Have you found your Mr. Wrong yet?

Will you choose to play it safe or take a chance?

Have You Found Your Mr. Wrong Yet?

When Esther falls in love with a (former?!?) playboy, she feels compelled to challenge her ideas about love, relationships, culture, self-reflections and personal boundaries. She takes us on a roller coaster ride in her relationship and explores ideas, possibilities, and different perspectives. This book is not only about relationships, but contains many (management) lessons about switching perspectives, taking risks, breaking with traditions, letting go and taking control of your life under any circumstance.

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Read this book for something unconventional!


“I never imagined that a smart, independent, confident woman like me could fall for the biggest womanizer on the island. Would this former(?) playboy break my heart with his charming ways? Or was our relationship really special to him? Do I choose to play it safe or do I risk taking a chance? Can a person truly change? Is that even something to wish for? What does this inner turmoil say about me, my desires and my fears? Slowly I began to realize that this personal journey was far more important than the final destination. There was so much I did not understand yet. I needed to learn to enjoy the moment and let go – really let go.”

Motivational speaker and author Esther Jacobs is determined to get to the bottom of the Mr. Wrong phenomenon. Using her own story as a springboard, she takes off on a groundbreaking odyssey through the various types of playboys and the women who fall for them, alternative relationships, Mr. Right and wise and wayward women. She challenges readers to reconsider their assumptions and choices Do they follow their head (security) or their heart (adventure)?

Have You Found Your Mr. Wrong Yet? offers a candid look at a trailblazing woman forced to come to grips with life’s deepest questions when she finds herself falling for… Mr. Wrong.


“Surprising insights for anybody who has been involved with (or still is) a Mr. Wrong.”
Avan L.

“Planning to re-read this book several times. One thing is for sure, Esther’s (love)life is definitely not boring!”

“Loved the book!”
M.A. Kramer

“I’m impressed by the amount of work and research put into this book – all the extra factual information, surveys, research…it is definitely eye-opening and informative with a load of alternative views. Read this for something unconventional!”

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