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About Esther Jacobs

They call me the ‘No Excuses Lady’ because I get things done regardless of the circumstances.

I raised € 16 million for charities, survived on an uninhabited island for the European Survivor reality TV show, wrote 30 books, travelled through 100 countries, got ‘fired’ from the Netherlands, lived outside the system; experienced the ultimate freedom…

Uncertainty has become my comfort zone.

Here you can read my story and how I can help you make your dreams come true.


“Esther dares to move mountains and she actually does it.”

Author of the international bestseller ‘Love Life’


“This era needs people who think outside the box, cross borders, and create new possibilities.
Esther Jacobs is such a person.”

Herman Wijffels (Dutch Captain of Industry)


“Esther Jacobs shook up the world of charity.
I admire her mission to make charities more transparent and the results she booked.”

Morris Tabaksblatt

5 Things work with me

Work with me

I light fires.

Preferably in your heart; if necessary also under your feet …

My passion is to empower remarkable people.

I help you to experience more freedom, share your unique story (in a book or as a speaker) and make a positive impact on the world around you.

Ready to (re)light your fire?

Peter Vries

“Her strong sense of justice makes that Esther does not always choose the easy way.
I recognize that from my own work.”

Peter R. de Vries, investigative journalist and crime reporter

Linda De Mol

“Our hero. They were so unreasonable to her on Survivor, she didn’t stand a chance.
However, Esther stayed open and friendly. How did she manage?”

Linda de Mol, Dutch actress and TV presenter

Top 3 bestsellers

Digital nomads how to live play work around the world

Digital Nomads

How to live, work, and play around the world.

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Reverse Writing

The proven method to get from back cover to bestseller

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Digital delegation - Bookstore - www.estherjacobs.info

Digital Delegation

Free your time and grow your business with a Virtual Assistant

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The newest blogs

Visibility – Inspiration shot June 2024

During the recent Workation in Italy it became painfully clear again: many entrepreneurs do not dare to step into the spotlight; whether they have 50 years of experience, have written a book, hold impressive titles and positions, or have an important message to help others… ‘Who am I?’, ‘What will others think?’ and ‘actually what I do is very normal’ are common phrases. Some overthink it or make it too big, while the magic is actually in the little things. I have been sharing everything I experience for almost 25 years, and I still continue to learn. In this Inspiration Shot I'll share some ideas and tips about visibility.

My 13 most memorable speaking gigs

I have been a motivational speaker for more than 25 years. Each of the 1000 keynotes and 2 TEDx speeches was special. Either because of the location (Qatar, South Africa, Lithuania, New York, in a zoo, in the money museum during my collection of €16 of foreign coins for charity) or because of the special connection I had with the audience (entrepreneurs, travellers, professional women, veiled or not). I treasure the messages people sent me afterwards; how my story changed their lives and motivated them to quit their jobs, become entrepreneurs or make another important life decision after hearing my talk. Some events stood out. In this blog, I share some of my most memorable events, bloopers, and some tips for speakers at the end.

I ❤️ Puglia – Inspiration shot May 2024

Here in the Italian countryside in my @tinytrullo, I am slowly coming back to myself. There is no better place than nature to recover from the dengue that I contracted in Curaçao in March (and the associated brain fog). It's so beautiful here in the spring! There are flowers everywhere, I pick wild green asparagus on my land, everything is beautifully green, nature is slowly coming back to life. Just like me... This month I also host 12 people for the 'Workation'; working and living for a month in my village Ceglie Messapica. Whether you have a thing for Puglia or not, have already been here or still want to visit, I hereby share my Google Maps with my favourite restaurants, cafes, beaches and other non-touristy places. In this Inspiration Shot you will also find a TinyTrullo update and other insights, inspired by Puglia.

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