Why don’t you have a Virtual Assistant (VA) yet?

Are you still doing everything yourself?

Discover the power of virtual employees and remote teams to help run, support, and grow your business.

You can outsource almost any task. There are qualified people out there who enjoy doing what you dread.

I have been working with VA’s since 2007 and I have learned a lot. I could not run my business (and life!) without them anymore. I wish you, too will discover the immense potential of outsourcing tasks to a trusted assistant, anywhere int he world.

In my Digital Delegation book, I explain exactly how and provide practical tips and templates you can use.

During my ‘Digital Delegation’ workshop, I will personally help you to get started.

digital delegation book by E Jacobs

This blogpost about Virtual Assistants is in Dutch, you’ll find some English tips for working with Virtual Assistants in this article:

Want to become a digital nomad?

Do you see yourself live, work & play around the world as a location-independent entrepreneur?

  • Still have questions?
  • don’t know where to start?
  • want to meet like-minded people?

If you don’t want to reinvent the wheel, then these options may be for you:

  • In my Digital Nomads book, you’ll find inspiring stories and tips from other nomads. It also contains lots of practical tips & information about mindset, registration, setting up an international company, taxes, entrepreneurship, and much more.
  • Once every few months I organize an online Digital Nomad workshop. In advance, you will receive a couple of videos in which I discuss the most important topics (where to register and set up your company, what insurance to get, where to pay taxes, etc.). During the workshop you can ask all your remaining questions, we talk about your plans and you hear about the experiences of other nomads.
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