Inspiration shot October 2020

Partnerships - Inspiration shot October 2020

“If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”
~African proverb.

You maybe know me to be a loner, so this topic may surprise you. Collaborations and partnerships – if chosen properly – can offer enormous added value. Preferably to ALL parties involved. The best partnerships are win-win-win situations. How do you recognize such opportunities and how do you create such a collaboration?

Unfortunately, too many people approach a potential partnership by asking for a favor, instead of valuing their own contribution. “You’re probably not interested in …?” has never convinced anyone… However, if you can describe a win-win-win situation, where there is value for the person or organization that you would like to form a partnership with, value for you (you can be open and honest about that), and value for both your audiences or customers, then it is almost impossible to say ‘no’.


A good example is my new collaboration with the self-publishing platforms and They offer an audience of new authors the opportunity to self-publish and print their book. So far they have focused on the publication rather than on the writing process. I have the content and tips on the writing process, but I don’t have direct access to a wide audience of authors. Writers, the third party, want as much guidance as possible to create a good book without having to re-invent the wheel. Better books and more book sales are desirable for all parties. The perfect win-win-win situation!
My new Dutch book will be offered to all authors on the Dutch platforms and ‘This is how you write a book!’ will be available to their international partner-platforms end of the year. Good for the writers, because that way they have guidance in writing. Good for the platform, because the result is more and better books and good for me because more authors will be buying and reading my book. Hopefully, some of them will also join a writing retreat or register for my new online program. offered me to work with one of their designers and printed the first sample of my Dutch book, which I unpack here.

 Writing retreat Mallorca?

Are you disappointed with trips and events getting canceled? Good news: my writing retreat from October 17-24th will take place, no matter what. Preferably in Mallorca, as originally planned, but if necessary we will divert last-minute to Puglia, Italy. I really hope I can help the locals in Mallorca by holding the event there. And of course, we’ll do this as safely as possible. Instead of eating in restaurants, we’ll have meals cooked for us at home. Instead of shared rooms, each participant will have their own room in the spacious villa. We’ll do workshops outside in the lovely sunny garden. Furthermore, everyone can find their own writing place and we’ll simply do 1-on-1 guidance with a face mask. So: have you always wanted to write your book? Are you a last-minute decision-maker? Has your holiday been canceled and do you still want to travel in a fun and safe way? This is your chance! The special last-minute deal is a win-win-win situation for you, for the island, and for me! 🙂

Write your book in Mallorca at one of the writing retreats
This is how you write a book

  English proofreaders?

As soon as the Dutch book was ready, I sent it to a translator. My online business manager Lesley is now adapting it to the international market. Her motivation for making it perfect is the big bonus I promised her if she can turn it into the ‘four-hour workweek for book writing’ and sell hundreds of thousands of books… 😉
Our first proofreader is Shannon, an English teacher. Now that she is location independent she wants to write a book to boost her career in writing. She has agreed to proofread in return for early access to the content. With my artist brother Michaelangelo (“Where the limits of language meet the fringes of reality”) I have the same agreement. I am curious about their books!
We do have an opening for 1-2 more proofreaders. Are you a native English speaker? Are you interested in writing a book? Do you have time to proofread the book in the coming 3-4 weeks? Drop me a message to join this win-win-win partnership!

 My Octopus teacher

You’ve probably already seen it or heard about this new Netflix documentary. It is about a very unusual partnership, almost a love story, between a nature filmmaker and an octopus.
Everyone has a story, sometimes unlikely, sometimes very recognizable. It depends on how you tell it; you can really touch people with it. This ‘feel-good movie’ is a wonderful example; it takes you into another world.

And after you’ve watched ‘My Octopus teacher’, you should definitely check out this short, super funny ‘sequel’… ????????

Did you know that...?

… my last Digital Nomad workshop was the most international ever? I helped Dutch ‘world citizens’ in Taiwan, South Africa, Hungary, and even Ethiopia find their way in the jungle of rules, regulations, registration, company registration, and taxes. I recorded videos to answer the questions I received so that I can turn them into another ecourse.
Do you want to organize your international life in the best way possible?
The next Digital Nomad workshop is on November 11th.

How to get cheap, worldwide health insurance at IKEA

 Where is Esther? 

I just got back from a last-minute trip to Annecy, France. The yearly holiday that I tried to organize for my 10 university friends (originally to Mykonos, and when that was no longer possible, to one of the Dutch islands) had to be canceled due to the new Corona rules; no more than four people allowed in a house or group, while there were ten of us … ????  I was so frustrated that I got on a plane to go hiking in the French Alps for a weekend. Before I knew it, I was walking in the snow and enjoying the peace of the mountains and nature. I even found some edible mushrooms, which the locals, with their reed baskets, had overlooked. I was so proud!
As you read this, I will already be in Mallorca to prepare for the writing retreat. End of the month I will fly on to Puglia, Italy for the very first olive harvest on my land!

Partnerships - Inspiration shot October 2020

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