Life lessons

“Life can only be understood backwards but it must be lived forwards”

We’ve heard all the quote ‘when one door closes, another one opens’. There are many things that we know rationally, but only by experiencing them, the lessons really stick. If we don’t learn something the first time, life will give us the same lesson over and over again until we understand it. I believe that the secret of life is to recognize and learn the lessons as quickly as possible. Life is a game. Always find the silver lining of the cloud. Even seemingly unrelated things can contain powerful life lessons. I have collected some special examples for you.

Peyote Whisperer?


When I told my friend Randall Rodrigues about my weird connection with a group of Peyote cacti in Amsterdam, he said: “So you are like a Peyote whisperer?” I laughed it off, but in the days following his remark I explored this strange connection and concluded that – as weird [...]

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Connecting the dots tattoo


I never thought I would get a tattoo. And still I do have one now. Got it in Japan, of all places. No regrets! Better even; my tattoo is my daily reminder of a very important decision I made. The idea was born after a Tantra workshop in Thailand. On the last [...]

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How I stole food during the Survivor TV show


And why you should steal, too. Rules are good. They keep our society organized and decent. But sometimes you have to bend, or even break, the rules. When you are really hungry, for example; but that is not what this post is about. It’s about control. Even in circumstances [...]

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Many people feel stressed or even paralyzed because they have too many choices. Lately I have been asked to contribute to seminars, webinars and masterclasses on this topic. I came to the following analysis/exercise. Map your choices on two axis: how much do you enjoy the activity [...]


Watercolor life lessons


I love new perspectives by looking at the world trough the eyes of others. Especially if they are really good at something I know very little about. So when I met watercolor artist Vladimir Marcos Merchensky Arias from Buenos Aires I was eager to learn from him. He is [...]

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Does the ‘no excuses lady’ also have excuses?


You bet! A bit embarrassed to admit it, but in this video I explain why I delayed publication of the English translation of my first book 'What is your excuse?' for six (6!) years. I hope that my very personal story may help you to recognize your excuses and [...]

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Tantra and tattoos in Japan


Tantra and tattoos in Japan To my surprise I have found many similarities between my time in Japan and the Tantra workshop I did in Thailand a few weeks before. Both experiences were all about embracing my feminine side, being in the moment, surrendering, not trying to control. Since this [...]

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Cruising back to my roots


After working as a hostess on a cruise ship for a season when I was in my twenties, my only cruising experiences were the ‘cruise your business’ workshops I recently organized on repositioning cruises. Entrepreneurs, nomads, young people: workshops, masterminds, parties; a fun way to cross the ocean. But [...]

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Tantra with a control freak


Tantra with a control freak Why on earth had I signed myself up for a 6-day tantra yoga workshop? I had already stepped out of my comfort zone when I did a 7-day fast on this hippie island (check my blog: 'Fasting with a foodie'). Why did I [...]

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Fasting with a foodie


If you know me (or follow me on Instagram), you know my entire life evolves around food. I eat about every two hours and when I am not eating, I am either talking or thinking about food... So fasting was the last thing on my mind… The idea of [...]

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