Books published with my Reverse Writing method

Care to join the thousands of CEOs, entrepreneurs, marketers, coaches and countless other non-writers who managed to get their books written & published using my Reverse-writing method?

Below a random selection of the books that have been published to date.

“My book is proof that if you really want something, you can achieve it. So just do it!”

Barbara Sevenstern, author of ‘Familiegeluk’

“Esther has been a source of inspiration for me from the moment I met her during a writing session. That was years ago, but she keeps on inspiring me to this day.”

Jeroen Komen, author of ‘Ik kan vliegen’

“I laid the foundations of my book during Esther’s writing week. She’s a pro, her reverse-writing method just works!”

Jolanda Wicherson, author of ‘Geef je bedrijf een kickstart’

“Thank you for the inspiration to turn my challenge into opportunity!”

Sandra Jacobs, author of ‘O, dus dat is WMO!’

My book just got published! It would have never been this good without Esther’s feedback.

Anneke Veenendaal, author of ‘Verandering van spijs’

“Esther helped me to create a beautiful structure for my book during a writing week. I admire her ability to ask the right questions. They help you structure your thoughts and story. Loved it!”

Karin Heesakkers, author of ‘Sterren in de klas’

“I’ve written and published my collection of poems within 3 months! It was a long-cherished wish of mine. After attending Esther’s workshop, I discovered how easy writing a book actually is. Highly motivating & recommended!”

Lucinda van de Ven, author of ‘Parels van verdriet’

“I’ve finally managed to write down my story! Esther’s inspirational guidance during her workshop proved to be the final push I needed.”

Virginia Jobse, author of ‘Solliciteren met je hart’

“I’ve learned a lot during the workshop and have been especially inspired by Esther’s energy and the self-confidence she radiates.”

Inge Vuijk, author of ‘Revalideren is leren’

“My visit to Esther’s retreat inspired me so much! I even gave it the honor of being the final scene in my novel.”

Monica Vanleke, author of ‘In bed met Boeddha’

And then, all of a sudden, there was a second book!

Nienke Bloem, author of ‘De CX-travel guide’

“It give a lot of personal satisfaction not just the fact that you’ve written a book, but the fact that you have actually something in your life that you can look back on, so that gives me a lot of inner peace.”

TJ Halbertsma, author of ‘Many worlds to conquer’

“I felt like a racing horse, having been stuck in the start gate for ages. As soon as it opened, I went for it!”

Jacoline Steegstra, author of ‘Liefde kun je leren’

Writing your book is easier than you think!

Are you serious about writing your book? Don't reinvent the wheel, like I did. As the author and co-author of more than 30 books, writing coach for hundreds of people and organizer of 20 writing retreats, I have finally found the best system for writing a good book: the ‘Reverse Writing’ method. If you start at the end and create a good structure before you start writing, you will be able to follow your energy, instead of the page numbers.
The book - Learn my Reverse Writing method (start with the back cover) in my brand new, super-comprehensive book 'This is how you write a book!' You will find a step-by-step explanation, lots of examples, inspiration and practical tips about writing, promotion and publishing your book.
Personal guidance - Many people find that the process works even better if the information from the book is combined with some form of guidance and accountability. Could you use a helping hand? I would be happy to help you. No matter how much time or money you can invest, there is an option for everyone.
Writing retreats - During the all-inclusive retreats on my favorite islands Curaçao, Mallorca or in Thailand you will work with like-minded people and get 1-on-1 guidance on your book. Every day I hold a workshop to get you started, followed by focused writing time, delicious food and personal guidance & feedback.
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