Proud to introduce you to my team

Many people think that I am a ‘lone’ wolf’, which is kind of true. But I cannot do what I do all by myself. I am backed up by an amazing team of professional free-lancers located all over the world. Each one has a key specialization. We all work independently, but we learn and create wonderful things together.

I found some assistants through (now and; sites that match professionals and jobs. Others I knew within my own network or they got referred through word of mouth. Working with ‘Virtual Assistants’ and professional free-lancers provided me more knowledge, experience, insights, hours and ‘hands’. To me they are sparring partners and colleagues. Being part of this team enables me to delegate tasks that I am not good at and where I normally lose energy. Instead I can focus on the things I like and areas where I can create most added value. Imagine what you could achieve with a team like this?

Marika Porrey



As my ‘virtual system administrator’, Marika has accepted the challenge to keep all my systems running smoothly. She is specialized in webshops and offers practical solutions for entrepreneurs and small businesses. You can find Marika on



Lydia Orth


Lydia, a dear friend, has been my Virtual Assistant (VA) for many years, working very fast, structured and dedicated. She looks after my WordPress website, social media channels, newsletters, contact lists, editing of my books and so much more. Lydia may have been inspired a bit too much by the ’digital nomad lifestyle’, because she recently moved from Curacao to Europe to travel and live in a camper van with her family, looking for a new business opportunity in France. As she will have less access to internet, she will not be able to work as much as before… 🙁


Maarten Kramer

Maarten Kramer


A young entrepreneur specialized in strategy, social media and video. Maarten ‘follows me around’ – often on his skateboard!- to shoot beautiful videos and vlogs and helps me to reorganize my Dutch and English YouTube channels. Meet Maarten on


Andrea Papp


Our newest addition to the team from Budapest, Hungary. She had enough of ‘normal’ office jobs and started to work as a location independent freelancer, so she fits into the team of a Digital Nomad. Andrea is a SEO writer, a content manager and my personal VA. She is passionate about writing and internet marketing, and loves any challenges that come by. You can find her on


Jan Willem Gerth

Jan-Willem Gerth


My publisher and ‘book guru’. Helps me to get new book ideas into the world and takes care of fulfillment of books sold and shipped in The Netherlands. Jan Willem also joins me for the writing week in Mallorca, providing advice about (self)publishing to aspiring writers. Find out more on


Marieke Rinzema

Marieke Rinzema


Designer of most of my books and e-books, Utrecht, NL. Marieke and I used to work together as free-lancers on the crew of Capgemini ‘Accelerated Solutions Environment’. We learned to produce results under pressure: great content combined with enticing design. Apart from being a great designer; Marieke is also a beautiful person and has become a good friend.

Velin Saramov

Velin Saramov


A designer from Bulgaria who is specialized in books for Amazon. He adapted the design for the English translations of my books according to CreateSpace specifications, making them available on Amazon worldwide. You can contact Velin on


Eef Ouwehand



Eef is a dear friend and my favorite photographer. She made beautiful books about Curacao and a very practical guide about iPhone photography. Her simple tips instilled my love of photography. Every few years she takes a series of amazing pictures of me, for use in interviews, publications and on my website. You can find her on


How about you?

Feel free to contact my crew for your projects: just make sure they have enough time left to support me! 😉

Otherwise I am sure you will find suitable assistants on (worldwide professionals) and (professionals in eastern Europe). Good luck putting your own ‘dream team’ together!

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