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It’s time to write your book.

Anyone can write a book. You too. Learn how to write a book step by step with my unique Reverse Writing method.

Book writing retreats – In one week, learn how to write your book in an inspiring location.

Book writing workshops – Live online workshops, Q&A, and personal feedback.

Private writing coaching – Improve your writing skills and get expert help in writing a book in the most efficient way. 1-on-1 sessions are tailor-made.

Your success starts at the end

‘Reverse writing’. Writing back to front

Never get stuck again. Follow your energy. Write your book faster than you thought would be possible, just by starting with the back cover.

Can anyone learn to write a book?

Book writing for beginners and advanced

Whether you’re writing a biography, memoir, a business book, or a novel, my ‘Reverse Writing’ training courses are for anyone who wants to write a book.

Write and publish your own book

My workshops and writing retreats are packed with solid advice for anyone who wants to learn how to write a book the easy way.

Learn how to write a book the easy way

In a group or individually

Do you like to learn from and with other like-minded writers? Or do you prefer to write a book with one on one writing coaching? There are different options available, so there is no excuse NOT to write your book, at your own pace or better.

What is the Reverse Writing method?

It is a unique step-by-step system with the goal that makes book writing more logical and easier. Starting at the end gives you a completely different writing experience: with a clear structure, you don’t have to worry about what fits where. You can just follow your energy and inspiration while writing, instead of following the page numbers.

You can learn all about it in my book and workbook ‘Reverse Writing’. This is the starting point for your writing adventure.

You will find that it works even better if you combine this book with my personal guidance with one of these options:

  • Writing retreat – one week at a special location.
  • Online writing workshops from the comfort of your own home.
  • Private writing coaching.

Esther AI Magic

  • I have trained a ChatGPT with my book-writing knowledge to help you get started.
  • Turn your vague book idea into a back cover blurb, create SEO friendly (sub)titles, ‘about the author’, social media posts

Online workshops

59starting at
  • Accountability, like-minded people, inspiration and practical tips
  • Live online workshops/Q&A sessions to make progress with your book, from the comfort of your home

Writing retreat

2250and up
  • A memorable week in an exotic location or in the comfort of your own home.
  • 1 – 2 weeks to lay the foundations for your book, improve your manuscript, or put the finishing touch on your book project.

Private writing coaching

350/session. 3-6 months option
  • Personal guidance and intensive one-on-one training with Esther.
  • Your time is precious, and you know that investing in personal coaching will lead to the best possible result.
Kim Rogers - Schrijf je boek

“Esther does not waste time and comes directly to the point.
It provides all valuable information in an easy to understand format. ”

Kim Rogers

Michael - Schrijf je boek

“Writing the back cover first seemed strange at first,
but I realized it’s a brilliant move.”


Success Stories

Thousands of non-writers have written and published their book using my Reverse Writing method. View a selection of the results.
CEOs, entrepreneurs, marketers, coaches, and other professionals wrote (auto) biographies, management books, self-help books, novels, collections of poems, and children’s books.

Are you the next successful author?

Tj Halbertsma - Books published with Esther’s writing method

TJ bundled his adventures with a message in a book

Jennifer Wessels Boer - Write your book - www.estherjacobs.info

Jennifer wrote a book about her teaching method

Anne Kien - Write your book - www.estherjacobs.info

Anne turned her personal blogs into 2 books

Yann Toutant

Yann wrote a book for his business in 2 weeks

Inspiration & Ideas

Writing a book is for everyone!

Whether you are young or old – the youngest participant was 16 and the oldest was 86. Many different people have joined my writing retreats; managers, CEOs, digital nomads, entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, stay-at-home moms, students, and retirees. I welcome anyone with a special story that they like to share.

Write a book about yourself

Have you experienced something that others struggle with? Write your biography to help others with your life story and the lessons you have learned. Recovered from an illness or accident? Developed a business method? Can you share life lessons? Write a book about it.

Book writing training

You don’t have to be an experienced writer. If you have a story, method, or idea, I will help you step by step to structure it and put it on paper. You don’t have to do it alone or reinvent the wheel!

Write a novel

Have you had a story in your head for a long time? Why not just try to put it down on paper? To avoid a lot of unnecessary work and to make sure you don’t get stuck, the structure you learn in my ‘Reverse Writing’ method is super handy.

Time to publish your book

Write and publish a book

Writing a book is one thing. But then you also have to publish it. There are so many choices and questions: How do you find a publisher? What does he pay attention to? And all those possibilities of self-publishing? What do they mean by ‘printing on demand’? How do I get an ISBN number?

I will help you choose between working with a publisher or self-publishing. With the handy choice matrix, you will know exactly which arguments are important to you, what you should pay attention to, and which direction suits you best.

Step by step, I explain the process of writing, editing, designing, printing, publishing, and promoting your book. I’ve done everything myself more than 30 times. I’ve made all the mistakes, checked everything, and found smart and affordable solutions so that it will be much easier for you.

Time to write and publish your book! It’s really possible. You can hold your book in your hands sooner than you think.
Want to know more? Also, read my blog ‘To self-publish or work with a publisher?’.

Tips for writing your book

“First set up the structure, so that you can then let your creativity run free.”

Tip 1: Start writing your back cover

This page is the summary of your book, your marketing material, and the promise to your readers, plus it gives you the structure for your book.

Tip 2: Start your promotion while you’re still writing

Don’t wait for your book to be completed. You have to learn how to promote in a natural way that suits you. And you need to build a network of followers. You should start early with both. I will help you!

Need more tips? Download ‘Book writing tips’

Take the first step to writing your book by downloading the PDF ‘Tips for writing your book’. You will receive 10 ideas for a successful non-fiction book, together with many other tips.

Esther Jacobs on a red chair before write your book workshop

About Esther Jacobs

30+ books experience

Like most writers, I wrote my first book in a linear fashion: I started enthusiastically with a good idea on page one and then struggled through to the last page. A year – and a lot of hard work, rewriting, and restructuring later – this finally resulted in a book.

I have experienced all the ups and downs during the writing process and found the best system to write a good book and get the success you want. Since then I write my books within a month, a week, and even once in one day. I am already at 30 books published and still counting!

I like to share my experiences and practical tips with you so that the process is easier for you than it was for me when I started.

Since 2009 I have written more than eighteen books and contributed to about fifteen more books.

As a writing mentor, I have helped thousands of people write their books during my 20 writing retreats, hundreds of workshops and writing classes, or through personal writing coaching.

My superpower is that I can get to the essence very quickly. I have been an entrepreneur for 30 years and have given more than 1000 keynote speeches, which means that I can also help you with your content on most topics.

Latest blogs

Read the latest blogs about book writing.

Write your book with AI – the ultimate guide

I get many questions from writers about how they can use AI, specifically ChatGPT, to make writing their book easier, faster and more fun. I have shared some of my tips in this blog ‘ChatGPT for writers and entrepreneurs’ and a Dutch article for ‘Schrijven Magazine’. Now the famous InfoStack platform is inviting the best writers in the world to share their tips on AI and guess what: I am in one of their panels!

ChatGPT for writers and entrepreneurs

As a writer or entrepreneur, your time is precious, and efficiency is key. ChatGPT can be your secret weapon for streamlining your writing process, from book drafts to business documents. Here’s how to make the most out of this revolutionary tool.

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