Inspiration shot Spring 2015

Inspiration, surprises, insights. When you look at the world from a different perspective, you become aware of your own limitations and you learn new, valuable lessons. The theme of this newsletter is different perspectives and I invite you along for the journey…

Interesting people

Janne Willems – Seize your Moment

Janne collects beautiful moments. She asks passengers in trains to draw their most beautiful moment of last week. The results are pure gems. As soon as smartphones are put away and pencils are taken in hands, people start to talk and connect. Janne recently made a world tour to check if small moments of happiness are experienced in the same way all over the world.

Martijn Aslander – Resourcerer

The Netherlands most popular speaker is now going international. As a ‘resourcerer’, Martijn connects people, information and ideas.  He manages to turn organizations and governments completely upside down. This series of videos about the implications of our information society gives an impression of this inspiring personality. Want to meet Martijn? In november he will be joining us for the Business ®evolution workshop in Barcelona!

Paul Potts – Winner Britain’s got talent 2007

This shy mobile phone salesman surprised everybody with his beautiful opera voice. You can tell Paul lacks self-confidence: after singing, he kind of slumped into his old, insecure self. But while singing, he seems to become a completely different person. Fascinating! In the plane to Indonesia I saw the movie that was made about his life. Now I am even more touched by his audition. Maybe I even became a bit of a fan…  

Now for something completely different

Be my eyes bemyeyesapp Visually impaired people are trying to lead their lives as independently as possible. But sometimes they get stuck. The ‘Be my eyes app’ enables us to help them. Is the date on this milk carton still valid? What’s in this picture that I received by email? Those questions are easily answered when you can borrow somebody else eyes for a few seconds. I am surprised and inspired by what technology enables us to do…

Escape rooms Escape roomsWelcome to your new hobby: escape rooms! Get locked up in a room full of riddles, puzzles and hidden gateways; trying to solve the mystery and escape. So much (offline) fun. Being totally ‘in the moment’. Discover secret strengths of your friends. I recommend Sherlocked and Claustrophobia in Amsterdam. Will soon explore rooms all over the world…

Magical voicescreenshotTalent show auditions sometimes provide memorable moments. In The Voice France Battista Acquaviva from Corsica transported jury and audience to a completely different time and place. If your French is good enough, you’ll enjoy the comments; they are mind blowing. But just listening to Battista will also do the trick.

Which glasses are you wearing?

The most important eye opener from the Masters in Anthropology I once studied is that, no matter how you try to be unbiased, you always look through a pair of ‘colored’ glasses; Which glasses are you wearing?

Digital Nomad news

Travel tips

I just made my third trip to Colombia and would love to share my enthusiasm for this very special country. Then I spent three weeks in Ubud, Bali, Indonesië to practice yoga, relax and enjoy heavenly and healthy food. But in fact, I was also working… Being a Digital Nomad you can live, work and play wherever and whenever you want!

New book digital-nomad-cover-207x300Mid January 2016 I will present my new book ‘Digital Nomads’. The English book features interviews and tips for the digital nomad lifestyle. You can pre-order now!

Instagraminstagram-estherI have a confession to make: I am addicted to Instagram. No idea how to get started? I wrote this blog and recorded this short video to show you my tips & tricks.

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Want to experience the digital nomad lifestyle? need help with your business, project or book? Join my writing-week or visual storytelling workshop in Mallorca or the Business ®evolution workshop in Barcelona. You could also rent our finca in Mallorca this spring or summer. See photo-impression and check the available dates.

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