Look at the world through somebody else’s filter

Look at the world through somebody else's filter - Inspiration Shot

Inspiration Shot March 2019

If you and I walk down the same street, we will see different things. There are lots of details and we make different analyses and come to our own conclusions. That’s why I like social media so much: when someone posts authentic things, those posts reflect how that person sees the world. A person’s social media timeline gives us a view of life through their eyes. In this inspiration shot, I share a number of beautiful websites and films that I found via social media.
Purely out of interest, I did a Masters Degree in Anthropology. I learned that no matter how we try, we can never really walk in someone else’s shoes: we all have our own culture, upbringing, assumptions. We see life through our own lens, our own ‘glasses’ and filters. Even being aware of them, you can never completely overcome the perspective that you have. All that you can do is be very aware that we all have our own filters and that they are all unique.

How do you see the world?

New worlds

Look at the world through somebody else's filter - Inspiration Shot

The winning photos from the Underwater Photography Competition 2018 will take you to another world. From super-sized whales to the smallest baby fish: even as an experienced scuba diver I never thought that the underwater world could be captured so beautifully!

Optical Illusions

Look at the world through somebody else's filter - Inspiration Shot

A and B are the same shade of grey. This and other surprising and sometimes disturbing optical illusions demonstrate that seeing isn’t believing. Your brain often interprets things differently to reality… It’s fascinating to realise this and to understand how they work …

That sugar film

Of course I knew that sugar isn’t good for you, and that it is almost everywhere. I already had a reasonably healthy and unprocessed diet, but I love cakes, cookies, desserts and other sweets so much that I had really become addicted. Every time I tried to quit, there was a reason – or an excuse – to make an exception.
‘That Sugar Film’ on Netflix gave me the last push I needed to completely stop eating sugar. In a very entertaining yet alarming way, the film shows what happens in your body when you eat sugar. It was exactly the motivation that I needed. I have not touched a cookie or cake for two weeks!
A big eye-opener: those ‘healthy’ juices we drink are in fact just sugar bombs. It is really better to eat the who fruit than to drink the juice because the fiber in the fruit gives you that ‘full’ feeling, so that you don’t just get an overdose of fruit sugar.
I wonder if the film will also inspire you to make a permanent change in your diet?

The eyes of India

Look at the world through somebody else's filter - Inspiration Shot

Whilst some visitors to India might see the country as a dirty and scary place, photographer Magdalena Bagrianow sees only the beautiful faces of the people and captures them in a captivating way. See India through her eyes.

Be kind…

Look at the world through somebody else's filter - Inspiration Shot

With this reminder that not everything is what it seems, you may have more compassion for people who see things differently or who behave differently. Everyone has their own lessons, their own struggles, their own perceptions and their own path. Be kind to each other. It does not only make the world more beautiful, it also makes life a lot easier (for everyone) …

Bohemian Rhapsody

Another film tip. I knew Queen’s music from when I was young. But this movie shows the story behind the music, behind the musicians and especially Freddie Mercury. Did you know, for example, that he came from a Pakistani family? Freddy’s story shines a new light on his music and lyrics. The movie made me appreciate how unconventional and brilliant Queen’s music was at that time, and still is. Highly recommended.

What lens do you use?

Which glasses are you wearing?

Which glasses are you wearing? What lens do you use to filter the world? If there is one thing I learned during my anthropology studies, it is that you ALWAYS look through a lens that is the result of exposure to your culture, upbringing, position, experience, personality, expectations, etc. However much you try, you can never remove those glasses; the best you can do is to be aware of them. The management team of a large bungalow park demonstrated the point clearly with their answers to my question [...]

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Where is Esther?

Look at the world through somebody else's filter - Inspiration Shot

There are so many great things happening, I just do not know where to start.

My Elite Mastermind group that started in January is such a success that some people have already reached their year goals within two months and others have undergone a complete mind-shift.

On the spur of the moment, I decided to delve into Dropshipping and set up a Dropshipping Bootcamp in Austria together with an expert. The course in April is already almost full, so there will be a second in August!

My knee is getting a lot better and I have started workouts again, although really carefully. With the knee injury, I had not been making a lot of progress with my new book. I now realize that it is part of the story. I am now at my writing week in Curaçao where I am picking up the thread again, while I also help others (locals and Dutch) with their books. Over the next two months I, will be  in Curaçao, Miami, Amsterdam, Austria, Jordan and Greece. Will you be joining me?

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