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One month on Curaçao


I will be spending the entire month of March on my beloved 'dushi korsou'. I am planning a writing retreat and some workshops.

One month on Curaçao2022-08-18T21:00:20+02:00

Cheap car rental


As a location independent entrepreneur, I often rent cars as I travel the world. Over the years I have developed a system to always find the best deals for the most affordable cars and to NOT get ripped off by the car rental insurance.

Cheap car rental2022-08-18T21:18:49+02:00

Sustainable travel?


What I thought was just a ‘fun’ infographic of my flights in the past 10 years generated by the KLM app, turned out to cause quite some discussion about flying, CO2 and compensation. Never before has a post of mine generated over 35.000 views (!). The discussion was not [...]

Sustainable travel?2022-09-14T11:21:43+02:00

How the book ‘Caribbean’ changed my life


How the book ‘Caribbean’ changed my life Some books are special. Not only because they are good reads, but because you read them at a special time in your life, or in a special place, or both. Some books really make or mark a change in your life. [...]

How the book ‘Caribbean’ changed my life2022-08-27T15:45:17+02:00

Travel light – packing advice


Travel light - packing advice “How can you travel with only one small carry-on bag?” Many people (especially women) think that you can never bring everything you need. As an example, I will show you exactly what I bring and how I pack. [...]

Travel light – packing advice2022-08-27T15:51:39+02:00

How pizza brings people together


How pizza brings people together Food adventures in Naples, Italy “Why is a woman like you having dinner by herself on Valentines Day?” asked a waiter at the famous pizzeria. When I replied that I like traveling by myself, he made me share a table in the crowded place [...]

How pizza brings people together2022-08-27T15:58:22+02:00

10 classic digital nomad errors you want to avoid


10 classic digital nomad errors you want to avoid We all know these pictures of bronzed, smiling nomads with their laptop and a cocktail on the beach. Sorry to burst your bubble, but being a digital nomad isn’t all that idyllic. But hey, don’t even think about bringing [...]

10 classic digital nomad errors you want to avoid2022-08-27T16:16:48+02:00

Tantra and tattoos in Japan


Tantra and tattoos in Japan To my surprise I have found many similarities between my time in Japan and the Tantra workshop I did in Thailand a few weeks before. Both experiences were all about embracing my feminine side, being in the moment, surrendering, not trying to control. Since this [...]

Tantra and tattoos in Japan2022-08-27T16:28:57+02:00

Tantra with a control freak


Tantra with a control freak Why on earth had I signed myself up for a 6-day tantra yoga workshop? I had already stepped out of my comfort zone when I did a 7-day fast on this hippie island (check my blog: 'Fasting with a foodie'). Why did I [...]

Tantra with a control freak2022-08-29T12:47:49+02:00
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