“An entrepreneur isn’t someone who owns a business, it’s someone who makes things happen.”

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Which glasses are you wearing?


What lens do you use to filter the world? If there is one thing I learned during my anthropology studies, it is that you ALWAYS look through a lens that is the result of exposure to your culture, upbringing, position, experience, personality, expectations, etc. However much you try, you can [...]

Which glasses are you wearing?2019-05-14T04:08:29+02:00

Strive, struggle & shine


Strive, struggle & shine Ever wondered why realizing your dream or achieving a goal you really care about is so hard? I studied the cycles I went through and identified the following steps: strive, struggle & shine. Strive is when you really, really want something. For yourself maybe, [...]

Strive, struggle & shine2019-05-19T07:14:04+02:00

Show off!


It’s as if we Dutch are raised with some sort of false modesty: ‘Act normal, and you’re strange enough…’ Compliment someone on their clothing and you’ll almost always get the answer ‘I bought it on sale’. Ask someone what they’re good at and you’ll get all sorts of awkward twists [...]

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Make your weakness your greatest strength


After Steve Jobs died, I, like half of the rest of the world, devoured his book. It was fascinating to read how such a jerk of a guy could come up with such brilliant ideas! It was even more interesting to read how a large proportion of the people he [...]

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Perseverance – TEDxCuracao


I was pretty excited about my TEDx presentation on in Curaçao. Even as a seasoned speaker, it is always an honor to be considered for an event like this. Another perk was that I had been trying for years to get an English demo video, but somehow it never worked [...]

Perseverance – TEDxCuracao2019-05-13T06:18:33+02:00

Letting go


As a manager, home maker, or independent entrepreneur, you’re constantly keeping various balls in the air. Like a professional juggler, you focus to make sure you don’t miss any of the balls. It’s therefore interesting that, at a juggling workshop, the first thing you learn is to drop the balls! [...]

Letting go2019-05-13T06:04:43+02:00

365 holiday days per year


Are you one of those people who lives from holiday to holiday? Or do you count down the holiday days that are left until you can go back to work? Increasing numbers of people who have found a job that really suits them don’t feel as if they are at [...]

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