To live without excuses…

How would that feel?

External circumstances are constantly changing and often beyond our control. Therefore, put your energy into what you CAN influence. Work with what you have, start NOW, and look for the opportunities. This entrepreneurial mindset will lead you to achieve results and to experience more freedom.

Whatever you want to achieve; write a book, have a successful business, or live a location independent life? Let’s get the job done. One way or another. No excuses!

Featured more than 500 times in the international media, such as:

Who’s that girl?

They call me the ‘No Excuses Lady’ because I get things done regardless of the circumstances.

I raised € 16 million for charities, survived on an uninhabited island for the European Survivor reality TV show, traveled through 100 countries, got ‘fired’ from the Netherlands, live outside the system; experience the ultimate freedom…

Uncertainty has become my comfort zone.

This is my story

Write your book

Anyone can write a book, including you.

Your story, idea, or method deserves to be shared. With the right approach, writing a book can be easier and faster than you think. And I know because I already wrote more than 30!

You have the inspiration, the content, the knowledge; my Reverse Writing method offers you a step-by-step, proven successful approach.

Let’s talk books!

“Esther dares to move mountains and she actually does it.”

Author of the international bestseller ‘Love Life’

“This era needs people who think outside the box, cross borders, and create new possibilities.
Esther Jacobs is such a person.”

Herman Wijffels (Dutch Captain of industry)

“Esther Jacobs shook up the world of charity.
I admire her mission to make charities more transparent and the results she booked.”

Morris Tabaksblatt

Find more freedom

Freedom is about choices. What do you choose?

  • Are you considering to leave your home country and live and work abroad?
  • Do you want to become an entrepreneur?
  • Or do you just want to feel more freedom and mind space?

Here you will find information for digital nomads, about entrepreneurship, and the mindset that eliminates all excuses.

This can be the start of your new life

Work with me

I light fires.

Preferably in your heart; if necessary also under your feet …

My passion is to empower remarkable people.

I help you to experience more freedom, to share your unique story and to make a positive impact on the world around you.

(Re)ignite your fire!

“Her strong sense of justice makes that Esther does not always choose the easy way.
I recognize that from my own work.”

Peter R. de Vries, investigative journalist and crime reporter

“Our hero. They were so unreasonable to her on Survivor, she didn’t stand a chance.
However, Esther stayed open and friendly. How did she manage?”

Linda de Mol, Dutch actress and TV presenter


My interactive presentations have always been a form of ‘comfort zone gymnastics’. Challenging perspectives and topics that seduce the audience to look at things differently, see opportunities instead of problems, and take action instead of waiting.

Since 1992, I have delivered more than 1000 keynotes and 2 TEDx speeches in 100 countries. Usually on location; in recent years increasingly more often online/remote.

How can I contribute to your event?


Life lessons distilled into powerful, actionable books.

Inspiration and practical tips about traveling, dreams, freedom, excuses and so much more.

My goal is to write books that put things in motion. I am honored that thousands of readers have been inspired to make a real change in their lives.

Don’t wait any longer. Bring your dream to life.

Which book appeals to you?

Featured more than 500 times in the international media. See all interviews.