Turn it around.  Get it done.
Feel alive.

External circumstances are constantly changing and often beyond our control. But that should not be an excuse. Take control of what you can influence. Work with what you have. Look for opportunities like an entrepreneur. And make things happen in your business and your life. Today.

Let’s get the job done. One way or another. No excuses!

“Esther dares to move mountains and she actually does it.”

Author of the international bestseller ‘Love Life’

“This era needs people who think outside the box, cross borders, and create new possibilities.
Esther Jacobs is such a person.”

Herman Wijffels (Dutch Captain of industry)

“Esther is a rockstar”

Chris Guillebeau
NY Times bestselling author of ‘The $100 startup’

Let’s talk books

I am (co)author of 26 books. More than 400 entrepreneurs have written and published theirs, using my unconventional method.

Let me help you share your story or expertise in one of my writing retreats or with personal writing coaching.

The steps are lined out in the e-course and my guide ‘How to write a book in 1 week’.

Speaker with a unique story

“Inspiring, challenging and versatile.” I have given more than 1000 keynotes and 2 TEDx speeches on 5 continents.

Real change starts now. Work with what you have. Your attitude makes all the difference. No more excuses! After hearing my presentations, thousands of leaders and entrepreneurs have turned their challenges into opportunities. Are you ready to take control?

I have been featured in the international media more than 500 times