A better world

“We Do Not Inherit the Earth from Our Ancestors; We Borrow It from Our Children”

I believe we all have the responsibility to make the world a little better. We can do that by doing what we can and living more consciously, like by using less plastic, eating less meat, flying less (difficult for a digital nomad) and by sharing our lessons with others. In this blog category, you will find insights and tips that are a small step in the right direction.

30 day vegan challenge


When I was younger, I used to be a vegetarian. I did not like the idea that animals were killed for my food. As I got older and especially as I was traveling more, sometimes it was easier to have a more flexible diet, so I became a ‘flexitarian’. This requires a certain numbing of the mind; to dissociate eating meat with thinking of where that meat came from.

30 day vegan challenge2022-08-18T21:25:53+02:00

Sustainable travel?


What I thought was just a ‘fun’ infographic of my flights in the past 10 years generated by the KLM app, turned out to cause quite some discussion about flying, CO2 and compensation. Never before has a post of mine generated over 35.000 views (!). The discussion was not [...]

Sustainable travel?2022-09-14T11:21:43+02:00

Giving is the new having


Giving is the new having Do you have a drill? If so, you probably use it for a few minutes each month and then it spends the rest of the time in a cupboard. And what about your neighbor? He probably has one in his shed too. [...]

Giving is the new having2022-08-27T17:25:28+02:00
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