Writing retreat in Majorca

Write your book in one week on the magical island of Majorca

I would like to invite you to our writers’ villa in Sineu (pronounced see-nay-you), an authentic village in the quiet center of this magical island. It is a place where time seems to have stood still. A wonderful place to really get away, to be completely pampered, to write your book without any distractions.

Results you can achieve in 1 week

In just 1 week, you will make huge steps with writing your book. You will return home with a much-improved version. Whether you are in the finalization phase of your manuscript or are still at the very beginning, I will give you the guidance you need at the perfect moment. Results you can achieve in 1 week are:

  • Inspiration and personal feedback to improve your manuscript
  • Write the back cover and bring structure to your book
  • Make huge progress with your book or even finish it
  • Overcoming any possible writer’s block
  • Beginning on your book promotion and publishing
Write your book in Mallorca at one of the writing retreats

Where: Majorca

When: June 4-11, 2024

All-inclusive price: From € 2.490,- p.p.

This is a writing week for everyone

During the previous 20+ writing weeks, I’ve helped hundreds of CEOs, entrepreneurs, other writers, and aspiring writers to write their books, improve their book concepts, finish their manuscripts, or even complete their book in one week. Read more about achieved results and examples on the general writing-retreat page.

Andrea Dronk

“My book idea has become tangible because of the peace and space I have experienced here.”

Andrea Dronk

Ton Kooiman

“What an incredible week! Words fall short of what became possible here.”

Ton Kooiman


“Great that these weeks exist, in which you can fully recharge!”

Sophie Fischer


“Incredibly inspiring; good people, great ideas and tips. Plus a wonderful place to work.”

Angelika Kuiper

A luxurious all-inclusive book-writing retreat

What is included?

Image a week where you can focus completely on writing your own book. You will stay at a luxury writer’s villa, where you will be completely pampered and will receive personal guidance towards your writing journey.

This all-inclusive writer’s retreat includes:

  • All meals and drinks, such as tasty ‘cortado’ coffee in the village square in the sun.

  • A healthy light lunch provided by our private chef, my Argentinian yoga teacher.

  • Dinner every night at a different local restaurant, so you can experience all the flavors of Majorca.

  • A daily writing workshop on a theme that you can immediately apply to your book.

  • Plenty of space and writing time; beautiful writing corners in the garden and inside the home: you will be able to work undisturbed.

  • 1-on-1 book writing coaching when you feel stuck, or when you need feedback or inspiration.

  • A relaxing special ‘writers’ massage’ in our villa.

  • Inspiring interaction with other writers.

Writing Retreats
Write your book in Mallorca
Carole Donkers - Books published with Esther’s writing method

“The food is un-be-lie-va-bly delicious and the environment is inspiring. I am ready to publish my life story!”

Carole Donkers


“I felt like a racing horse, having been stuck in the start gate for ages. As soon as it opened, I went for it!”

Jacoline Steegstra

Astrid Write your book in Mallorca

“This carefully chosen environment has its effect. I am going home with new energy.”



An abundance of inspiration and time to focus on your book

This week is all about writing. Still, you have plenty of opportunities to relax and enjoy our village Sineu, in Mallorca. We will also go on different short excursions to explore the authentic character of this magical island.

An ideal balance of work and leisure

The retreat follows a fixed rhythm. After a scrumptious sit-down breakfast, there is a writing workshop on a theme that you can immediately apply. Tasty light lunches are severed to reenergize you so that you can focus on your writing project without a drip. Whenever you need one-on-one guidance, I am available.

Towards late afternoon or evening, we will take a walk, go for a swim, and be surprised by the array of Majorca culinary delights. This writer’s retreat is therefore an ideal combination of maximum writing time and still seeing the beauty of this island.

Recipe book with delicious and nutritional meals (video)

During one of my writing retreats in Majorca, I wrote the recipe book ‘Writer’s Recipes’. Inspired by my yoga teacher Susana, who serves tasty and light lunches for the participants of the retreat.

Daily themes and writing workshops

Day 1. Welcome dinner where all writers introduce themselves and share their book idea. We’ll also decide on the details of the program together, which includes the different excursions.

Day 2. Workshop back cover writing. Why is it so important, and how do you do it?

Day 3. Structure workshop. I discuss the outlining and the writing process and provide useful tips for making your writing process more efficient.

Day 4. Your title, subtitle, and book cover. How do you choose a good cover? My designer will create a concept for you!

Day 5. Workshop how do you promote your book? Advice on how to do this your way, without being too pushy. Many practical examples for social media.

Day 6. Q&A session for all outstanding questions.

Day 7. The last evening there is an official closing with a festive dinner, where everyone reads a part from their book.

Day 8. You can still write on the last day, but there is no more workshop or guidance.

They were in Mallorca

Tom, Corinne, Bob en Patty speak about their experiences.

Want to discover Mallorca together?

Examples of excursions and activities

Write your book in Mallorca

I would like to show you the island

I have lived in Mallorca for many years and know the most special places and the best local restaurants. You will get to see a completely different side of this island, a part that almost nobody knows about. This is my most famous writing retreat; many participants join again or come back with their families to visit ‘my’ village. Below are a few options of activities and excursions we can do:

  • Visit Majorca’s largest market, renowned by the locals for the Majorcan pottery and livestock that are sold here.

  • A lovely stroll around the village.

  • My favorite authentic restaurant in an old wine cellar, hidden from tourists.

  • Homemade ice creams and dinner in the village square.

  • Lunch at my village pub, in the neighboring village where I used to live.

  • A special ‘writers’ yoga class at a unique location.

  • A visit to authentic local shops and private houses of local friends.

  • Last night’s dinner at an exclusive high-end villa where we will be reading excepts of our books by the campfire.

All-inclusive price: writing retreat Majorca

Everything is included in this price: accommodation in our own authentic writers’ villa, all meals, drinks, snacks, daily writing workshops, private writing coaching, and excursions. Your trip to the island and back is your only expense.

The results you can achieve and more details can be found on the general writing retreat page.

Private room

Regular price €4495, now €3490


  • A private room with a private bathroom
  • Writers’ villa with garden and pool
  • Daily workshops
  • Private writing coaching
  • All delicious meals, drinks, and snacks
  • Daily excursions
  • One hour of relaxing writer’s massage

Early bird discount

Save more than €1,000 discount with the ‘Early bird deal’

€ 3,490 per person

Shared room
(bring your own ‘roomie’)

Regular price €3495, now €2490


  • A shared room and bathroom
  • Writers’ villa with garden and pool
  • Daily workshops
  • Private writing coaching
  • All delicious meals, drinks, and snacks
  • Daily excursions
  • One hour of relaxing writer’s massage

Early bird discount

Save more than €1,000 discount with the ‘Early bird deal’

€ 2,490 per person

Travel info

The writing retreat starts on the 4th of June at 5 pm with a welcome drink and dinner. It ends after breakfast on June 11th.

Please make sure that you arrive on time for the welcome dinner at the villa in Sineu.

Transavia, KLM, Easyjet, and Vueling have direct flights from NL to Majorca (PMI)

Proposed flights with Transavia:

Outward journey June 4, 2024:

Amsterdam -> Palma de Mallorca
06h00 – 8h25

Return journey June 11th, 2024:

Palma de Mallorca -> Amsterdam
15h15 – 17h45

Please let me know your travel times. If you arrive at the same time as others, you can share a taxi from the airport (approx. €50). Some participants prefer to rent a car together (for example, via www.doyouspain.com).