Light your fire, without the burnout

Energy management for people with a passion

Light your fire without the burnout

Why do so many powerful, driven people find themselves emotionally and physically drained, while working on something they deeply care about?

How aware are you of your energy management? How often do you feel you are ‘living on reserve’?

This book will give you valuable insights and practical tips:

    • Follow your dreams without ending up in a nightmare
    • Let your passion guide you, without being paralyzed by disappointment
    • Achieve huge results without depleting your reserves


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“I so need this book…”


“Showing your vulnerabilities actually makes you stronger”


How to light your fire without a burnout

Esther Jacobs, no excuses lady, speaker and author, shares her journey from achieving results on willpower to living in flow. For decades she used her masculine energy to ‘get things done’, like collecting €16 million for charity, giving a 1000 keynote speeches, writing 25 books and helping other entrepreneurs. But she was always in a hurry and ignored the signs of her body and her environment. After a car accident and a burnout, she was forced to turn things around. Less energy meant having to make choices. To BE more instead of DO more. To let go, to surrender. To give more room to her feminine side.

She never imagined it would be so difficult to make this switch until she realized: You can’t solve problems with the same tools that actually created them…

This book shows you how to balance your feminine and masculine side. To let go when you need to and to persevere when you have to. And to know the difference. It is also a very personal account of transformation. Of expectation management. Of setting boundaries. Saying NO. Saying YES.

I am writing my new book without a deadline, in flow. Completely different from what I am used to, but the only ‘sustainable’ way to deal with my energy. It will be published in 2019.

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