The birth of a book

Tips for writing, publishing and promoting your book based on the example of my book Jij bent een TopVrouw.

Do not hesitate to use existing material

This book is a collection of columns that were previously published in the Woman supplement of De Telegraaf, a big Dutch newspaper. I put them all together in a book! The hard work of writing was already complete, they just needed to be compiled to create this positive, practical book full of tips and inspiration you can apply immediately.

Ask for reviews, even before publishing!

You can’t just talk about your book and tell everyone how great it is. So I asked if they wanted to give me a nice review. I placed it on the back cover and website. Having reviews gives your book credibility. And I immediately had a great first review!

“After reading this book you get out of bed with a big smile every morning …”

Write your book in times of Corona

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Share your book process from start to finish

Ideally, I should have shared the entire process of creating the book through social media, asking for feedback and ideas, and thus unknowingly advertising. In this way you take people along on the journey and the process and the book starts to come alive. I unfortunately didn’t do that at all this time. For many people it is therefore a surprise that my 4th book was suddenly there. Low profile this time round.

Be specific: this is it!

Curious about the end result? Jij bent een TopVrouw! can be purchased from and other book stores.

This book is full of tips for all mothers, businesswomen, centipedes and career tigers; in short, all women (and a single man) who are looking for practical solutions to everyday challenges:

  • How do you get out of a rut quickly?
  • Doing fun things on a budget
  • Feeling comfortable in your own skin and showing the best of yourself
  • Chase your dreams, such as writing a book, doing business or emigrating

A nice, sweet gift for yourself or for another top woman (or top man!) Who gives you an inspiring boost.

Try to generate as much free publicity as possible

Approach (local) media and regional radio programs with a link between their audience and/or current affairs and your book. For example, my book Jij bent een TopVrouw was very suitable for Mother’s Day at the time of launch. Radio programs are always looking for interesting guests and you get a lot more time to tell your story than on TV. Kasper Kooij from the radio program High Tea approached me via Twitter to ask more about the book in his broadcast on Sunday 5 May. I had been on his show before when I wrote Have you found your Mr Wrong yet? and apparently he followed me after that. So following up with old contacts is a good tip too.

Link your book to other products or services that you can offer.

There are often either subtle or overt links between my books and the other workshops, events and retreats that I offer.

It is never too early to start with promotion

Curious about my next book? Light your fire, without the burnout – Energy management for people with a passion will be released in 2020. I am writing it at my own pace… letting it emerge as I manage my own energy.

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Writing your book is easier than you think!

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Online workshops – Get inspired by the theme of the week, receive practical tips and get your questions answered. Check out all of the the themes and dates of the “From idea to book” workshops.

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