“An entrepreneur isn’t someone who owns a business, it’s someone who makes things happen.”

Tips for entrepreneurs; productivity hacks, delegation, visibility, social media, personal branding, how to organize events and workshops, get the best references and much more.

Tips for speakers


Tips for speakers When Facebook showed me the picture below as a memory of 5 years ago, I decided to share some tips and 'do's & don'ts' for aspiring speakers. All of these come from my experience in more than 1000 keynotes and 2 TEDx speeches in the [...]

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Why don’t you have a Virtual Assistant yet?


Why don’t you have a Virtual Assistant yet? This blogpost about Virtual Assistants is in Dutch, but I have some tips for working with Virtual Assistants in English, too: Virtual Assistants Available Wordwide 24/7 by Esther Jacobs on Scribd

Why don’t you have a Virtual Assistant yet?2020-12-24T14:06:51+01:00

7 tips for more effective, efficient meetings


7 tips for more effective, efficient meetings While I was co-creating with the South African games developer RetroEpic, I compiled a list of simple tips to have better meetings. I know lots of organizations struggle with this issue, so sharing these tips might help some. If you like [...]

7 tips for more effective, efficient meetings2020-04-05T13:47:53+02:00

Meet My Team


Meet My Team Proud to introduce you to my team Many people think that I am a 'lone' wolf', which is kind of true. But I cannot do what I do all by myself. I am backed up by an amazing team of professional free-lancers located all over [...]

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Social Media


Social Media I love sharing inspiration and getting inspired via social media. My Klout score of 70-72 puts me in the top 10% of influencers world wide. Many people ask me what channels I use and how. Whether you follow me for inspiration, or to see how I [...]

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7 things I’ve learned from successful digital nomads


7 things I’ve learned from successful digital nomads DC BCN 2016 In June I was in Barcelona for DCBCN: my first Dynamite Circle conference. Successful location independent entrepreneurs from all over the world shared their experiences and tips. I made a list of my 7 most important [...]

7 things I’ve learned from successful digital nomads2020-04-05T13:51:39+02:00

Four and a half months of travel: the facts


Four and a half months of travel: the facts From Nov 2015 till April 2016 I cruised from Spain to Brazil, traveled in South and North America and finally took a luxury cruise back to Europe. Do you have to be rich to live like this? No. Do you [...]

Four and a half months of travel: the facts2020-04-05T13:53:14+02:00

Get shit done!


Get shit done! On a cruise for location independent entrepreneurs I met Dan and Bjorn. Like me, they both travel several months a year while running their businesses. Together we figured out what makes us productive in challenging circumstances. And how we balance work and fun for optimal [...]

Get shit done!2020-04-05T13:29:15+02:00

The Best Reference


The Best Reference Regardless of whether you’re a speaker, coach, consultant or business person: what works better than explaining on your website just how good you are? Exactly: letting your clients do the talking. But do you recognize the situation in which a hugely enthusiastic client – after [...]

The Best Reference2020-04-17T13:52:45+02:00

Cruise your business


Cruise your business I just arrived in Salvador, Brazil on a cruise ship full of digital nomads. I am starting to realize that this must have been one of the most unique experiences of my life. Imagine cruising from Spain to sunny Brazil at the start of the European [...]

Cruise your business2019-05-19T07:10:26+02:00
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