Yann’s success story

Yann wrote a book for his business in two weeks

I never thought I could write a book. I did realize that I have a lot of knowledge and experience about a specific niche: subscription models for product-based businesses. And that companies really need that right now. But I had no idea how to write a book, where to start, and most importantly, how to find the time. Esther triggered me with her ‘Reverse Writing’ method.

I decided to give it a try and booked a writing week and another a few months later. This was the only time I could free up to work on the book. And it really worked!

Starting with the back cover was magical. It allowed me to test my book idea in the market. To my surprise, I immediately received a few hundred orders for the book. Now I HAD to write it!

The next surprising step was to have a cover designed. This really brought the book to life.

Yann Toutant - As a Service - Yann's succesverhaal - www.estherjacobs.info

The photo of me and my book was taken while I was still writing it. In fact, I had a completely different book in my hand: we just photoshopped the cover of my book on it… 🙂 I followed Esther’s advice to promote my book before it was ready and it worked very well.

I had beautiful custom illustrations made via Fiverr.com, another tip from Esther. She also helped me find a professional editor and designer for the inside of my book.

My book is now almost finished and I am so proud!

There is one additional result that I did not expect. By creating an outline for the book and defining the different themes, I unknowingly laid the foundation for my new company BlackWinch.eu, in which my team and I help companies kickstart or upgrade their ‘As-A-Service’ models to give. The book gave me authority, visibility, it brought leads and certainly also the confidence that there is a real need for advice in this specific niche market.

So if you have specific expertise, experience, or a method, think about what it would do for your visibility and thought leadership if you wrote a book about it. It’s a lot of work, but the way I’ve done it, it’s doable. I recommend it to everyone!

“I never thought I could write a book. I was too busy with my work. Turns out that it is really possible and that the book gives a huge boost to my business!” – Yann Toutant

Are you serious about writing your book?

Don’t reinvent the wheel, like I did. As the author and co-author of more than 30 books, writing coach for hundreds of people and organizer of 20 writing retreats, I have finally found the best system for writing a good book: the ‘Reverse Writing’ method. If you begin at the end and create a good structure before you start writing, you will be able to follow your energy, instead of the page numbers.

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