How to write your book

“The book that will most change your life is the one you write…”

Have you ever considered writing your book? Writing a book helps you share your message and become an authority in your area of expertise.

I’ve authored and co-authored over 30 books, been a writing coach for over 400 people and organized 20 writing retreats. I’ve discovered the best system to write a great book within 1 week to 6 months: Reverse Writing.

My secret? Start with the back cover. This is your marketing material and promise to your readers. Plus it gives you the structure for your writing process.

In these blogs you’ll find free tips about writing, promoting and publishing your book. On www.estherjacobs.info/writeyourbook you’ll find more information and how I can support you in bringing your book to life.


When is your book finished?


After working on your book for so long, it is sometimes difficult to complete the process. When is your book finished? And how do you deal with the feeling that you have so much more to say? That it can be even better? Many authors feel a kind of resistance to publishing their work. How can you overcome that? In this blog, you will find a number of things worth knowing and tips.

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10 practical applications of self-publishing platforms you probably didn’t know about


In the past, you could only publish your book through a publisher. Nowadays you can easily publish it yourself. It's easy, it's cheap and anyone can do it. There are many examples of books that were rejected by a publisher that ended up being a huge success. The self-publishing platforms offer many opportunities and ensure that you can simply offer your book at (online) bookstores. In this blog, some useful tips & tricks and functions of these self-publishing platforms that you probably didn't know about.

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The three questions to ask your proofreaders


Once your book is ready, you can ask proofreaders for their feedback. These are often friends and acquaintances and their response is usually positive. How do you make sure that your proofreaders really benefit you? I’ve found that there are three questions you should ask your proofreaders for feedback that really makes your book better.

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When is a book a success?


Do you have any idea how many books have to be sold in the Netherlands to get bestseller status? By the way, is your book only a success if it is a bestseller? That depends entirely on your expectations and goals. A number of considerations and tips to make your book a success.

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Why you should start promoting your book while you’re writing it


Typically, writers don't start thinking about marketing until their book is ready. Then it is actually already too late. You only have one moment at the launch of your book, while more promotional moments can be created in the preliminary phase. So the good news is that you can do a lot now, especially during the writing process. In this article you will find ideas and tips.

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Do you personalize the standard parts of your book?


Voor mij was het een echte eyeopener dat je zelfs de meest standaardonderdelen van een boek persoonlijk kunt maken. Je kunt werkelijk ieder deel specifiek voor jouw boek aanpassen door je eigen tone of voice mee te geven: de disclaimer, het colofon, zelfs de copyright pagina!

Do you personalize the standard parts of your book?2022-08-18T18:46:17+02:00

Five things you didn’t know about your back cover


Many authors only write the back cover text when their book is finished. This is a missed opportunity! The 5 facts below will change how you look at back covers forever. 1. The back cover is the most important page of your book What do you do when you browse through a bookstore? You select books with interesting titles and covers and then read the back covers, correct?

Five things you didn’t know about your back cover2022-08-18T18:50:28+02:00

Learn with me?


This summer – during a heatwave (!) – I recorded my Dutch online program ‘Zo schrijf je een boek!’. Around 60 videos with all my tips and examples of how to write, promote, and publish your book. I really enjoyed creating this e-course (except for the heatwave…) and I am happy and proud that it helps so many writers with their books. Would you like to learn with me?

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Writing a book: commonly made mistakes and tips to avoid them


Millions of people want to write a book. Many started working on their book during Coronavirus lockdowns but unfortunately got stuck and stopped. What are the most common mistakes when writing a book? And with what tips do you make the process enjoyable and the result successful? Esther Jacobs, the author of 30 books, wrote a book about it: 'This is how you write a book!'

Writing a book: commonly made mistakes and tips to avoid them2022-08-18T19:39:28+02:00

Anne turned her blogs into a book


I met Anne in 2015 when I hosted my writing retreat in Mallorca. Anne joined the retreat with the intention to write more blogs. At home - being an entrepreneur and mother of two kids, one of whom is epileptic - she found very little time to focus. She was looking to find some space to write. Her poignant blogs about her family had become quite popular and appealed to a wide audience, not just to mothers like her. Anne's positive outlook on life and honest stories about her son’s illness inspired many. My workshops on book writing during the retreat inspired Anne so much that instead of writing more blogs, she actually turned them into a book...

Anne turned her blogs into a book2022-08-18T20:09:40+02:00
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