Do you want more time and freedom, get more results and create a positive impact?

Dedicate 6 months to actively work on your dream, together with the ‘no excuses lady’ and a select group of remarkable people.

What is a Mastermind group?

A Mastermind is a group of people with shared experience and ambition who work together on their individual goals. The power lies in the synergy of the group; a mix of broad experience, knowledge and expertise. You receive help and support from the facilitator and the other members of the group. The structure ensures accountability, focus, personal growth and inspiration. And of course the fun and enthusiasm of collaborating on your goals and ambitions.

An Elite Mastermind?

This Elite Mastermind group is exclusively for experienced entrepreneurs, who have already achieved a certain level of success. This means that members can offer each other real added value. Through the selection process, I ensure that everyone is really committed to working on their own goals and giving feedback and support to the other members.

My Elite Mastermind is limited to max 8 members, giving each person the opportunity to get lots of personal attention. For 180 days, we meet twice a month  in a group call to discuss our challenges and successes. During this 1 – 1.5 hour online session everybody gets time to discuss their situation and ask for feedback.

Elite Mastermind group
Sonja Nauta

“Esther has been an inspiration for me for 30 years (!). She does everything differently to others; she follows her heart and has achieved a lot in her life. Esther is a ‘master’ in choosing things that make her happy and this is something that I would really like to learn too.”

Sonja Nauta

Jeroen Van Weeghel

“Esther has given me an enormous and sustainable boost to my inspiration and my development as an entrepreneur.”

Jeroen van Weeghel

For whom?

What would it mean for you to work ON your business twice a month, instead of IN it? To take action in the right direction, get advice and feedback, be inspired and challenged, together with a select group of like-minded people?

Do you want to take your life and business to the next level? Are you searching for a better balance between your work and private life? Do you want to find a sustainable method of energy management to get more energy and happiness out of what you do? Does having more time, more freedom, more travel sound appealing? Do you want to use my experience in all these areas and work together with a number of other successful entrepreneurs?

The Elite Mastermind is not for everyone. You must be committed to participate in the call twice a month and to work on your personal goals; in other words, it is for people who are committed to really invest in themselves.

Elite Mastermind group
Ekrem Jabandzic

“Real profound change is often not just about the first step, but following through with the next step and the one after. New systems and habits must be developed so that you don’t relapse back into old habits. The Elite Mastermind group is the first step for me and also helps me to distance myself from my current environment. This way the pattern is broken and new habits form. Ultimately I have a new goal that I will continue to work on, even if there are ups and downs in the process. ”

Ekrem Jabandzic

Jeroen Van Weeghel

“Collaborating with like-minded, enterprising people who have the same great drive for growth and commitment to themselves and their enterprise has given me great insights in to my entrepreneurship, development and impact.”

Jeroen van Weeghel


The Elite Mastermind is an investment in yourself and your business. My offer consists of:

  • 12 Mastermind calls. Two group calls per month with a select group of remarkable people.
  • Four 1 on 1 sessions:
    • A 1 – 1.5 hour ‘deep dive’ call or meeting before the start of the Elite Mastermind.
    • Three mini-RESULTant calls (30 mins) which you can use whenever you feel the need for one-on-one support.
  • A ‘live’ event where you can physically meet the members of your Mastermind group.
  • A closed Facebook group to stay connected to your group between calls.
  • Free access to all evening or afternoon workshops that Esther organizes during those six months. Here you can also meet the other members of your Mastermind group ‘live’.

The normal price of this complete Elite Mastermind package is € 7,500 per year.

For early birds there are special deals starting at only €5000 for six months (!) of personal guidance and group accountability to help you achieve your goals!

The next group will start on January 1st 2020. Sign up for a call to see if we are a good fit.

Ask yourself these questions

  • How would you feel if you made this investment in yourself and achieved your goals in six months?
  • And how would you feel if you let this opportunity slip away and stay in your current situation?

“If you do what you always did, you will get what you always got…”

Want to know more?

To see if you are suitable for the Elite Mastermind (and vice versa) please complete a short questionnaire and book an appointment with me for a 15-minute call.

Elite Mastermind group
Franz Paul Schwab
Esther knows how to open my eyes every time. It is such a talent that how she knows just how to engage me and enriches my thought processes. She is a lightning-fast thinker, makes every ‘or’ in my head a ‘and’, and compassionately helps me with practical and actionable steps.
I find her communication skills particularly special. She listens deeply and unconditionally, focuses attentively but also gives me room to organize my thoughts, she helps me to make my own associations, but makes those associations along with me and gives me advice as if I thought of it myself. When I see her, I have alternatives to all the dead-end streets in my head. An hour with Esther is a special rollercoaster, I always get richer.

Franz Paul Schwab