Turn anything in to a business – Inspiration shot May 2018

Turn anything in to a business - Inspiration shot May 2018

Turn anything into a business – inspiration shot May

“How do you manage to turn anything that happens to you into a business or fun project?” Entrepreneurship doesn’t have to be a struggle. However, opportunities are not always obvious. Many people wonder how I can turn a transatlantic cruise, a relationship with a playboy or even dancing tango into a successful retreat, book or workshop. In this mail I will help you identify something you like, something that is unique, and show you how to make it profitable.

There are three important steps: Recognize, Seize and Share:

  1. Be open and creative: recognize opportunities
  2. Take action: seize opportunities
  3. Be visible and communicate effectively to share your project

Let’s look at some examples and tips to inspire you to turn anything into a business. Enjoy!

Recognize and Seize

Line dudes

This guy makes $1000 a week by standing in lines for other people. Nobody likes standing in lines, he doesn’t mind and he’s turned it into a business. Many people think they first need to find out what they are good at. This guy proves: you don’t have to be good at anything: you just have to DO it.

Turn a storm into a profit

Another thing nobody likes: storms. However, this New Yorker saw an opportunity in the extreme weather, built an igloo in his garden and listed it on Airbnb for $200 a night. 🙂

Practice makes perfect

Sometimes you need to set yourself a goal and work on it every day. This designer created a minimalist logo every day for a year. And look at the results: he definitely got noticed.

Lazy Designer

However, hard work is not always necessary to stand out: this ‘lazy designer’ is a great example.

Seize and Share

Cruise your Business

When I saw a FB post about a cheap transatlantic cruise, I was just organizing my writing retreat in Mallorca; arranging lodging, food, entertainment, travel arrangements and workshops. Combining the two things, I wondered: why not organize my next retreat on a cruise? Everything is taken care of, so I can just focus on the workshops, instead of being a ‘tour leader’. I tested it on Facebook, found a lot of people who were interested in this tax-deductible ‘business adventure’ and that’s how ‘Cruise your Business’ came into existence. An epic transatlantic cruise with fellow entrepreneurs, workshops, time to write, work, relax, disconnect and discover… Check out the next cruise from Barcelona to Buenos Aires:

Social media mindshift

The key to sharing, testing and selling your idea is to do it in an original way and to provide added value instead of selling something. Already 3000 people participate in my free 7-day social media challenge; why don’t you try it? Need more hands-on help? On June 10th I organize a social media mindshift workshop in Amsterdam. This includes life long social media support!

Need help seeing, seizing and sharing your opportunities?

Join my workshop in Amsterdam on June 9th: Turn anything in to a business. I will help a small group of max 10 people to make the mindshift and get started.
Turn anything in to a business - Inspiration shot May 2018

Where is Esther?

I am writing you from the Dutch writing retreat on my favorite island of Mallorca. After a few days in Paris I am looking forward to be spending some time in Amsterdam this summer, where I’ll organize some interesting workshops. I have also been asked to give presentations and various (un)conferences and festivals this summer. Join me at FreedomXFest in the Spanish pyrenees? Here’s how you can win a ticket.

Or come to Firesideconf in Canada to meet other investors, influencers and innovators!

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