I can actually write a book?

Yes, you can! How about we turn this lifelong dream of yours into reality once and for all.

Writing a book about a topic or idea you’re passionate about is way easier than you think it is. Forget what you think writing a book should be about. You don’t even have to write it yourself!

And when it comes to expertise, don’t worry. As long as you know just a little more than others, you have something to contribute:

  • You have expertise, an important message, story or experience you’d like to share.

  • You’re an expert or know more than others around you about a certain topic.

  • You often solve problems or people ask you for advice about a certain topic.

See what I’m talking about? You already have all the knowledge you need to write a book or hire a ghostwriter to write one for you.

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Why go about writing or publishing a book?

  • A book creates awareness around your topic of interest and helps you reach a wider (or even new) audience.

  • Being a published author instantly gives you that expert status.

  • The increased visibility is a stepping stone to your other products and services.

  • It will kick-start (or boost) your public speaking career.

  • A book is the best business card you can imagine! Most authors only make loads of money selling books if they’ve written a bestseller. That’s the wrong thing to focus on. Use your published-author status to give your other products & services sales a boost.

  • Writing a book equals creating a legacy. It also means the accomplishment of a life goal. Something that will earn you respect, from yourself and many others around you.

  • Holding your published book in your hands is a very special feeling…

Don’t make this fatal mistake!

“I started out writing my book with a lot of enthusiam. It was going really well, until I got stuck. Having to go back and restructure and re-write didn’t appeal to me at all. Now other things seem more interesting than finishing the book…”

– Jeremy X.

Starting to write a book without creating an outline first is a recipe for disaster. Most book projects die the way Jeremy’s book died – in a drawer or soon-to-be-forgotten file tucked away in the maze that is your documents folder.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

My Reverse writing method makes writing, promoting and publishing your book clear, logical, painless, (even fun!) and successful. Your book dream can really become a reality.

“This is about working smarter, not harder. I feel empowered by Esther’s strategies and will start publishing my book.”

Jan Roos

“I’m already an expert in my field. The only thing on my wish list was writing a book.”

Willo Sana

“Writing a book seemed impossible. Using the back cover for pre-promotion made all the difference.”

Yann Toutant – CEO Econocom.com

“I’ve finally found a way to write and publish my book without delaying other projects.”


“Brilliant! The publisher immediately said YES after Esther helped me with my back cover!”

Jolanda Pikaart

“Esther gave me the structure and confidence to actually finish my story.”

Elena Krasa

“This approach is magical! After I wrote the back cover, I was amazed to see the entire table of contents created in a single go.”

Jan van Kuijk

“Writing my book was a great experience. One I can recommend to everyone.”

Adrian Luna – Certified Ontological Coach

“Esther has the gift of seeing people. My inner writer feels nourished, seen and happy to share.”

Eliane Haseth

“I got a lot of tips for writing fiction and was even inspired to write a non-fiction book!”

Tamara Neuman

“I announced my book online and sold 100 books in 1 day!”

Anne-Lies Bloei

This is how I do it

I’ve authored and co-authored over 25 books, been a writing coach for over 400 people and organized 20 writing retreats. I’ve discovered the best system to write a great book within 1 week to 6 months.
My secret? Start with the back cover. This is your marketing material and promise to your readers. Plus it gives you the structure for your writing process.
Creating an outline before you start writing prevents you from getting stuck and helps you avoid having to rewrite entire chapters. It gives you a completely different writing experience. Just fill in the chapters and follow your energy.
You don’t have to worry about what fits where. You already know where the story is going so you’re filling in the blanks. My Reverse writing method seems counterintuitive at first, but it has proven to be a very successful one.

They preceded you

Care to join over 400 non-writers who managed to get their books written & published in no time using my Reverse writing method? Among them CEOs, entrepreneurs, marketers, coaches and countless other professionals. Check out a selection of their books.
By simply starting with the back cover, you can start promoting and even pre-selling your book before you finished the manuscript. The writers I coach regularly pre-sell up to 500 copies of their book by merely presenting the concept to their network!

You can do it too!

Writing your book is easier than you think. I’ve summarized the process of writing, promoting and (self)publishing in 7 simple steps. My unconventional Reverse writing method is specifically aimed at non-writers. From CEOs, entrepreneurs and marketers to coaches and countless other professionals. The target? Achieve real results by writing a great book within 1 week to 6 months.

Are you ready to start writing your book? I’ll coach you! Discover below how we can collaborate.

If you’re really determined to publish your book, I recommend my From idea to book in 6 months writers mastermind. It has everything you need to succeed. From support & accountability to one of my all-inclusive writing weeks on a unique exotic location.

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No excuses!

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