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Books published with Esther’s writing method

More than 400 entrepreneurs wrote their book using my ‘write your book in 1 week’ method, after one of my writing workshops or during a writing retreat. Below a selection the books that have already been published.

“From the moment I first met Esther during a writing session, she has been a source of inspiration for me. Three and a half years later, she still inspires me”
Jeroen Komen

“By attending one of Esther’s events, I found the incentive to fulfill my long-cherished wish, and published my collection of poems in just 3 months!”
Lucinda van de Ven

“The basis of this book was laid during Esther’s writing week.
She is a professional! ”
Jolanda Wicherson

“During the writing week, Esther led me to create a beautiful structure for my book. Her questions about the content helped me to achieve a solid structure.”
Karin Heesakkers

“Esther’s positive mindset and inspiration have enabled me to start my book and to experience the exciting process of writing my own book.”
Ton Kooiman

“Thanks to Esther’s workshop, my ‘concoctions’ have finally been put down on paper. This was the final push that I needed to make it concrete.”
Virginia Jobse

“I have learned a lot and have been especially inspired and touched by Esther’s energy and the self-confidence that she radiates.”
Inge Vuijk

“My visit to Esther’s event inspired me so much that I even gave it the honor as the final scene in my novel. ”
Monica Vanleke – In bed with Buddha