Writing retreat@home

An online, private retreat to work on your book with Esther

You want to make progress with your book, but it doesn’t feel right to travel to one of my writing retreats on location?
Do you want 1 on 1 guidance, at a fraction of the price?
Then join the Writing retreat@home! Any time, anywhere.

Lay the foundations for your book, improve your manuscript, or finalize and publish it.

During this tailor-made, private writing retreat, we will focus on what you need to take a big leap in progress with your book. Over 7 – 14 days I will personally provide inspiration, information and feedback. The daily video lessons will provide practical tips and the daily one-on-one sessions will give you accountability, personal feedback and guidance.

With this dedicated writing retreat@home, will your book finally be published?

Total value €2994, now only €1950, – (appr. $2000). Of course, this ‘workation’ is tax-deductible.

Is this you?

  • Has there been a story in your mind that you have wanted to share for years?

  • Have you learned something that you want to share to help others?

  • Do you want to boost your business and emphasize your thought leadership by publishing a book?

  • Would you just like to write a book, to experience the thrill of realizing such a big achievement?

  • Do you have too little time to prioritize work on your book?

Maybe this is the moment you’ve always been waiting for. The current restrictions offer less distraction and more room for creativity.

Normally you would join me at an exotic location for a writing retreat. Now that traveling is a bit complicated, you can still achieve the same results in the comfort of your own home, at a fraction of the price of an on-site writing retreat. But with optimal focus and guidance.

This is your chance. Can you afford NOT to?

Jolanda Wicherson

“Highly recommended for people who can’t find the time in their hectic, everyday life to focus entirely on one thing.”

Jolanda Wicherson

How does the writing retreat@home work?

Every day we’ll choose a part of your book and/or theme that you would like to work on (see the example program at the bottom of this page). The beginning of the retreat will be more about writing your book, and towards the end of the retreat we may move to publishing and promotion.

It is a mix of theory (tips and examples) and practice (working on your own book right away). You will receive the theory in the form of video lessons, my book ‘Reverse Writing’ and the workbook, so that you can work at your own pace.

You have a total of seven 1 on 1 sessions with me, which you can split over 7-14 days. So, for example, you could do a session every other day, or start with a session every day for a power start and then a few more sessions later on to review your progress and answer questions.

Brenda Van Dijk - Writing Retreats

“It gives a lot of energy to all work on the same thing; something we have always wanted to…”

Brenda van Dijk

What results can you expect?

Whatever stage your book is at (whether it is still just an idea or already half-finished) after this online retreat you will have a greatly improved/expanded version. During the previous 20 writing retreats, I have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs, CEOs, and other (aspiring) writers to get their book off the ground, improve their concept, finish the manuscript or even complete an entire book in one go.

A few ideas about what you can achieve during the writing retreat@home:

Don’t know what to write?
You will be inspired by the 10 proven formats for a successful book.

Is your idea still a bit vague?
I’ll help you to clarify your concept and make your book-idea viable. We look at what you want to achieve, your target audience, the competition, which existing materials you can reuse, and how this can be captured in a successful format that really suits you.

Get started with your back cover and structure
The time you put into the ‘backbone’ of your book is wisely spent. Even if this is the only thing that we complete during your retreat, it is well worth it. It will give you the structure and inspiration to combine the creative process, the writing work, with your daily life.

Are you already working on your book?
This retreat gives you focus and encouragement to put in the hours and do the work. I’ll give you feedback, inspiration, and answer all your questions, plus information about publishing and promotion.

Do you have content that you can reuse?
For example, you can turn a collection of short stories or blogs into a book in just one week.

Do you already have a structure and content, such as a presentation, training, or e-course?
Then you can turn this into a free e-book in one week and possibly initiate a larger book.

Is your topic more complicated, elaborate, or emotional?
Then your writing will take more time; we can lay a good foundation during the writing week to streamline the writing process.

Another choice many writers make …
… Is to do all the difficult things and make all the key decisions during such a writing retreat. Later on, they only need time to write and are not faced with any surprises.

Geert Kamps

“At home, I would have quit. Now I worked through those difficult moments.”

Geert Kamps

Esther Reinders

“The most difficult things, those I had to really think about, I did during the writing week. The rest I can easily do at home.”

Esther Reinders

What’s included?

