7 things I’ve learned from successful digital nomads


DC BCN 2016

In June I was in Barcelona for DCBCN: my first Dynamite Circle conference. Successful location independent entrepreneurs from all over the world shared their experiences and tips. I made a list of my 7 most important take-aways:

1.) Delegate more!

Focus on things where you can have added value; eliminate or outsource all other tasks. Are you thinking of hiring a VA (Virtual Assistant) or other remote worker? (You should!) Check this overview of average salaries in Europe.

Hire people in Eastern Europa via Jobrack.eu for $3.50 – $15 per hour.

average salaries in europe


  • Don’t try to find a ‘mini-me’ who can do everything, but split your requirements into separate tasks/functions and find various people.
  • Make sure that the new hires can ask good questions. Test this by giving them a test-assignment with vague instructions; see if they get to work immediately, or ask questions for clarifications until they are sure what to do.

(Thanks to Matthew Newton of Jobrack!)

2.) Choose easier/cheaper entry markets

If you want to enter the English speaking market, don’t focus on the USA. Marketing in the US is very expensive and there is a lot of competition. Instead start with content marketing in other English speaking countries, such as the UK or South Africa.

The English Speaking World

(Thanks to Mike Caha of Trulyscaled!)

3.) Choose effective images

When you post a  video on YouTube, don’t forget to create your own thumbnail, instead of waiting for what YouTube makes of it. You can do this with Canva for example. Use titles of max three words!

Three word title - Gabby Wallace

(Thanks to YouTube star Gabby Wallace)

4.) Don’t use YOUR keywords, use THEIRS!

Keywordtool.io helps you to find out what people Google. Use the terms your audience uses instead of the (technical/business/formal) ones you are used to.

Keyword Tool

5.) Don’t forget your ‘call to action’.

Whatever channel or means of communication you use: don’t forget your ‘call to action’. What do you want people to do after reading your article, watching your video of visiting your website? Tell them! I knew this already, of course, but still very few of my videos on YouTube include ‘please subscribe to my channel’ or ‘visit my website’.

Esther Jacobs Youtube Channel

6.) It is great to hang out with like-minded people.

I always felt like I was the ‘weird one’, living my life like I do. Then I met a fun group of digital nomads and I knew I wasn’t the only one living, working and playing around the world. But when I met members of the Dynamite Circle, I knew I had truly ‘come home’. DC is a network of successful location independent entrepreneurs; digital nomads who have got their shit together. Their podcast Tropical MBA is very interesting. You should also think about a’trial’ of one month working together in a tropical location with coaching, workshops and a lot of fun. There are many co-working vacations for ‘wannabe’ digital nomads, but The Entrepreneur House organizes co-working camps for successful location independent entrepreneurs/digital nomads.

Tropical MBA

7.) Learn Spanish

If you are going to be working or traveling in Spanish speaking countries, this is a must. Many people want to learn Spanish, very few actually see it through. You CAN do it, with this amazing service: unlimited private Spanish lessons via Skype for $99 per month: baselang.com


I am already looking forward to the next DC conference, DCBKK; in October in Bangkok. There is so much knowledge, expertise and experience in the Dynamite Circle. And everybody is very relaxed and more than willing to share. Of course I’ll keep on sharing my tips and eye-openers with you!

Want to become a digital nomad?

Do you see yourself live, work & play around the world as a location-independent entrepreneur?

  • Still have questions?
  • don’t know where to start?
  • want to meet like-minded people?

If you don’t want to reinvent the wheel, then these options may be for you:

  • In my Digital Nomads book, you’ll find inspiring stories and tips from other nomads. It also contains lots of practical tips & information about mindset, registration, setting up an international company, taxes, entrepreneurship, and much more.
  • Once every few months I organize an online Digital Nomad workshop. In advance, you will receive a couple of videos in which I discuss the most important topics (where to register and set up your company, what insurance to get, where to pay taxes, etc.). During the workshop you can ask all your remaining questions, we talk about your plans and you hear about the experiences of other nomads.
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