A better world

“We Do Not Inherit the Earth from Our Ancestors; We Borrow It from Our Children”

I believe we all have the responsibility to make the world a little better. We can do that by doing what we can and living more consciously, like by using less plastic, eating less meat, flying less (difficult for a digital nomad) and by sharing our lessons with others. In this blog category you will find insights and tips that are a small step in the right direction.

How pizza brings people together


“Why does a woman like you have dinner by herself on Valentines Day?”asked a waiter at the famous pizzeria. When I replied that I like traveling by myself, he made me share a table in the crowded place with another solo traveler from Argentina. As we were happily connecting and [...]

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Giving is the new having


Do you have a drill? If so, you probably use it for a few minutes each month and then it spends the rest of the time in a cupboard. And what about your neighbor? He probably has one in his shed too. While we don’t actually want a drill. We [...]

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Show off!


It’s as if we Dutch are raised with some sort of false modesty: ‘Act normal, and you’re strange enough…’ Compliment someone on their clothing and you’ll almost always get the answer ‘I bought it on sale’. Ask someone what they’re good at and you’ll get all sorts of awkward twists [...]

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