  • Book + workbook
    (€49 value)

    With these ‘Reverse Writing’ books you’ll have all the information at hand to work efficiently during the week.

  • Two book strategy sessions
    (€700 value)

    I will personally help you write your book plan, back cover, structure & introduction in these 1.5 hr sessions

  • Support via Whatsapp

    Daily check-ins for motivation, accountability, questions and support. Unique direct access to Esther.

  • Self-study material
    (€595 value)

    Access to the video library of 60 inspiring videos with practical tips from the online program.

  • Five 1-on-1 sessions with Esther
    (€1750 value)

    Choose when and how you want to use these five sessions of 60-90 min: e.g. for questions, feedback, or proofreading.

  • Total value €2994, for only €1950 (appr. $2000)!

    This offer is much more attractive than buying each ingredient separately. Plus you get the motivational framework and Whatsapp support.

What is the investment?

For only €1950 (appr. $2000) you can participate in the Writing retreat@home

By way of comparison: the price of a writing retreat on location is €3500 – €4500, plus travel expenses.
During the online writing retreat, you will receive the same information, attention, and tips, while saving travel time and travel expenses.

Barbara Sevenstern - Books published with Esther’s writing method

“My book is proof that if you really want something, you can achieve it. So just do it!”

Barbara Sevenstern

Met Printing On Demand kun je ieder boek afzonderlijk laten printen bij self publishing platforms
Writing retreat@home
Writing retreat@home


We start with a strategy session, where we discuss your book idea. Then we also determine the program of 7-14 days, in which you work intensively on your book. Themes that can be addressed include:

Make your book idea viable

See if one of the successful formats can work for your book. Who is your target audience? Do market research on your competition and the search behavior of your target audience. Which keywords work for your book?

‘Compose’ your back cover

Why is this so important and how do you write the most important page of your book?

Outline, the secret to easy writing

How do you set up the table of contents for your book? We will fill this in with concepts.

Writing, tips & tricks

How do you streamline the writing process so you can monitor your energy? Which mistakes can you avoid?

Promotion and presale of your book

How do you promote your book? Advice on how to do this your own way, without being too ‘pushy’. Lots of practical success examples for social media.

Editing, designing, proofreading and publishing

Everything you have always wanted to know about (self) publishing, costs, prices, etc. What does a publisher pay attention to? Print or digital?

Book presentation, promotion and inspiration

How do you launch your book and how do you keep the momentum up afterwards? Do you already have ideas for the next book?

For the best result, allow yourself:

  • 7 – 14 days or half-days without distractions or appointments

  • A quiet, inspiring place where you can work

  • A good internet connection for the video calls

  • Food prepared in advance, delivered or arranged for you (you’ll also receive a recipe booklet with tasty, easy, and healthy ‘writers recipes’ from me!)

  • To work optimally on your book, you need at least 5 hours a day, preferably more:

    • 1-3 hours for the theory (watch videos, read a chapter from the book, do exercises from the workbook),
    • 45 min – 1.5 hours before the session with me
    • At least 2 hours to actually write
Elena Krasa

“Esther gave me structure and confidence
that the writing process would actually end!”

Elena Krasa

Kim Rogers - Schrijf je boek

“Esther doesn’t waste any time. She gets right to the point
and gives all the valuable information in an easy-to-understand format.”

Kim Rogers, auteur van My heart for Guatemala

About Esther Jacobs

As the author and co-author of over 30 books, writing coach, organizer of 20 writing retreats, and manuscript reviewer at Schrijvenonline, I have found the best system for writing a book: ‘Reverse Writing’. If you start ‘the other way around’ and set up the structure first, you can then let your creativity run free and follow your energy. For example, writing and publishing a book is easier than you think. With this method, I have already helped thousands of people to share their stories. Are you next?

My superpower is that I can get to the essence of things very quickly. I have been an entrepreneur for almost 30 years and have given more than 1000 keynote speeches, which means that I can also help you with most subjects. Because of my experience and aptitudes, I know exactly what you need to get your book out into the world.


The video lessons, book, and workbook are available in Dutch and English. You can write in the language that feels best to you. Besides Dutch and English, I have a good enough language comprehension to be able to help you in the following languages: German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Afrikaans and Papiamentu. Individual guidance is therefore in the language of your choice.