of March on my beloved 'dushi korsou'. I am planning a writing retreat and some workshops.

One month on Curaçao2020-01-14T10:04:54+01:00

Cheap car rental


As a location independent entrepreneur, I often rent cars as I travel the world. Over the years I have developed a system to always find the best deals for the most affordable cars and to NOT get ripped off by the car rental insurance.

Cheap car rental2019-09-17T10:28:43+02:00

Sustainable travel?


What I thought was just a ‘fun’ infographic of my flights in the past 10 years generated by the KLM app, turned out to cause quite some discussion about flying, CO2 and compensation. Never before has a post of mine generated over 35.000 views (!). The discussion was not [...]

Sustainable travel?2019-05-14T03:50:40+02:00

How the book ‘Caribbean’ changed my life


Some books are special. Not only because they are good reads, but because you read them at a special time in your life, or in a special place, or both. Some books really make or mark a change in your life. For me, ‘Caribbean’ is such book. [...]

How the book ‘Caribbean’ changed my life2019-05-13T05:24:31+02:00

Travel light – packing advice


“How can you travel with only one small carry-on bag?” Many people (especially women) think that you can never bring everything you need. As an example, I will show you exactly what I bring and how I pack. This is what [...]

Travel light – packing advice2019-05-14T03:59:06+02:00

How pizza brings people together


How pizza brings people together Food adventures in Naples, Italy “Why is a woman like you having dinner by herself on Valentines Day?” asked a waiter at the famous pizzeria. When I replied that I like traveling by myself, he made me share a table in the crowded place [...]

How pizza brings people together2019-05-13T05:23:18+02:00

10 classic digital nomad errors you want to avoid


We all know these pictures of bronzed, smiling nomads with their laptop and a cocktail on the beach. Sorry to burst your bubble, but being a digital nomad isn’t all that idyllic. But hey, don’t even think about bringing your laptop to the beach! Sand will get in your [...]

10 classic digital nomad errors you want to avoid2019-05-13T04:27:49+02:00

Tantra and tattoos in Japan


Tantra and tattoos in Japan To my surprise I have found many similarities between my time in Japan and the Tantra workshop I did in Thailand a few weeks before. Both experiences were all about embracing my feminine side, being in the moment, surrendering, not trying to control. Since this [...]

Tantra and tattoos in Japan2019-09-12T21:15:41+02:00

Tantra with a control freak


Tantra with a control freak Why on earth had I signed myself up for a 6-day tantra yoga workshop? I had already stepped out of my comfort zone when I did a 7-day fast on this hippie island (check my blog: 'Fasting with a foodie'). Why did I [...]

Tantra with a control freak2019-09-12T21:13:11+02:00

Fasting with a foodie


If you know me (or follow me on Instagram), you know my entire life evolves around food. I eat about every two hours and when I am not eating, I am either talking or thinking about food... So fasting was the last thing on my mind… The idea of [...]

Fasting with a foodie2019-05-13T05:09:03+02:00