What clients have to say:


Esther’s passionate and enlightening story on starting with nothing except a good idea was a powerful message. Our managers can use this to guide their teams en route to customer excellence and profitability.
KLM (South Africa)

Esther’s unusual story of success inspired our public sector leaders to think out-of-the-box and find creative solutions for challenges in their own organization and those of their clients.
Capgemini Paris

Esther’s strength is that she not only shares her success, but also her failures and doubts.
IG&H consultant & Interim

The students were hanging on to her every word. Esther is a ‘social entrepreneur’ pur sang! With her practical ideas, her own example and her life philosophy she has planted a seed of independent thinking in our students, for which we are forever grateful.
Nyenrode Business University

Esther has the ability to make a complex topic interesting and accessible for all.
British Telecom (BT)

Turns out the possibilities are endless!

Other Corporate

In her interactive networking workshop, Esther made us experience and understand how easy it is to see, create and use various opportunities. She proved that anything is possible!

Esther has a great sense of group dynamics. She always inspires our teams with her innovative ideas, drive and energy.
Capgemini Europe

Having 3 days to workshop our organization’s 5 year IT positioning with all the critical Business and IT leaders, appeared a daunting task. Esther Jacobs calmness, patience, expert facilitation skills and an excellent understanding of group dynamics ensured a robust, intellectual workshop that delivered the objective with relative ease.
SKF (Sweden)

Esther is fast rising in our ranks of best contributor…
The Economist Intelligence Unit

Esther Jacobs charms and adds value. She gets to the essence of things quickly. Esther elicited unexpected quotes from CEO’s representing more than 50 countries. Intelligent and skillful communication.
SVB (Social Security Bureau) Austria

Thinking back of the workshop still makes us smile. The setup, with music, photos, the unique way of using the location and the process, made us feel as if we were colleagues already. Everybody worked hard and provided real results. If we had chosen a standard meeting, we would have never reached this level of involvement and participation.
Red Cross / Achmea

Esther’s intuition and ability to quickly generate creative solutions to the unconventional issues we face allowed us to implement small changes that delivered immediate results. After each session with her we gained more insight into ourselves through her observations and suggestions.
RetroEpic, South Africa

The rope exercise was hilarious and also gave us a new perspective on our way of working. A great team builder!
Capgemini Paris


I came here with a great idea. I was stuck. To really turn it into reality I needed Esther. Sharp, creative and practical.
Anneke Veenendaal

The most difficult things, those I had to really think about, I did during the writing week. The rest I can easily do at home.
Esther Reinders

And then, all of a sudden, there was a second book!
Nienke Bloem

Those moments when you’re stuck, Esther listens to you and then writes down what you wanted to say. Great!
Floor Schuttevaer

At home, I would have quit. Now I worked through those difficult moments.
Geert Kamps

I felt like a racing horse, having been stuck in the start gate for ages. As soon as it opened, I went for it!
Jacoline Steegstra

It’s not all that difficult actually. You just have to devote time to it.
Leontien Hommels

GO GO GO! In the most beautiful location, with Esther’s top-support.
Anneke Veenendaal

It’s not about the book. It’s about the writing. Closing the past and clearing your mind. I have found my voice.
Selma can der Heiden

My book just got published! It would have never been this good without Esther’s feedback.
Anneke Veenendaal

RESULTant sessions

Esther can concretize in one hour where other marketeers get stuck after months of work. #powerofsimplicity.
Emile van der Linde – Directeur GOED

During my focused sessions with Esther her candid appraisal of my own role within the team has strengthened my confidence in standing as a leader for the group without muffling the voice of the collective.
Niki Boshof, founder of Retroepic Software, South Africa

Esther’s no-nonsense advise has enabled me to flourish in many aspects for the past two years. As a speaker, with free publicity, in my business etc. in a way that enables you to be successful AND remain authentic. Exactly like Esther is herself.
Michele Sparreboom

I was stuck. Already for a while I had been dreading the next phase of my life; I could not let go of my ‘secure’ job after I became a dad. Esther’s enthusiasm, her energy and ‘can-do’ mentality are contagious. In just a few sessions she provided a frame with clear steps to guide me back into entrepreneurship.
Lucas Schroder – entrepreneur & professional ocean sailor

Just being close to Esther makes you believe in yourself. She shares her knowledge with energy, enthusiasm and humor. Love it!
Barbara Sevenstern

I have been inspired and infected by Esther’s energy and her confidence.
Inge Vuijk

It was great to have Esther as a sparring partner for the back cover of my book. Her playful yet powerful energy is in the title and cover text now, and everybody will feel that.
Janneke de Geus BE BASIC Life Design for women