“An entrepreneur isn’t someone who owns a business, it’s someone who makes things happen.”

Tips for entrepreneurs; productivity hacks, delegation, visibility, social media, personal branding, how to organize events and workshops, get the best references and much more.

Real Estate secrets


Real Estate secrets By coincidence, I discovered that real estate investing can be very interesting and accessible, even for location independent people. If you have a starting capital (or means to get a mortgage for your first apartment) it is a great way to create a passive [...]

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My 8 best Productivity Hacks – Inspiration Shot November 2018


October is my most productive month. It is becoming a yearly tradition to combine three events in Thailand. During my writing retreat, I help entrepreneurs write their book in one week, and get some writing done myself. At the DCBKK conference of successful location independent entrepreneurs in Bangkok, I [...]

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My five best productivity hacks


The month of October is usually my most productive month. In this blog, I share my 5 productivity ‘epiphanies’. It all happens in Thailand; the first week I organize a writing retreat to help entrepreneurs to write their book in one week and get some writing done myself. The [...]

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CONFESSION: I am not a digital nomad, I am a LIE!


Not everybody will like what I have to say in this blog. I am going to be very honest. Magazines call me the first and/or most famous ‘digital nomad’ of The Netherlands. But I have doubts about whether that is a compliment. The term ‘digital nomad’ has become very [...]

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Organizing a workshop or retreat


Organizing and workshop or retreat is a great way to share your knowledge and experience. Think about something that you are good at, something that you get a lot of questions about from others. Then organize a workshop – preferably in an inspiring place. It is easier than you think.Many people [...]

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Turn anything in to a business – Inspiration shot May 2018


Turn anything into a business - inspiration shot May"How do you manage to turn anything that happens to you into a business or fun project?” Entrepreneurship doesn’t have to be a struggle. However, opportunities are not always obvious. Many people wonder how I can turn a transatlantic cruise, a [...]

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Many people feel stressed or even paralyzed because they have too many choices. Lately I have been asked to contribute to seminars, webinars and masterclasses on this topic. I came to the following analysis/exercise. Map your choices on two axis: how much do you enjoy the activity [...]


Tips for speakers


When Facebook showed me the picture below as a memory of 5 years ago, I decided to share some tips and 'do's & don'ts' for aspiring speakers. All of these come from my experience in more than 1000 keynotes and 2 TEDx speeches in the past 18 years as [...]

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Why don’t you have a Virtual Assistant yet?


This blogpost about Virtual Assistants is in Dutch, but I have some tips for working with Virtual Assistants in English, too: Virtual Assistants Available Wordwide 24/7 by Esther Jacobs on Scribd

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7 tips for more effective, efficient meetings


While I was co-creating with the South African games developer RetroEpic, I compiled a list of simple tips to have better meetings. I know lots of organizations struggle with this issue, so sharing these tips might help some. If you like your meetings long and ineffective, stop reading here… If [...]

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